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Welcome to FAST RSQ 29,06. 2011.

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1 Welcome to FAST RSQ 29,

2 FAST RSQ Strenghts FAST RSQ Product Range Why Choose FAST RSQ products Contact FAST RSQ

3 FAST RSQ Fast growing manufacturer of (fast) rescue boats, daughtercrafts and workboats with innovative hull designs Owned by Ned-Deck Marine & Palfinger Standard boatmodels up to 7,5m in fiberglass as well as aluminium hull material Complete boat range from 4,5 – 13m Approx 90% export through a world wide network of partners and distributors 24 hour world wide call out service!

4 STRENGTHS Philosophy: Standardization of equipment Price High quality, fully engineered in house Spare parts easy available Specializing in things we do best; Commercial contacts Engineering Coordinating production & production techniques world wide

5 Small organization (amongst Maritime Giants)
Transparent Flexible Dedicated and experienced employees Available 24 / 7 Smart product designs High content of standard components worldwide available Keep it simple User friendly Ideal balance between economical and safety aspects

6 Fast deliveries Wide range of standard boats Own assembly and test facilities Always aiming at an optimum service degree Strategic stock Own team of service engineers Training at site 24 hour call out service world wide

7 All our products comply with:
Latest SOLAS/IMO Requirements LSA Code European Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment (M.E.D.) Certification: BV, TC, USCG, CCS, ABS and others

8 Product range: Rescue boats Fast rescue boats Daughter crafts Workboats CAR-F 35 offload release hook

9 RESCUE BOATS RSQ 450 outboard engine Fiberglass hull Aluminium hull
EC/MED, TC, USCG approved Available engine power from 15HP up to 50HP SOLAS approved RSQ 475 inboard diesel/propellor Available engine power 32HP and 59HP SOLAS approved

10 FAST RESCUE BOATS FRSQ 600 outboard engine
Fiberglass hull (available Q2 2012) Aluminium hull EC/MED Available engine power 50HP & 80HP FRSQ 600 inboard diesel/waterjet Fiberglass hull EC/MED, TC, USCG approved Available engine power 144HP and 250HP SOLAS approved

11 FAST RESCUE BOATS FRSQ 700 Inboard diesel / waterjet Aluminium hull
Fiberglass hull EC/MED, TC, USCG approved Available engine power 250HP -370HP SOLAS approved

12 FAST RESCUE BOATS FRSQ 850 Inboard diesel / waterjet Aluminium hull
Available engine power 295HP – 450HP

FRSQ 1000 & 1200 FRDC Aluminium hull Hull length: m Engine: Twin inboard diesel Propulsion: Twin waterjet / Propellor Customized to client requirements

14 CAR-F 35 Offload release hook
Offload release system The hook opens only when there is no tension of the cable on the hook The body off the hook is special desiged for easy maitainance . The hook is completely build off stainless steel 316 material. Remote controll for hook release available.

15 Fast RSQ? Special well thought and innovative designs of the products
Why Choose products of Fast RSQ? Special well thought and innovative designs of the products Fast RSQ uses only the best materials for there products Small and reachable company Competitive prices Complete packages available ( Rescue boat and Davit) All hulls of the boats are made in own workshops

16 Special well thought design
Special well thought hull design. The special bow shape gives you an comfort and stable ride in every sea condition. The special bow shape gives you a great advantage maneuver at low speed. All electrical wires are numbered for easy traceability. All electrical components are double fused for maximum protection of every electrical component.

17 Special well thought design
Redundent fuel filtersystem standard on every FRSQ boat. In case of dirty fuel you can easily switch over to the second filter and continue operations without any delays. Hoist frames are located inside the console. When the hoist frame is located inside the console is it protected against the seawater and weather conditions.

18 FAST RSQ uses only the best materials for their products:
All stainless steel components are numbered and of 316 quality. All aluminium used is seawater resistend Engines used of number one manufacturers Components used from number one manufacturers Fenders made of highly durable Hypalon

19 CONTACT DETAILS Address: Marchandweg 21A 3771 ML Barneveld
The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0) Fax: +31 (0) Website:

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