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Using dotMobi Thinking To Monetize Your Domain Assets Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing Pinkard Alan Pinky Brand Director, New Markets.

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1 Using dotMobi Thinking To Monetize Your Domain Assets Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing Pinkard Alan Pinky Brand Director, New Markets dotMobi

2 about dotMobi employees: 40 locations: HQ: Dublin. Also London, Washington, D.C, Portland, San Diego, Miami and Beijing investors: Ericsson, Google, GSM Association, Hutchinson 3G, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom, Samsung, Syniverse, Telecom Italia Mobile, Telefonica, T-Mobile, Visa, and Vodafone company milestones: Feb 05company founded Jul 05 ICANN charter granted Jul 05first employee Jun 06sunrise begins with first sale Sep 06sunrise ends - 13,000 names sold Sep 06 land rush period begins Oct 06117,000 names sold in 10 days Mar 07500,000 names sold Nov launched Nov launched Feb 08DeviceAtlas launched Summer 1,000,000 th name registered

3 the mobile web is not the biggest thing since the desktop web Its much, much bigger than that. According to the GSMA, more people globally have access to a web enabled phone than to an Internet PC. There are over 2.6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, and some of the more mature markets have over 100% penetration. Among smartphone users in the United States, mobile browsing has increased 89 percent year over year, and pageviews have increased 127 percent. Consumption is quickly evolving from brief transactions, such as checking the weather or flight status, to time- intensive interaction with mobile Web sites - even without an iPhone. – Mark Donovan M:Metrics

4 … and its getting bigger The world market for mobile marketing and advertising is expected to grow to an expected $24 billion by 2013 (vs. $2B in 2007). Among 5,398 North American consumers queried by Forrester in 4Q07, 48% said they wish they could look up things online when they're on the go, but 58 percent said the mobile web fails to meet their needs – moreover, 60 percent said their mobile device screens are simply too small for activities outside of making calls and sending text messages.

5 … mobile is here, mobile is growing and mobile lets businesses reach customers whenever, wherever – unlike any other medium. Nokia study: three things everyone carries when leaving the house keys wallet phone the point is …

6 mobile is the only marketing medium that is … … always on. … always at hand. … always personal, rarely shared.

7 goal of online marketing drive traffic and revenue by attracting and retaining customers via useful applications; executed well

8 new medium, new mindset Early TV was like radio with heads. Early websites were static brochureware. Early mobile websites have mostly been scaled-down or stripped back desktop sites (or, worse, the same desktop website stuffed onto a small screen). Thats dotcom thinking … and its made for poor mobile web experiences.

9 bring the right thinking to the mobile medium dotcom thinking is fine for desktop web… … but mobiThinking is for mobile web

10 MISTAKE 1: treating mobile users like PC users Know your audience! Quick & easy access to relevant information. Services that recognize youre on the move. Location-aware, activity-specific experiences.

11 got it right: Bank of America

12 MISTAKE 2: ignoring the limitations of mobile devices compared to a PC Dont forget: The screen is smaller Theres no mouse Theres no printer The keyboard is limited Bandwidth may be restricted Megabytes sometimes cost money

13 got it right: Spanair

14 MISTAKE 3: failing to exploit the capabilities of a mobile phone Its a camera Its a video camera It sends text messages Its location-aware Its a micropayment device It sends email It plays music It plays videos Its a calendar Its a browser... Oh, and it makes calls too

15 got it right: Zagat and Virgin Atlantic

16 MISTAKE 4: using name for says mobile-friendly site for what youre doing right now differentiate your mobile site from show that youve thought about the mobile experience think about the whole brand whats to the right of the dot says a lot about whats to the left

17 Mobile content and services need to be clearly identified as mobile friendly and simple to find while the user is mobile. – Quocirca Mobile Marketing Paper (Reach, Relevance and Relationship) its all in a name

18 MISTAKE 5: using frames and other bad habits Use development best practices Think portrait, not landscape Landscape layouts and navigation schemes Use a second-level domain name Use XHTML-Mobile Profile

19 Getting it right: developer best practices Mobile Advertising Guides Mobile Web Developers Guide dotMobi Mobile Web Developer Certification

20 MISTAKE 6: failing to test your site for mobile-readiness provides a free evaluation of your site for mobile-friendliness, checking every against industry best practice and mobile web standards How does my site score (1 to 5)? Whats driving my score? How can I improve it?

21 for developers and marketers alike …

22 MISTAKE 7: hiding your mobile website Make your site searchable … and are these guessable?

23 easy to discover

24 MISTAKE 8: not actively promoting your mobile website If you advertise in print, on TV, on outdoor media or even on the side of a cup, your audience is likely closer to their mobile phones than to a PC. The more you promote the mobile experience, the more people will turn to it. Top brands that promote sites are finding their traffic starting to rival websites.

25 making it known

26 MISTAKE 9: running mobile campaigns presence Running SMS campaigns and banner ads on the mobile Internet? Leverage a call to action to click through to a mobile site to build traffic and create more value from your campaigns. Campaigns come and go. is your persistent mobile marketing presence and the center of your relationships with mobile customers.

27 got it right: Jaguar U.S. mobile ad campaign for the new 2009 Jaguar XF 15 million impressions that drove over 85,000 unique visitors to site. 12,000+ videos and 16,000+ wallpapers have been downloaded from the site. 2.6% requested test drives. 1.6% requested brochures.

28 MISTAKE 10: serving the same content in the same way to every mobile device Unlike PCs and Windows, the mobile web has thousands of permutations of devices, systems and browsers. Mobile content that works looks great on one device can fail on another. Address this by creating device- sites that serve up content optimized for each device.

29 DeviceAtlas can help Free web GUI API editions at nominal cost members get free premium site owners receive discount

30 lots of mobiThinking …

31 and a few others …

32 now youre mobiThinking! office 1.301.637.4890 mobile 1.301.792.7646 Join the discussion at:

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