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Chinaproject EA 2008. Travel schedule Practical things Task

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1 Chinaproject EA 2008

2 Travel schedule Practical things Task 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be2

3 Friday 14/03 06u00: To meet at Groep T T-shirts, booklet, tickets, name cards, passport Load suitcases 07u00: by bus to Paris CDG Bring some sandwiches 13u20: take-off Arrival on Saturday 08u local time Travel schedule: departure 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be3

4 Saturday 15/03: arrival in Shanghai Exchange money in airport Keep the receipt! Transrapid + metro to hotel Nanjingdong lu (sightseeing) Bund Eating together Sunday 16/03: Pudong Jin Mao tower Old part of Shanghai Bekaert presentation Travel schedule: Shanghai 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be4

5 Travel schedule: Shanghai Monday 17/03: Company visit: netwerkcompany Museum Old arts Boat trip on the huang pu Tuesday 18/03: Company visit: Telecommunication company Free afternoon Eating together 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be5

6 Travel schedule: Suzhou Wednesday 19/03: Bus to Suzhou Welcome ceremony Suzhou vocational school Making dumplings + welcome performances Thursday 20/03: Company visit: PC – factory + Wuxi IC factory Movie studio’s 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be6

7 Travel schedule: Suzhou-Hangzhou Friday 21/03: Cycling + gardens City visit Bus to Hangzhou ZJUT welcome tour ZJUT officials Welcome dinner Saturday 22/03: West Lake Hefang shopping street Free city walk Karaoke 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be7

8 Travel schedule: Hangzhou-Beijing Sunday 23/03: Farmers teahouse Lunch at tea plantation Ling Yin temple Night train to Beijing Monday 24/03: BJT welcome BJT Campus tour Company visit: telecom Temple of Heaven 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be8

9 Travel schedule: Beijing Tuesday 25/03: Tian’anmen Mausoleum Exhibition center Forbidden city Caol Hill Beijing duck Wednesday 26/03: Great Wall Sanlitun 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be9

10 Travel schedule: Beijing Thursday 27/03: Company visit: Barco + Ericson Olympic tour Art district + UCCA Friday 28/03: Haidian Lu: Computerstraat Confucius temple Hutong Silk street 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be10

11 Travel schedule: Beijing Saturday 29/03: Summer Palace Flight Beijing-Shanghai Flight Shanghai-Paris Sunday 30/03: 06u20 landing at Paris CDG Bus to Leuven Arrival at GroupT around 12:00 => : “reisschema” 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be11

12 Travel schedule Presented each day at the hotel Local schedule can be different from this schedule due to weather, company visits... 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be12

13 Chinaproject EA 2008 Travel schedule Practical things Task 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be13

14 General Respect (“kowtow”) Cultural differences Thousands of years Open mind ‘Culture shock’ Forget your prejudices 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be14

15 Behave in China You can have fun You can have drinks At a cultural visit, you’re sober, awake and on time! At a company visit, you’re sober, awake and on time! Drunk in public: NOT OK! 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be15

16 Going out Min 50RMB for taxi Never go on your own! Address of hotel Booklet! Name card Let us know! 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be16

17 Emergency numbers General emergency number: see booklet All teachers + coordinators have a mobile phone number These numbers will be made public on the first day => Take note of these numbers (booklet)!! 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be17

18 Something happens Let us know! Pay for the damage Never leave an ill student behind! 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be18

19 First aid and insurance First aid kit World Assistance Card + SIS card Provide yourself : Medication Allergy pills Pills against sore throat! Water!! 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be19

20 Bird flu “Avian influenza A”, “H5N1” Transmitted by air, not by eating 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be20

21 Watch out with… Water: only drink water from bottles Water from the tap makes you sick Food: never buy raw food (fruit) on the streets Make sure everything is thoroughly cooked or baken 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be21

22 Climate +/- like Belgium in march (15-18 °C): Can be hot during the day Mostly quite cold in the evening Very dry (polluted!) air in the big cities Drink often Take pills against a sore throat 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be22

23 Passport & ticket Departure: keep them safe! Arrival in Shanghai: return ticket Leave passport on your room (in suitcase or locker!) Cleaning staff can have loose hands Take a copy with you on the streets => you get one 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be23

24 Money Don’t exchange too much at once Exchange on the streets = better rate but SURELY FAKE MONEY!! ATMs available Keep your money and valuable stuff on a safe place Lock your suitcase! Never leave your money openly in your room Don’t take valuable things with you all the time  lock them up 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be24

25 Prices in China Taxi : 20 - 40 RMB Chinese meal: 20 - 50 RMB McDonalds and other fastfood = European prices Breakfast sometimes included If not: help yourself (there should be shops nearby) 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be25

26 Geld Souveniers18RolexEten2,40€ In FrankrijkPot EA100 110DVD-R's55Drank100 2Wierrook In Tempel30,5McDon10 0,5Offer In Tempel8,5Eten+Drank210TOT RMB 5004 Zwaarden20Bier21,39€ TOT IN EUR 25PostKaartjes30,5McDon 100Groene Thee122In De 88Bar 10Spiegeltje3,4ChipsInternet7 30Microfoon USB8Sprite2 480MP3 Speler20McDon3 10Cadeau18McDon4 20Ring135In De Jazz&BleusBar4 25DrakeBeeldjes20Chips20TOT RMB 35Emperor's Hoedje12Snickers€ 2,04TOT IN EUR 1003 T-Shirts50Pot Café 15Belletjes31,5McDon 36Postzegels22Eten+DrankTransport2Metro 10Chopsticks5Popcorn10Taxi 2053 Sportshorts50Eten+Drank22Taxi 30DrakenPet35,1Inkopen2Metro 180Basketschoenen5Cola2Metro 108Slof Marlboro v. Zus12,3Inkopen2Metro 38Chopsticks42,7Inkopen7Taxi 2087,5TOT RMB61PizzaHut5Taxi € 212,65TOT IN EUR5Water0Taxi+Bus 30,5McDon5Taxi DVD Films3535,1Inkopen8Taxi # 1553695Ijs3Metro 392Popcorn4Taxi 485Drank20Bootje 19214,2Inkopen8Taxi 2426Bier5Taxi 2263,30€ In Frankrijk13Taxi 1005,70€ TOT EUR20Packing 1033TOT RMB920,3TOT RMB138TOT RMB 105,23€ TOT IN EUR99,45€ TOT IN EUR14,06€ TOT IN EUR 161TOT RMB McDon 303TOT RMB Uitgaan TOTAAL ChinaReis 2007 = 4408,8 RMB + 5,7 EUR = TOTAAL Zonder Souveniers&DVD Films = 1288,3 RMB + 5,7 EUR = € 455 € 137 Afgerond tot op 1 EUR 1 RMB = 0,101868 EUR (27 oktober 2007) Souveniers Internet Pot EA DVD Films Uitgaven ChinaReis 2007 1 EUR = 9,8166 RMB (27 oktober 2007) Eten Transport

27 Chinese guides Chinese guides don’t get paid Ask them as many questions as you can 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be27

28 Transport in China Cheap taxi and metro Bus is very crowded => don’t use it Don’t go on your own Safer Also cheaper in taxi 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be28

29 Communication in China Chinese SIM card: 60 RMB Prepaid : 100 RMB (10 RMB = +/- 1 euro) Fang can help you Internet bars Mail en messenger Skype 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be29

30 Communication in China Message to the parents (& girlfriends): only use in emergency cases. Don’t post too personal messages on the forum (tell this to your mom and girlfriend  NO miss you and stuff like that on the forum, you have your own email for that) They shouldn’t get worried if you don’t reply for a lot of days  we don’t always have the chance to go on the internet For you: write something on the forum 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be30

31 Rooms You broke that cup? Pay it! You took that towel? Pay it! You want to sleep in an other room? Let us know! 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be31

32 Definitieve Kamerlijst EA: Meisjes: Kamer 1 : Fang Huaiyu en Elke Matthijs Kamer 2 : Diane Steppe en Anne Linden Jongens: Kamer 1 : Luc Geurts Kamer 2 : Lambda Verdonckt Kamer 3 : Alexander Marien en Jelle verhoeven Kamer 4 : Karel Claesen en Nard Achten Kamer 5 : Jan Vencken en Wim Elen Kamer 6 : Bart Lauwaert en Quentin Perdeans Kamer 7 : Jonas Lejeune en Kenneth Van Gyseghem Kamer 8 : Nick Evers en Maxime Vincent Kamer 9 : Bart Ophelders en Johan Peeters Kamer 10 : Benjamin Poels en Michiel Van Minnebruggen Kamer 11 : David Mat en Daan Willems Kamer 12 : Ophalvens Jens en Marten Montaine Kamer 13 : Nico Lammens en Peter De Roovere Kamer 14 : Jan Carremans en Willem Van Schil Kamer 15 : Laurens Van Wiele en Borai Beelen Kamer 16 : William Peeters en Bert Schuyten Kamer 17 : Jan Poesen en Quentin Vaquette Kamer 18 : Martijn Meyers en Simon Van Laer Kamer 19 : Andy Verhoeven en Mine Toon 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be32

33 Photos Dates are all set the same on the same time. No need for another 10.000 photos... Power socket 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be33

34 Luggage 5kg 20×40×55cm 20kg 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be34

35 What you SHOULD pack Decent clothing for company visits Decent shoes for walking Older shoes for playing football or something Pills against sore throat and other medication A backpack is always handy The ChinaProject booklet 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be35

36 What you should NOT pack Sharp things Laptop Sheets, towels, … Maybe some extra towel New airport rules  see under ‘voorbereidingen’ 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be36

37 Chinaproject EA 2008 Travel schedule Practical things Task 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be37

38 Tasks

39 Question The great wall? Easy walking => at your ease a => a Difficult walk => 10km from a => b 21/02/2008alexander.marien@student.groept.be39

40 AsianProject2008 14/03 - 30/03

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