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Pepsi-Cola Erica Magoon, Skye Roper, and Aida Fisseha.

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1 Pepsi-Cola Erica Magoon, Skye Roper, and Aida Fisseha

2 Pepsi Legacy Caleb Bradham: founder of Pepsi.

3 Pepsi Legacy (Cont.) The Pepsi Trademark Pepsis first theme 1920: Pepsi-Cola goes bankrupt

4 1931: Pepsi-Cola is reborn - Bought by the Loft Candy Company president, Charles G. Guth Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

5 Pepsi and Pete: Twice as much for a nickel Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

6 1940: The hit debut of Nickel, Nickel Pepsi-Cola hits the spot 12 full ounces; thats a lot Twice as much for a nickel too Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you. Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

7 Pepsis new colors International profits The Light Refreshment Campaign Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

8 Pepsi-Cola appeals to the younger generation Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

9 The Pepsi Generation Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay merge 1975: The Pepsi Challenge Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

10 1964: A new brand, Diet Pepsi, is introduced Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

11 Shaquille ONeal: Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi Pepsi-Colas website Generation Next campaign Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

12 Year 2000 Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

13 Pepsi-Colas new look as it enters the 21 st Century. Pepsi Legacy (Cont.)

14 Pepsi Cola best promotions -Oscar discovers the joy of Pepsi. -Pepsi, Yahoo! At it again with Britney spears promotion. -Pepsi Play for a Billion

15 Pepsi Cola best promotions (cont.) -New music from hot artists-Pepsi smash. -The Hulk and Mountain Dew. -Get spotted drinking Aquafina and win. -New products for summer and beyond.

16 Pepsi Internationally -Pepsi bags top awards at all India promo Power 2003.

17 Pepsi Colas healthy school commitment -Choice -Activation -Education

18 Pepsi-Cola Bottles A few early Pepsi bottles (before 1907) were made of amber glass

19 The 75th anniversary reproduction of the amber bottle This bottle is lighter in color than the original Pepsi bottle Pepsi-Cola Bottles (cont.)

20 Pepsi used the same ice blue bottle for Pepsi and Ginger Ale (1906) The label distinguished the drinks Pepsi-Cola Bottles (cont.)

21 This is the Hutchinson-style Pepsi bottle (1910) It is the only one known to exist Pepsi-Cola Bottles (cont.)

22 Double Dot Paper Label Pepsi Cola Bottle (1940) This is a one pint 13 ounce bottle Pepsi-Cola Bottles (cont.)

23 Bowling pin Pepsi bottle from Virginia Pepsi-Cola Bottles (cont.)

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