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PHOBIAS. I am afraid of... I have ___-ophobia. Fear.

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2 I am afraid of... I have ___-ophobia. Fear




6 PHOBIAS A PHOBIA is when you are very afraid of something.

7 When you have a phobia, you get bad feelings called symptoms.

8 Some symptoms are: Your heart beats fast. You feel very sick. You sweat a lot. You shake/shiver. You get dizzy. You feel very cold or very hot. You find it hard to breathe. Youre afraid to move.

9 I will show you things that scare a lot of people.

10 1. Arachnophobia

11 Arachnophobia means you're scared of spiders.

12 2. Acrophobia

13 Acrophobia means you're afraid of high places.

14 3. Brontophobia

15 Brontophobia means you're scared of thunder and lightning.

16 1. Aerophobia

17 Aerophobia means you're afraid of flying.

18 2. Cynophobia

19 This means you're scared of dogs or being attacked by dogs.

20 4. Ophidiophobia

21 This means you're afraid of snakes.

22 6. Claustrophobia

23 This is when you're scared of being in small places.

24 7. Hydrophobia

25 Hydrophobia is being afraid of water like lakes and oceans.

26 What Are You Afraid Of? Make a list of: Things that you are afraid of. Times when you are scared (exam time, going to the doctor/dentist).

27 You can face your fear (ex: afraid of snakes=touch lots of snakes). A doctor can give you medicine. How Can You Cure a Phobia?

28 Fear Factor is a TV show where people who have phobias go on TV to try and fight their phobias.

29 Lizard Bear

30 Make Your Own Phobia 1.Pick something that a person could be afraid of. (Be creative!) 2.Make a name for your phobia. (feared object) + ophobia = New Phobia Name. 3.Define or tell us what the phobia is. 4.What are the symptoms of your Phobia? 5.Make a funny cure for the Phobia! (Be creative!) 6.The best phobias will get a prize!

31 Example: Burger-o-phobia Definition: I am afraid hamburgers are going to eat me. Symptoms: fast heartbeat, head hurts, sweating when I see a hamburger. Cure: To cure Burgerophobia, I must do ten pushups, punch hamburgers, then eat a lot of them.

32 Example: Test-o-phobia Definition: Testophobia is the fear of writing tests. Symptoms: fast heartbeat, head hurts, sweating Cure: To cure Testophobia, the person must jump up and down ten times while eating a watermelon.

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