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Magnetek Material Handling AC Controls Introduction to IMPULSE®G+ Mini September, 2008.

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1 Magnetek Material Handling AC Controls Introduction to IMPULSE®G+ Mini September, 2008

2 G+ Mini Introduction P3 Series 2 G+ Mini Launch Date: January, 2009

3 IMPULSE® G+ Mini RoHS compliant Introducing... Magneteks IMPULSE® G+ Mini drive

4 Quality has a New Formula The power to move TONS in the palm of your hand… G+ Mini drives are the best in class choice whenever excellent performance, flexibility and compact size drives are required The IMPULSE®G+ Mini AC drive is the result of 30+ years of experience as a North American leader in the Material Handling industry and represents a revolution in drive design. Compact, sensor-less, and with a lower cost position than P3-Series 2; the G+ Mini has all of the features and performance that you have grown to expect from Magnetek, the leader in innovative product development for the Material Handling Industry.

5 G+ Mini Software Concept G+ Mini has two access levels: Basic Parameters are displayed in G+ Series 3 format. Available selections and navigation is nearly identical to P3-S2. Advanced Parameters are displayed in G+ Series 3 format. Available selections and navigation is identical to G+ Series 3 plus new features. P3 Series 2G+ Series 3

6 G+ Mini Highlights Smaller Dimensional Footprint above 5 HP over the P3-Series HP has an identical footprint as P3-S2 Standard and Flat Heat Sink Designs Basic & Advanced Programming Modes V/F & Open Loop Vector Control Methods UL Approved Motor Overload Protection Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) –28 years Maintenance Monitors –Run time data of drive cooling fans, and number of run commands issued –Maintenance data and replacement information for various drive components –Peak Current –kWh data –Motor Overload Status –Cooling Fan easy to replace Global Certification –CE, UL, cUL, RoHS, and TUV Safety Regulations –Hardware base block meets requirements of EN954-1 Safety Category 3, Stop Category 0 G+ Mini Standard Panel

7 Safety What is Hardware BaseBlock? –Many Specifications are now calling for enhanced safety ratings at the component level. Several industry standards have emerged - EN-954-1, IEC and ISO 13849, all of which have roots back to European certifications by TUV and references to EN –EN954-1 contains requirements for safety-related parts of control systems which are specified by five category levels. The Categories represent a classification of the safety-related parts of a control system with respect to their ability to withstand faults and their behavior in the event of a fault. –Previous generation BaseBlock inputs (External BB) were only software regulated which means that if the CPU fails in an unknown state, the CPU / software may not recognize the Base Block input and shut the drive down accordingly. –The Hardware Baseblock combines the software input directly to the CPU as well as interrupts the gate firing signals through a tri-state buffer.

8 HBB Circuit Concept Meets EN954-1, Category 3, Stop category 0.

9 G+ Mini Enhancements

10 G+ Mini Hardware Concept 120VAC Interface Card 24VDC Interface Card Up to 20 HP Worlds smallest compact drive Control terminal board with memory Long service life design Faster CPUs and improved speed control Open Loop Vector Control Hardware BaseBlock Circiut 120VAC Interface card

11 G+ Mini Terminal Block Parameter Back-up Function in detachable 24VDC Terminal Block –Reduced down-time in the event of failure by quickly replacing any damaged drive without loss of programming. Save Time, Avoid Repetition – Control parameters need only be set once with the G+ Mini. They are automatically saved to 24VDC control terminal board memory allowing for quick replacement if necessary. The replacement drive will be automatically updated with the latest parameter settings. 24VDC Terminal Board 120VAC Interface Card

12 Model Numbers by Amps

13 Cost Position Up to 6% component cost savings at the 1 and 2 HP range over P3 Series 2. Up to 13% component cost savings at 15HP over the G+ Series 3. Up to 18% component cost savings at 20 HP over the G+ Series 3. Standard Panel price roll out with up to 3% cost savings at 1/2 ~ 10 HP over P3 Series 2. Standard Panel price roll out with up to 19% cost savings at 20 HP over G+ Series 3.

14 G+ Mini Options IMPULSE® G+ Mini available accessories: 24VAC interface card (Same Price) 48VAC NOT available P3S2-OUT2 – (2) 120VAC Solid State outputs USB Copy Unit Windows Based Drive Simulator Software suite (G+ Mini / G+ S3 / VG+ S3) IMPULSE® Link 4.1 Basic and WDS compatibility

15 Whats in the Box? IMPULSE® G+ Mini includes the following: G+ Mini Drive 120VAC interface card as standard (24VAC optional – same price, must be specified) Instruction Manual for Basic programming Quick Start Pocket Guide (While supplies last and available on our website) Magnetek Material Handling screwdriver (while supplies last)

16 Available Documents Product Transition Guide –P3-S2 G+ Mini Basic Instruction Manual –Ships with Product –Covers Basic Programming Advanced Instruction Manual –Available on WWW or Purchase –Covers Advanced Programming G+ Mini Product Brochure Technical Specifications –Included in initial Brochure distribution (while supplies last) Quick Start (Pocket Guide) –Quick Programming Reference 120VAC Interface Install guide –For interface cards shipped loose Copy Stick Instruction Manual –Handheld Parameter Copy Device

17 Competitive Analysis Competitive Feature Analysis

18 G+ Mini DEMO Units Please obtain an RMA # from our Service Dept. Let them know you are sending back a P3-S2 Demo to be upgraded to a G+ Mini Attn: Greg Byzewski

19 IMPULSE® G+ Mini Questions?

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