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Maadi British International School Welcome to Year F2JI !

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1 Maadi British International School Welcome to Year F2JI !

2 The Class Teaching Team n Class Teacher – Mrs Ibrahim n Teaching Assistant – Miss Sandy

3 A little about me… n I have been teaching for 18 years mostly at MBIS but I also taught in the UK before coming out to Egypt. I have taught Foundation 2 for 8 years now. n I am married and have 2 children Salma (year 8) and Ali (Year 6). n I am trying to get fit this year and I love reading. n I run the Brownie and Guide units in this school

4 Foundation Stage Areas n Personal, Social and Emotional Development n Communication and Language n Literacy n Mathematics n Understanding the World n Expressive Arts and Design n Physical Development

5 Literacy – main areas of learning n Communication and Language- Listening and attention UnderstandingSpeaking n Literacy – Readingwriting

6 Mathematics – main areas of learning n Number n Shape, Space and Measure

7 Our timetable… n Handout n Timetables are flexible to meet the needs of the children

8 Routines n Reading/Reading scheme n Weekly Flashcards n Library books n Home school record books

9 Home Learning… n Weekly activities that have been covered in class will be posted on KidBlog for your information or for you to review with your child if you wish to do so. n MBIS Home Learning Policy will be reviewed in the second half of Term 1

10 How to help your child with home learning n Establish a routine with your child: a set time and place for home learning to be done n Check what tasks have been set and that your child understands what needs to be done n Encourage independence: facilitate not dominate!

11 Expectations In Foundation 2, the children will be encouraged to: n Develop their independence in all areas of learning. n Achieve the Early Learning Goals as set out by the English Curriculum.

12 Reward systems n Class rewards Sticker charts Sun, Clouds and Rain. n House system – contributing to team success This is counted weekly in class and the winning house celebrated. The winning girl and boy receive a winning bangle.

13 Looking ahead… n Theme days – possible pirate day n Trips – Fire Station, Sunbird Gardens, Pizza Hut n Events - Halloween Party 31 st October 2013 (we are looking for volunteers to help with this) – Book week 24 th November 2013 -International week 26 th January 2014 n Phase musical production 17 th December 2013 n FOMBIS – handout

14 The Home School Partnership Lines of communication: n Open Door Policy (from 8am until 8.15 and 2.40 until 3.00 exceptions are for staff meeting and club days) n Home School Book n E-mail ( n Appointment n Parent Consultations in November, March, and June

15 New school website After half term… n Key information about the year group including: curriculum, timetables, how you can help your child at home n Increased use of Kidblog to support home learning

16 Any Questions...?

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