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Journal Entry: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” -Plato

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1 Journal Entry: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” -Plato
What does this statement mean? What do you consider beautiful in home decorating? Do you have the same taste as your Parents or Guardians? Describe your tastes in home decorating. Minimum 7 sentences

2 Elements of Design

3 I. Space Definition: Three-dimensional area which may be filled or left vacant Functions of Space: Divides an area Changes the apparent size and quantity of an area Space and Feelings Gives a feeling of privacy- small, exclusive areas Gives a feeling of being trapped or cramped-cluttered areas or an area with little room to move Gives a feeling of freedom or loneliness-large open areas Gives a feeling of awe- Gothic Cathedrals Shows movement- city buildings

4 II. Line Definition: A narrow, one-dimensional from which appears to have length but not width. Lines are either curved or straight. Functions of Lines Indicates Direction Vertical lines-point up and down; adding length or height to a room Horizontal lines- point side to side; adding width to a room Diagonal lines- adds size to a room Zigzag lines- adds interest to a room

5 C. Lines and Feelings Vertical lines- action (walking position)
Horizontal lines- rest (sleep position) Diagonal or zigzag lines- Excitement or movement

6 C. Line: contributes to character and feeling of a design
Vertical Line Horizontal Line Diagonal Line Curved Line Zig Zag

7 III. Form Definition: The shape of solid objects that fill space. The form of an object should be appropriate for the object’s function. Functions of Form: 1. Provides stability- large and heavy objects, or objects positioned correctly 2. Provide instability- objects with smaller size proportions on bottom, or incorrectly positioned objects 3. Create harmony- form can provide complimentary styles, objects look like they belong together

8 B. Shape & Form Shape: 2 dimensional and declares a boundary
Form: 3-D it takes on weight

9 IV. Mass Definition: refers to the amount of objects in a given space
Feelings and Mass 1. Gives a feeling of sparseness 2. Gives a feeling of density

10 V. Texture Definition: refers to the surface of objects such as smooth or rough. Texture can be touched or imagined. Effects and Feelings of Texture Soft and plush carpet- sense of comfort Rough material- a feeling of ruggedness and stability Velvet material- a feeling of luxury Glass, metal or stone- a feeling of coolness

11 VI. Pattern: the arrangement of designs, motifs, or results from prominent texture

12 VII. Light: Natural and Artificial


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