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Fall 2009 – 8/25/09 Social Event Training Omead Barari IFC VP of Risk Management (818) 307-4708.

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1 Fall 2009 – 8/25/09 Social Event Training Omead Barari IFC VP of Risk Management (818) 307-4708

2 Lecture Overview DO NOW Mandatory Meetings The Logistics of Social Events Second response, security reimbursements, booze, etc. GAMMA Overview J-Comm Chapter Education Seminars The basic essentials of hosting a social event Conclusion/ Last comments/Questions

3 DO NOW Contact your home owners, alumni boards, etc. to get a physical copy of your fraternity house s business license This is now REQUIRED for registering social events From now on, you must go in person to: 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 2 nd, with $87.50 to register a fire inspection

4 MANDATORY Meetings Throughout the Semester To be held on Wednesday Evenings (~8 pm), by me About three this semester Can invite BPD, UCPD, FPD, other guest speakers as they fit Will be used as refreshers for social event concerns, risk management, etc.

5 … … is your new best friend. Chapter Resources Documents and Forms Contains: everything you need Chapter Resources Register an Event To: register an event … … which is mandatory for most social events (see criteria)

6 Party Criteria 3 of the below 4 must be met for an event to qualify as tier 1, 2, or an off-site event: Lasts more than 3 hours Does not end by 9 pm Alcohol is present Amplified sound

7 Booze at Social Events BYOB Policy No hard alcohol Attendee can bring alcohol to chapter house BEFORE event (maximum of 6 beers or 4 wine coolers) Alcohol to be distributed by contracted, professional, and insured bartending service (AKA a third party vendor)

8 Second Response Ordinance If police are called because of a loud or unruly gathering, the officers initially respond to determine if it is a gathering of 10 or more people that hinders the quiet enjoyment of private or public property First Time – Posted Warning on property Lasts for 120 days Second Time – if within the 120 days, $700 fine (or more)

9 Security Reimbursements AKA free money!!! ~$3,000 budgeted for this Fill out a security reimbursement form after hosting a social/philanthropy event Receive up to: 25% back for social events/parties 50% back for philanthropy events NEW: reimbursements now for fire inspection fee as well NOTE: No armed security guards at your events

10 GAMMA (Anthony) Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol Each chapter must have 1-2 GAMMA representatives GAMMA is there to HELP – will perform party walkthroughs and assess violations of the situation (form of autonomy) They have been told to introduce themselves upon entering your house

11 J-Comm Being written up by Gamma is simply an observation When goes to J-Comm – will be given due process through an impartial hearing Beyond J-Comm Office of Student Conduct Student Code of Conduct

12 Chapter Education Requirement for every chapter every semester Two consecutive semesters w/o completion = immediate social probation Best resource: PartySafe, B.E.A.R.S., SHAPE, etc.

13 Hosting a Social Events: the Essentials Notify neighbors three days before your event with a courtesy letter (required) Include contact phone number … urge them to work with YOU, over working with the police Treat the cops with respect Sober party respondent highly recommended Greet them at the door, talk to them, etc. – there s no sense in ignoring them if they are aware of your event Keep the control

14 Conclusion What you should take from this training: Use FREQUENTLY Understand the logistics of risk management, social events, etc. Appreciate that you decided to be in these roles for a reason, and that it comes with responsibility Future (mandatory) meetings More for open discussions, updates, recommendations, etc.

15 Last Remarks Email me whenever there is a risk management-related issue with your house, especially second responses. I, and IFC, are here to help Stay active in your role You signed up for this for a reason Any questions? Thank you for coming, good luck with the semester

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