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Far Side Tuesday Warmup

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1 Far Side Tuesday Warmup
New Section of your Notebook – “Newton’s First and Third Law.” Divide your paper into two columns. Column One – Newton’s First: Column Two – Newton’s Third. Lab on Block Day. Lab All Next Week. Science Fair Thursday – 4-7 PM. Presentation Schedule is available at

2 Learning Target: I will compare and contrast Newton’s First and Third Law on the closing quiz.

3 Announcements: Science fair Thursday – presentation times are posted.
Practice – practice – practice. Everyone else – major grade to come and complete Science Fair Discovery Sheet. Turtle Committee – meeting after school – walking over to ASAP.

4 Ecybermission!!!!!!! Finish typing up your science fair pieces.
Log on to the web site. Upload your stuff. You are entered. It looks pretty easy – we will see. Deadline – Friday after school.

5 New Entry – Newton’s 1st and 3rd Law
Draw a line vertically dividing your paper into two equal sections. On the top of the first section, write Newton’s First Law. On the top of the second section, write Newton’s Third Law. During the movie clips, write down facts about each law that you record.

6 Newton’s First Laws of Motion
An object at rest will stay at rest forever unless a force moves it. An object in motion will stay in motion forever unless a force stops it. Inertia = Mass. The more the inertia, the harder an object is to move or stop.

7 Newton’s Third Law of Motion
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Momentum is transferred when objects collide. Momentum = Mass x Velocity. Compare and contrast this concept with inertia using a Venn Diagram.

8 1) Which object has the most inertia?

9 2) Which object has the most momentum?

10 3) Which object has the most inertia?

11 4) Which object has the most momentum?

12 5) Which object has the most inertia?

13 6) Which object has the most momentum?

14 7) Which has the most inertia?

15 8) Which has the most momentum?

16 Check your answer on the first two.
Then we will go back through them if you decide to change a few more answers. Today’s quiz is based on last four.

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