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Csikszentmihalyi’s FLOW is Good Business™

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1 Csikszentmihalyi’s FLOW is Good Business™
the ultimate leadership simulation game and blended learning solution


3 Who is playing? (1.)

4 What we can learn from Computer Games
Clark Aldrich You are the key to success – Computer games have to be the most Empowering activities around. Mistakes are necessary on the path to success – Trial and error. Things are connected – Games are complex and intertwined systems. How to learn Computer literacy – People who spend time playing with computers become very comfortable with computers.

5 Developing the 21st-Century Leader
Major business challenges driving the need for effective 21st-century leadership Cost pressures Virtual workplace structures Regulatory environment Retaining talent Corporate social responsibility Insufficient talent overall New competitors Insufficient number of leaders Attracting talent Expanding into new markets Gaining access to capital Ethical leadership Current competitors Driving sales growth Changing buying patterns Changing methods of distribution Diversity in the workforce Operational excellence Employee productivity Enabling business growth Environmental responsibility Improving customer satisfaction Controlling healthcare costs Integrating new technologies Lack of trust among leaders and employees Succeeding with mergers and acquisitions Technology challenges Source: Achieveglobal A multi-level analysis of global trends in leadership challenges and practices 2010

6 FLOW is Good Business Leadership Creativity Serious gaming
Csíkszentmihályi Online simulation Skill development Blended Learning Serious gaming Innovation California Creativity Interactive learning Sonoma Valley Personal feedback Multimedia Being in the zone Balance between challenges and skills Increased performance Positive psychology Making of meaning Strategic thinking Motivating others Clear goals Leading change Leading teams Entrepreneurship Enhancing self esteem Competences ©2012 ALEAS Simulations, Inc. California

7 Why FLIGBY®? Learning by Doing – For anyone who understands that “being fully engaged” is a key ingredient of the future of business, games are the definitive model. People learn better when they don't know they are learning. “Flow” Makes Your Business Stronger – Flow is one of the most crucial conditions for good leadership and sustainable business today. When Flow is achieved by its stakeholders, company will generate more profit. FLIGBY Saves You Money – 120-days complex leadership development experience just for $200 with great blended learning possibilities. ©2013 ALEAS Simulations, Inc. California

8 Narrative Context – The Turul Winery
The player takes on the role of the General Manager of the well-established and well- known Turul Winery, in California and faces the challenging task of having to achieve a state of harmony and co-operation in a team significantly weakened by internal conflicts. Will it be possible to win the international "Spirit of Wine Award" as a direct result of leadership skills and efforts? Good Games have Good Backstories Check out Turul’s website ( ©2013 ALEAS Simulations, Inc. California

9 FLIGBY’s Screen Structure (Main User Interface)
Virtual Time in the Story “Full Screen” Button Control Panel FLIGBY Media Library Flow Trophies Flow Gauge Button “Magic FLIGBY Button” Next Button Link to Turul Winery’s external website Subtitle Field ©2013 ALEAS Simulations, Inc. California

10 FLIGBY’s Screen Structure (Flow Gauge - 1)
Changes in the Flow State Quick Links to Personal Profiles Profitability Index of the Winery FLOW Meter of the Winery “Flow Status / Personal Profile” Switch "Flow Meter" is the CORPORATE ATMOSPHERE METER of the Turul Winery which shows the average mood inside the organization. The PROFITABILITY INDEX shows how a player's decision impacts Turul Winery's revenue generating ability. ©2013 ALEAS Simulations, Inc. California

11 Flow and Business (1.) Flow✗ is one of the most crucial conditions for good leadership and sustainable business. When Flow is achieved by the stakeholders (employees, managers, customers), the company generates more profit. ✗Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Flow is characterized by intense concentration, loss of self-awareness, a feeling of being perfectly challenged and a sense that "time is flying”. Flow is an intrinsically rewarding experience and it can also help one achieve a goal or improve skills. Anyone can experience Flow in many different regards, such as play, creativity and work. To experience Flow, one needs to have the relevant level of challenges for their particular skillset.

12 Flow and Business (2.) Good Business Good Leadership
Flow is one of the most crucial conditions of good leadership and sustainable business. Good Business Flow-based organization promotes employee engagement and positive attitudes in the workplace. Done well, it helps to reduce costs, employee complaints and makes the company a place that people enjoy being a part of. The „Flow is Good Business™” simulation teaches managers how to become leaders who effectively create an environment in which Flow can flourish. Good Leadership Flow state of the company’s stakeholders (employees, managers, costumers…) generates more profit.

13 Leadership Skills Tested by FLIGBY®
The extensive research which was part of the development of FLIGBY®, partly on the basis of the Professor Csikszentmihalyi’s book titled “Good Business”, identified the leadership skills contributing to create and maintain the Flow-state. These 29 skills were named “FLIGBY Leadership Skillset”. The course and the decision points of the game were built up to test these leadership skills. 7. Commu-nication Skill 1. Active Listening 3. Assertive-ness 6. Business-oriented Thinking 8. Conflict-mana-gement 10. Diploma-tic Skills 5. Building Engage-ment 2. Analyzing Skill 4. Balancing Skill 9. Delegating 13. Enterpre-nuership 20. Motivati-onal Skills 11. Emotional Intelli-gence 14. Execution Skills 16. Future-focused Thinking 15. Feedback Skill 17. Information Gathering 18. Intuitive Thinking 19. Involvement 12. Empower-ment 22. Prioriza-tion Skill 29. Time Manage-ment Skills 24. Realizing Personal Strenghts 28. Teamwork Mana-gement 21. Organi-zing Skills 27. Strategic Thinking 23. Quick Decision-making 26. Social Responsi-bility 25. Social System Thinking

14 The Basic Components of FLIGBY®
The FLIGBY online system has been developed to be suitable for the summarization and evaluation of the users’ results on individual and on group level beside the game itself. FLIGBY® Online Reporting Module FLIGBY® Online Simulation FLIGBY Interactive User Interface (Story Videos, Decision Points, Media Library) FLIGBY Game Engine (Rules and Feedback System) FLIGBY Data Base (Storage of End-user’s Data) FLIGBY Leadership Skills Engine (Evaluation System) FLIGBY Reporting Module User Interface (Report Generation) The comparison of the decision alternatives chosen by the user and the leadership skill values belonging to them. Directs the story and operates the evaluation according to user’s decisions System elements used during the gameplay by the End-user FLIGBY is hosted through the Amazon Cloud Services System elements used during the evaluation by the Solution Provider

15 Reporting - What the Player Cannot See
This part of FLIGBY®’s feedback system is for professional use: Several Leadership Skills are tested at the same time at the Strategic Decision Points of the game. If the player makes a right decision the system raises the values of the skills belonging to that certain decision point on the player’s assessment sheet. This means that the „relative strength” of the certain skills in the players’ leadership styles can be concluded from the decisions they make. The strategic decision points test several relevant leadership skills at the same time. The game tests each skill on the basis of several decisions. This multiple testing ensures the reliability of the feedback.

16 For more information, please contact our FLIGBY BLS® management!
Contacts For more information, please contact our FLIGBY BLS® management! Zsadany „ZAD” Vecsey Managing Director Mail: ALEAS Simulations, Inc., California 12121 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 16

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