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Traditional Metadata *National Hydro Network, Natural Resources Canada.

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2 Traditional Metadata *National Hydro Network, Natural Resources Canada

3 Traditional Metadata *National Road Network, Natural Resources Canada

4 It's all text! Language as a barrier: – How many would classify a typical in-depth metadata file as an easy read? – Slows data acquisition by the user due to typically convoluted nature of text, extensive use of elaborate terminology. But it is (or can be) in depth. This is a great way to share information......with a one key disadvantage:

5 Parses traditional text-based metadata, and outputs a visually rich interpretation of the data. Enter mdparse

6 Software developed as part of my undergraduate research thesis with the University of Ottawa. Built on Wapache framework. Windows ® 2k/XP/Vista compatible, but could be ported to *nix or even a web platform. Currently supports the FGDC standard, and extensible to support further different formats.. Enter mdparse (Contin'd)

7 Enough chatting – let's see this thing in action!

8 mdparse in action...



11 This is what the file looks like... *National Road Network, Natural Resources Canada

12 mdparse in action... (Contin'd)








20 Not a substitute for traditional text-based metadata. It is an alternative way to present the data to the end-user. Important: What this is not...

21 Pictograph Library Two types of images: Static images, part of a pre-defined repository of graphics. Dynamic images, generated by mdparse on the fly. The gd library, commonly seen on web servers, is used as the rendering engine to make this happen.

22 Pictograph Library


24 Quick and painless way to assess characteristics of geospatial data without having to delve into metadata minutia. Based on high-level scripting languages traditionally seen in web development. PHP for data processing, HTML/CSS for looks. Easily extensible, and highly portable to a web platform. Positives for this Technology

25 Parses basic information set. Limited static graphic repository. Dynamic images not affected by this pool, and fall-backs do exist. Unknowns are displayed as such. Caters to the GeoBase variant of FGDC standard. Limitations

26 Support for additional metadata standards; automatic detection of metadata file format. Inclusion of different graphic repository sets. Adoption of military icons or other recognized pictographic standard. Future Expansions

27 Download mdparse here: QUESTIONS? Thank you!

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