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... and you are gonna like it!

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1 ... and you are gonna like it!
Mmm... Beef it's what you're eating ... and you are gonna like it! Introduction to Beef Quality Grading By James Berry

2 Grading vs. Tasting Why? Of all BBQs you have, you could not possibly taste every animal! What if the product is not consumable? Tasting is too time consuming and subjective

3 What is the purpose beef carcass grading?
To allow beef producers, packers, and retailers to be paid for the level of quality product they distribute. The USDA implemented meat grading to ensure that the product is of the right quality that consumers want. To create a basis for comparison and data in the beef industry. It is NOT mandatory for beef producers to use But many markets such as Safeway and Kroger require it.

4 How do beef grades affect me?
They guarantee a grade of meat that we can trust at the quality level of the product you are buying. They increase the chance that we will be satisfied with our product.

5 What are the two types of grades?
Quality Grade – Qualitative Yield Grade - Quantitative

6 Quality Grades

7 What are the 8 types of quality grades?
Three for purchase at the store: Prime (very rare) Choice – Starting to be the standard at stores Select – used to be the standard Others consumed by people in different ways Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter, and Canner

8 What is the purpose of Quality Grades?
Reflects the differences in the eating quality of meat based on: Marbling scores - the amount of fat interspersed in the muscle. Maturity scores - reflects the age of the animal at slaughter.

9 Factors influencing Quality Grade
Direct Marbling Maturity Indirect Texture Firmness Color



12 No fat is good right? ...Not always.
Odds of poor steak Prime in 26 Upper 2/3 of Choice 1 in 19 Lower 1/3 of Choice 1 in 7 Select in 5 Standard in 2 Prime in 26 Upper 2/3 of Choice 1 in 19 Lower 1/3 of Choice 1 in 7 Select in 5 Standard in 2 Quality Grade

13 Prime This carcass has superior marbling, proper carcass conformation, and adequate maturity. Found in fine restaurants and gourmet stores. Not economical for meat packers The cattle are required to get very fat to obtain enough marbling A small percentage of cattle meet the conformation standards.

14 Choice This is the most economical and most desirable carcass grade.
Adequate marbling and carcass conformation are required.

15 Select (Used to be called "Good") This beef may be referred to as "no-roll" since it isn't stamped with the USDA grade. Must have slight marbling. This meat is inspected but not marked with a stamp as Prime and Choice.

16 Standard Usually older animals and thin animals.
Minimum marbling or below average carcass conformation fits into this category.

17 Commercial Includes the designations of:
Cutter Canner Utility. This meat is usually processed into lunch meats, soup, and canned meat products.

18 Cull Not acceptable for human consumption.
Often times put into animal consumption or used to make other products. No longer used as animal consumption products BSE

19 Tenderness

20 Quality of Taste

21 Notice the visual difference in marbling (intramuscular fat) at each quality Grade

22 Modest Choiceo Moderately Abundant Primeo

23 Slightly Abundant Prime- Modest Choiceo

24 Moderate Choice+ Modest Choiceo

25 Small Choice- Modest Choiceo

26 Slight Select Modest Choiceo


28 Mini Review

29 Based on marbling, what would you grade the cut on the left?

30 Based on marbling, what would you grade the cut on the left?

31 So what do we take from this?
Why do we need to know this information? Do we go and buy the highest quality? How does beef grading affect how we eat?

32 Let’s get Grilling!

33 Sources Most information, slides and pictures provided by
Dr. Jon Beckett, Cal Poly, SLO USDA National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Slides 25 & ~sschmidt/meats/sld011.htm

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