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Social and Humanitarian IOs from the Perspective of Global Businesses HRI Geneva Seminar 13-14 December 2010.

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1 Social and Humanitarian IOs from the Perspective of Global Businesses HRI Geneva Seminar 13-14 December 2010

2 IO Session 3 Social and Humanitarian Policy World Health Organization International Labour Organization Food and Agriculture Organization (+IFAD &WFP) International Organization for Migration Human Rights Council UN High Commissioner for Human Rights UN High Commissioner for Refugees International Committee for the Red Cross

3 World Health Organization World Health Assembly – 192 Member States Executive Board – 34 members (3 year terms in rotation) Secretariat – 8000 employees Budget 2010-2011: $4.540 billion ($928.8 million assessed) $3.368 billion base programme budget $700 million core voluntary contributions $2.896 billion other $822 million special programmes and collaborative arrangements $350 million for outbreak and crisis response

4 WHO Partnerships and Special Outreach Initiatives Pesticides for public health 3x5 Initiative Stop TB Partnership Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network Blood safety Buruli ulcer Rollback Malaria International Treatment Access Coalition

5 NGOs in Official Relations WHO 185 NGOs including Global Health Council Industry Council for Development IFPMA Accreditation usually requires two years of prior formal cooperation with a WHO entity New policy debated in 2004 but dropped

6 WHO Priority Issues Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled /falsified/counterfeit medical products Sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits Public health, innovation and intellectual property Prevention and control of NCDs Future of financing for WHO

7 WHO Standards and Policies Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Revised International Health Regulations Codes, guidelines, recommendations Infant formula Marketing to children Global Strategies and Action Plans Diet, physical activity and health Non-communicable diseases

8 International Labour Organization Founded in 1919 in Treaty of Versailles Unique tripartite structure Standard-setting orientation through conventions and recommendations Working time, safety and health at work Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

9 ILO Governance International Labour Conference – 183 members Governing Body – 56 members (26 governments, 14 workers and employers) Committee of Experts Budget 2010-2011: $665.116 million (assessed) Ca $500 million extrabudgetary

10 ILO Strategic Objectives Standards and fundamental principles and rights at work Employment Social protection Social dialogue

11 Recent ILO Policy Statements Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998) Promotion of Sustainable Enterprises (2007) Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization (2008) Global Jobs Pact (2009)

12 ILO Partnerships Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (1977 and regularly updated) New approach: The ILO seeks partnerships with companies and foundations that share its core values and respect internationally recognized principles with respect to labour, human rights, the environment and corruption (Global Compact). In developing the partnership, guidance and policy advice will be offered by the ILO to bring your company into line with recognized decent work principles

13 ILO PPP Help Desk A free and confidential service to help companies allign their operations with international labour standards and the ILO approach to socially responsible labour practices. A one-stop shop for accessing ILO expertise in the areas of social protection, the protection of workers rights, sustainable enterprise development, conditions of work, social safety nets and industrial relations. Contact the ILO Help Desk – by email at by telephone at +41-22-799-6264

14 Supply Chain Improvement The ILOs Better Work Programme Helps enterprises bring their practices into line with core ILO labour standards and national labour law. Strong emphasis is placed on improving worker- management cooperation, working conditions and social dialogue

15 International Organization for Migration Purpose: the orderly and humane management of international migration Origins in Inter-Governmental Committee for European Migration (1951-2) Became International Organization for Migration in 1989 – 127 members Executive Committee – 35 members Budget 2010: $39.39 million administrative (assessed) $619.0 million operational $43.7 million discretionary income

16 Other Migration-related Entities Global Migration Group International Dialogue on Migration Global Migration Forum Meeting annually since 2007 2011 meeting to be hosted by Switzerland

17 Human Rights Council 47 members (down from 53) Nominations from regional groups in UNGA Three year terms in rotation Key features Complaints procedure Universal periodic review Special procedures Two review procedures underway

18 Business and Human Rights Draft norms rejected by Commission Special Representative of the Secretary-General Professor John Ruggie UN « Protect, Respect and Remedy » Framework Draft principles and options for follow-up to be addressed in 2011

19 International Committee of the Red Cross Work on behalf of people affected by war Detainees- Ensuring economic security Protecting civilians - Water and habitation Reuniting families- Health Assembly: 15 to 25 « co-opted » (now 16) Must be Swiss Budget 2011: $1.2 billion (highest ever) $183 million HQ

20 UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Appointed by UNGA Administers treaty-based bodies Civil and political rights Economic, social and cultural rights Six others Budget 2010: $115.3 million Voluntary contributions $119.9 million (2008)

21 UN High Commissioner for Refugees Established in 1951 Assists 10.5 million refugees (2009) Repatriation, local integration, resettlement Also assists 14.4 million internally displaced people (of a total of 26 million) Budget 2010: $3.058 billion (93% from govts) 6880 employees (710 in HQ)

22 Food and Agriculture Organization Achieving food security for all through regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives. Raise levels of nutrition, Improve agricultural productivity, Better the lives of rural populations and Contribute to the growth of the world economy. Campaign targeted to 1 billion hungry people

23 FAO Governance FAO Conference every two years, Council of 49 member countries, three-year rotating terms The Conference also elects a Director-General to a six- year term. The current Director-General, Dr Jacques Diouf, of Senegal, began his third term in January 2006 2010-2011 Budget: $1 billion

24 International Fund for Agricultural Development The Governing Council is IFAD's highest decision- making authority. The Executive Board oversees general operations and approves its programme of work. List A: eight Members and eight Alternate Members; List B: four Members and four Alternate Members; List C: six Members and six Alternate Members Current budget: $800 million

25 World Food Programme WFP Executive Board of 36 Member States Executive Director - appointed jointly by the UN Secretary General and the Director-General of FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) Five-year term – Josette Shearan (2007)

26 WFP Strategic Direction 2008 Plan marks a historic shift from WFP as a food aid agency to WFP as a food assistance agency, with a more nuanced set of tools to respond to critical hunger needs. WFP relies entirely on voluntary contributions for its funding - $3.6 billion in 2010 Principal donors are governments But they also receive donations from the private sector and individuals.

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