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E-Government Dordrecht Mark Voogd Programmanager E-government Dordrecht.

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1 E-Government Dordrecht Mark Voogd Programmanager E-government Dordrecht

2 Dordrecht, an Award winning organization Dutch NUMBER ONE E-municipality



5 Reasons for e-government Modernizing relationship government and local, national and regional society Cutbacks in spending To work smarter, better and more efficiently Standardization Redesign unnecessary duplications Upgrade Citizens trust

6 Classical information-exchange (analog and unstructured) Citizens, firms, co-workers and chain partners Information and data chaos


8 Powerful steering and commitment Strategic vision Strong leaders Management must be committed Program steering Program team “besides” the bureaucracy multidisciplinary teams Courage successes

9 Citizens in control Or Outside in Inside out? Demand steeringMarket push

10 (chain) Information client ICT Chain innovation /chain information Chamber of trade municipality Tax department Departmentdepartment

11 ClientCo-workerChain partner Front-office Desk, post, telephone systems, mid-office E-desk Data store Department x links Case filesMessage centre back-office Department yDepartment z portal

12 Analog E-form Interface scan overview www Multichannel

13 Web based “case” system Mozaiek internet views in the case files throughput

14 Mid office with components the Web Intake System (WINST) for the intakes which private citizens can do at home the post-intake component the document component the file component the CMS-component and finally the GIS-component.

15 Vergunningverlening en handhaving; de keten gedigitaliseerd Scherm voor de aanvrager over zijn zaak Case location Files/ documents Case status



18 Business process redesign

19 Developing the organization Unit Information & Process management Internal organizationclients, citizens and firmschainRegion Case management & operations control Midoffice, data management & web services Process Management BPR Information Management & Architecture Unit IPM R&Dmaintenance Communication ICT HRM Stake holders


21 regionalization Region back office Region mid office (Information & Process management) Integrated front office Municipality


23 The end More information on:

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