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Master of Science in Applied Physics Master track Physics of Transport in Fluids.

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1 Master of Science in Applied Physics Master track Physics of Transport in Fluids

2 Transport in fluids cellular structures, inkjet printers blood flow fish, insects, birds musical intruments chemical reactors, turbines, engines wind mills, ships, airplanes buildings, rivers, harbours volcanoes glaciers oceans, planetary atmospheres O(<<1mm) | O(1–10 cm) | O(1–10 m) | O(10–100 m) | O(100 m–10 km) | O(>> 1000 km)

3 Scales Length scales: O(<< 1 mm) | O(>> 1000 km) Time scales: O(<< 1 sec) | O(>> 1000 years)

4 Vortex Dynamics & Turbulence (WDY) (Profs Herman Clercx, GertJan van Heijst, Federico Toschi) Mesoscopic Transport Phenomena (MTP) (Prof Anton Darhuber) Transport in Permeable Media (TPM) (Prof Olaf Adan) Physics of Transport in Fluids: 3 research groups Building Cascade

5 Research themes at WDY Droplets in 3D turbulent flows Transport and mixing in 2D turbulent flows Vortex dynamics Viscous mixing Physics of the atmosphere  Combination of theoretical, experimental and numerical work (tailor-made to the student’s interests).

6 3D turbulence order  chaos L.F. Richardson (1925) ‘Big Whirls’: “Big whirls have little whirls, which feed on their velocity. Little whirls have lesser whirls, and so on to viscosity” Variety of applications in geophysical and industrial situations

7 Example project: Decay and breakup of wake vortices due to external turbulence movie

8 Example project (continued) t t t t t t = 8.6 b 0 b0b0

9 Example project (continued)

10 2D turbulence 3D: order  chaos 2D: chaos  order movie

11 Example project: Electromagnetically forced 2D turbulence

12 Vortex dynamics Closely related to 2D and 3D turbulence Many geophysical applications Laboratory experiments in rotating/stratified fluids High-resolution numerical simulations

13 Physics of the atmosphere Close collaboration with KNMI Many possibilities for external assignments and graduation projects

14 MTP: small scales Contact line control during wetting & dewetting

15 MTP: small scales Enhanced oil recovery

16 MTP: small scales Micro-fluid dynamics: -manipulating drops in small channels -micro-mixing

17 TPM: transport in porous materials -Moisture transport in building materials (concrete, brick) -Ion transport and crystallization -Coatings -Pore-scale modelling -NMR and porous media

18 TPM: transport in porous materials

19 Master track Transportfysica Opbouw van de Master-track: 17 ECTS track-vakken:2 x 4 ECTStrack-verplichte vakken 3 x 3 ECTStrack-keuzevakken 14 ECTS keuzevakken:5 – 14 ECTStechnische keuzevakken 9 – 0 ECTSvrije keuzevakken 10 ECTS algemeen verplichte vakken 19 ECTS externe stage 60 ECTS afstudeerproject ____________________ 120 ECTS totaal

20 Track-verplichte vakken: 3T100Advanced Fluid Dynamics (van Heijst)4 ECTS 3T340Micro- and Nanofluidics(Darhuber/Harting/Huinink)4 ECTS Track-keuzevakken: omvang per vak 3 ECTS

21 Elective courses Fluids (WDY, MTP) 3T380 Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (Toschi/Clercx/Harting/…) 3T370 Experimental Methods in Transport Physics (Darhuber/Trieling/vdWater /...) 3T360 Hydrodynamic Stability(Clercx/Kamp/van de Wiel) 3T350 Chaos(Toschi/vdWater) 3T280 Turbulent Flow Phenomena(Trieling/van de Wiel) 3T250 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics(van Heijst) Permeable Media (TPM) 3F240 NMR/MRI(Kopinga/Strijkers) 3F250 Transport in Porous Media(Pel) 3S390 Biosensors for Medical Diagnostics(van IJzendoorn)

22 Elective courses other groups / departments: 2DN41Aeroacoustics(Rienstra) 3P110Introduction to Plasma Physics(Engeln/Rapp) 4P510Renewable Energy Sources(van Noort/Kramer/van de Sanden/Creatore) 4P540Multiphase Flow with Heat Effects(van der Geld) 4P060 Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics(Smeulders) 4P630Application of FEM to Heat and Flow Problems(Rindt) 4P700Turbo Machinery(de Lange) 4P710Micro Heat Transfer(Frijns) 4P720Wind Energy(van Bussel) 8W090Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics(van de Vosse) 8W150 Multi-fluid Mechanics(Anderson) 8W270 Fluid Biomechanics(van de Vosse)

23 Klinische Fysica Keuzevakken: 3F190Clinical MRI(Wijn) 3F200Medical Physics(Wijn) 3F230Measuring and Monitoring of Vital Functions(Wijn) Keuzevakken andere faculteiten: 8H010New Developments in Fluorescence Microscopy on Living Tissues (Slaaf) 8N020Physiological NMR(Nicolaij) 8S070Clinical Chemistry(Vader) 8S080Protein Engineering(Merkx) 8W090Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics(van de Vosse)

24 a graduation project can be theoretical, numerical, experimental, or a combination of these supervision by one of the PhD students together with one of the staff members in the section Graduation project

25 More information WDY: MTP: via web page faculteit TPM: via web page faculteit

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