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Fashionable or Not?. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Spring 2010 runway show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Wo.

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1 Fashionable or Not?

2 CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Spring 2010 runway show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Wo

3 How can we describe clothes in English? We can describe clothes using colors, patterns and materials. Match the words to the pictures on your worksheet.

4 RED Scarlet Crimson Maroon

5 Orange Peach Burnt Orange Neon Orange

6 Yellow Lemon Yellow Yellow Straw Yellow

7 Green Chartreuse Forest Green Olive Green Lime Green

8 Blue Sky BlueBlue Cobalt Navy Blue

9 Purple Lavender Indigo Violet Periwinkle

10 Brown Tan/ Beige/ Khaki Chocolate Brown

11 Pink Rose pink Fuchsia Coral

12 Metallic Colors Silver Copper Bronze Gold Platinum Brass

13 For all colors Light Shade-------------------------------------- Dark Shade DarkLight WhiteBlack

14 For all colors Bright Dull These are both bright, but one is dark and the other is light These are both light shades of green but one is dull and the other is bright DullBright

15 Polka Dot

16 Stripes Diagonal Stripes Horizontal Stripes Vertical stripes Rainbow Stripes

17 Plaid

18 More… Houndstooth Flower/Floral Star Pattern

19 Materials… Lace Silk Polyester Leather Denim

20 Extra… zippersButtons Ribbons Ruffles

21 Check your answers

22 Practice speaking p. 52 part A p. 53 part A

23 Activity Make groups of three or four. Two group members must close their eyes. The other one or two must pick a number (do not tell your partners with their eyes closed!) The number is a dress on the screen The group members with their eyes open must describe the dress to the students with their eyes closed. When they are finished, the other members open their eyes and guess which dress their friends were talking about.

24 Tips It is _______ (color). It has ruffles/buttons. It is long/short. Its a dress. Its a skirt. Hes wearing pants. Shes wearing a hat.

25 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

26 567 8 123 4

27 Group Activity Pick two students to come to the front and face the class. Other students pick one picture Describe it to other students. Only ONE minute! The two students turn around and guess which one. If it is right, team gets three points!







34 Prom… In America, we have an event called Prom. Seniors in high school (grade 12) wear gowns or cocktail dresses (very fancy dresses) and boys wear tuxedos (very fancy suits) The event has dinner and dancing. Some people spend a lot of money on hair, make-up, clothing, photographers and limousines.

35 Girls Dresses Girls shop for hours to find the perfect dress.

36 Mens Tuxedos Boys must ask girls to go to the prom with them. Will you be my date for the prom? Tuxedo Mask

37 Limousines Limousine (Limo)

38 Design your Dream Dress What color is it? Is it short or long? Does it have ribbons or sparkles? How would you wear your hair? What kind of make-up would you wear? What kind of shoes would you wear?

39 Design your Dream Dress 1.Describe your dress. a. My dress is ______(color) b. My dress is ______ (short/long). c. It has ______(sparkles/ribbons..). d. I will wear my hair ______ (up/down). e. I will wear ______ (color) shoes. 2. Draw your dress.

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