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IM Master-Projects ITEM Hans Berends November 11, 2010.

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1 IM Master-Projects ITEM Hans Berends November 11, 2010

2 Topics & Mentors (1) Innovation Process Management Innovation management activities related to the organization and performance of technology intensive innovation processes Topics include: −stage-gate processes −acceleration of product development −risk management −knowledge management −radical innovation −ambidexterity Mentors: Hans Berends, Jimme Keizer, Umut Konus, Fred Langerak, Kim van Oorschot, Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Isabelle Reymen, Mathieu Weggeman

3 Customer and supply chain driven innovation management The role of strategic marketing and sourcing processes in fostering product-, services and process innovations in buyer-seller relationships. Topics include: −open innovation −early suppier involvement in NPD −lead customers −customer communities −crowdsourcing −technology adoption Mentors: Myriam Cloodt, Ad de Jong, Umut Konus, Ed Nijssen, Jeroen Schepers, Wendy van der Valk, Arjan van Weele, Joost Wouters Topics & Mentors (2)

4 Topics & Mentors (3) Technology entrepreneurship and innovation The design of institutional structures for entrepreneurship (e.g. incubators) and the creation of a culture and mindset that foster innovation and new business creation Topics include: −multidisciplinary graduation −financing high-tech start-ups −real options −effectuation −start-up support and incubators Mentors: Myriam Cloodt, Ronald Mahieu, Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Isabelle Reymen, Sjoerd Romme

5 Reflective Cycle problem identif. diagnosis re(design) implementation evaluation reflection codificationcase selection type of IM problems(design) knowledge

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