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the new life Trust more, Stress Less Have good sleep Enjoy Sunshine Nutrition Exercise Water Learn Temperance Invest time in others Fresh Air Educate.

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2 the new life Trust more, Stress Less Have good sleep Enjoy Sunshine Nutrition Exercise Water Learn Temperance Invest time in others Fresh Air Educate yourself

3 The Sun of God: friend or foe?

4 Sunshine: our Enemy? YES if... you have a diet high in cholesterol and fats you do not exercise you stay out too long and get a sunburn

5 Sunshine: our friend? YES if... You have a healthy diet low in free fats and without cholesterol from animal products an adequate amount is received each day you exercise regularly

6 studies have shown that with proper sun exposure... blood pressure decreases assists in weight loss/weight gain by stimulating the thyroid gland and normalizing metabolism blood output from the heart will increase stress tolerance will increase depression can be remedied menopausal symptoms can be drastically lessened.

7 sun worship in ancient civilizations Traced all the way back to the tower of Babel with Nimrod, Marduk and Tammuz, names for the Sun god, according to the book of Ezekiel. We see it in the culture of Egypt, Phoenicia, Assyria, Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, India and more...

8 sun worship in paganism Pagan Rome: Christmas, Easter, and the Sun Day Constantine, who was an avid worshipper of Apollo, The sun god Decided that a compromise needed to be made: His conversion was based on a vision of the cross in the sun

9 Papal Rome and sun worship Sun Worship, the greatest evil according to Scripture

10 BAbylon and sun worship At the center of the city of Babylon, was a temple that housed the remains of the tower of Babel. Sun worship was at the core of the religious system of idolatry in Babylon

11 the idol The dream of the image in Daniel 2 made a huge impact on the King. He decided to make sure all worshipped him and his kingdom and so he made a massive image or statue of solid gold representing the greatness of Babylon

12 who to worship? Daniels 3 Friends the same ones that we learned before had stood up for their diet, now have to choose between the pagan sun worship of Babylon or the faithful worship of the Creator of the sun. The book of Revelation even goes in depth to show that at the end of the world, there would be another crisis of worship over the same issues of Sun Worship and Creator Worship

13 the sun of God These 3 men chose not to bow down to the Kings statue. As in most ancient civilizations, the king was also known as a representation of The Sun. The King got so angry that he threw them into a furnace prepared for sacrifices to appease the sun god

14 the son of God Nebuchadnezzar recognized a 4th person in the fire...He called him The Son of God. The King recognized a power greater than the sun god, The Son of God, The Creator of the sun

15 the fine line As we can see, there is a fine line of taking advantage of the healing properties of the sun and the actual worship of the sun rather than the Creator of the sun.

16 the healing properties of the sun It is the UV rays of the sun that are responsible for the reaction with plants and the human body. All windows block UV rays

17 Increased immune response Upon UV ray exposure, the neutrophils and lymphocytes in the blood multiply and are stimulated to eat germs more rapidly in addition to an increase in oxygen It is not by chance that more people are sick in winter than in summer. It is directly related to exposure to the UV rays of the sun

18 The suns UV rays When the Lymphocytes are in high amounts they will produce Interferon naturally in the body. Interferon is the key ingredient in many cancer treatments in the United States It is very effective in treating carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia

19 Lowers cholesterol UV rays cause the serum levels of cholesterol in the blood to drop due to vitamin D synthesis Lower cholesterol will increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood

20 sunshine a natural insulin The effect of sunlight on the bodys sugar metabolism parallels that of insulin. Sunlight facilitates the conversion of blood sugar(glucose) to stored sugar in the liver and muscles (glycogen).

21 sunlight and aging Fats in the diet are a main contributor to free radical formation. Because of this many believe a high fat diet is a major cause of aging. Combine this high fat diet with sunlight and you have the ingredients for accelerating wrinkles, breast, colon and skin cancer!

22 skin cancer There is a clear correlation. lighter skin=more skin cancer on the parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Darker skin people have much less skin cancer but...more of the other types of cancer!

23 the sun has a direct influence on cancer sun can increase skin cancer but it typically always will decrease other types of cancer. Burning of the skin is the problem

24 sunscreen = skin cancer? Fat in the diet is a key ingredient in skin cancer, but sunscreens also contain fats This is why sunscreen, oil or lotion may actually stimulate cancer formation.

25 fats in our food Is Salad Healthy? FACT: The intake of salad dressing and cooking oils has increased dramatically in the last 100 years from 1.5lbs/year to an estimated 25lbs/year or more

26 Fats and sunburn There is a reason why some can get sunburn so much easier. It is because of the fat in the diet reacting with the UV rays of the sun

27 How does sunlight inhibit cancer? Sunlight increases the use of oxygen in the tissues and thus stimulating the immune system and the production of antibodies. Cancer cannot live in a highly oxygenated environment

28 per capita sugar consumption in the U.S.A 1820- 8.9lbs/year and 2010- 130lbs/year Sugar slows circulation and lowers blood oxygen levels Sugar will stiffen the RBCells and will thus prevent proper flow and they will stick together (clotting) ---Including starches void of fiber--- white flower/rice/processed foods

29 Vitamin D When sunlight strikes the skin, it initiates a delicate multi-phased process. Cholesterol concentration is higher in the human skin than in other organs. When sunlight strikes the skin, cholesterol is changed into a substance called previtamin D. The body itself will complete the transition to the hormone Vitamin D that it can use

30 vitamin D Generated in the skin, it is then absorbed by the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, it then goes to the liver and becomes more potent. Then onto the kidneys where it becomes even more active and enables the body to carry out its proper function. You can not overdose on Vitamin D if obtained from its original source...the sunshine

31 Vitamin D overdose In reality though, Americans digest in their food six times the recommended amount of Vitamin D per day than is needed. The Effects? Drastically increases risk of heart attack. Depletes magnesium therefore raising cholesterol and in essence is a toxin hardening the lining of the arteries.

32 bone strength and calcium Study: Soldiers indoors vs. outdoors. with UV rays-Calcium absorption went up 15% Indoors-Calcium absorption lowered by 25%

33 HOw much skin needs to be exposed to the sun? Small amount of skin in the face/hands for a few minutes per day. This is great news even in the winter when Vitamin D levels are usually very low. Excess/unneeded amounts of Vitamin D are stored in the liver to be drawn from when needed Variable Factors: type of skin, elevation, latitude, season, time of day, surrounding environment

34 how much exposure? lighter skin= less darker skin=more* 15-30 minutes/day *twice as many deaths from diabetes among dark skinned people (due to harder to penetrate darker skin with the UV rays)

35 How does the sunshine work? shown to remedy TB kills streptococcus skin fungus/acne infectious disease UV rays sterilize the bacteria in the air water purification-sea water is purified up to 12ft deep!

36 Russian factory worker example Group A-exposed to UltraViolet lighting had 50% fewer colds as compared with the part of the factory that had Group B-exposed to standard lighting

37 sunshine in the eyes Cyclic AMP or CAMP is naturally occurring in all cells. With stress, caffeine, and fats the lymphocytes will in essence become drunk. This will inhibit their ability to destroy cancer and other free radical cells.

38 sunshine in the eyes When UV rays enter through the eyes, it penetrates deep into the brain and will lower the amount of CAMP in the lymphocytes In Eccl 11:7, Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived said over 3000 years ago: Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.

39 sunshines 2 Primary effects- summary Through the EyesThrough the Skin

40 sunshines 2 Primary effects Effects the hormonal balance in two ways: 1. When UV rays hit the nerves of the eye, it sends impulses to the spinal cord and then back to the Pineal Gland to finally stimulate the production of Melatonin

41 sunshines 2 Primary effects The hormone Melatonin not only effects the brain but also other glands such as the pituitary, adrenals, ovaries, and testes. Therefore it effects, sex drive, muscle development, menstrual regularity and more

42 sunshines 2 Primary effects 2. By reacting with cholesterol in the skin and producing previtamin D hormones, the blood will then have more oxygen and an easier time to transport oxygen to the cells.

43 sunshines soothing effects Caffeine stimulates and raises the level of CAMP Sunshine reduces CAMP and therefore produces a relaxing sedative effect on the nervous system

44 The Creator of the sun But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings-Malachi 4:2

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