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APWA 101: The Basics Kirk Holmes

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1 APWA 101: The Basics Kirk Holmes
Kittitas County Director of Public Works 2013 APWA Washington Chapter Treasurer Emergency Management Committee

2 Our Shared History

3 APWA – 1937 to Today

4 APWA: Basic Facts 501(c)3 tax exempt organization 29,339 members
Focus on education; one corporate entity 29,339 members 1928 public agencies; 772 corporate 64 chapters and 85 branches $11.3 million annual operating budget (National); $19 million (combined) 749 “events’’; (prior 12 months)

5 APWA Washington Chapter
Executive Board sets Policy and Strategy President, Vice-Pres., Secretary, Treasurer 8 member Board of Directors Two Year Terms Immediate Past President and Chapter Delegate Quarterly Board Meetings Fall and Spring Conferences West and East Area Meetings

6 Membership and Committees
1480 Members – August 1, 2013 24 Committees Technical Committees (11) Education Government Affairs Diversity Emergency Management Management and Public Administration Scholarship

7 Strategic Plan Vision To be the organization of choice in providing public works education, advocacy, expertise, and public awareness for its diverse community of members. Mission Create educational and networking opportunities to facilitate knowledge exchange. Provide trusted information for public works policy makers and stakeholders. Rewarding and recognizing excellence and innovation

8 Goal #2 – Expand Partnerships
Vision of Success Joint Conferences or meetings Presentations at partner conferences Incorporate joint awards and recognitions Sharing of information Joint positioning papers or statements

9 Why do we Exist? To be the primary gateway resource for education, knowledge exchange and services To be the public policy advocate for the public infrastructure To be recognized as the brand name for credible information and preferred choice for membership

10 Questions Kirk S. Holmes 509.962.7523

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