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A Healthier Way to Check Out at the Grocery Store Mary Dunne Stewart Lee Taylor-Penn Valerie Waters.

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2 A Healthier Way to Check Out at the Grocery Store Mary Dunne Stewart Lee Taylor-Penn Valerie Waters

3 Mary Dunne Stewart Executive Director Greater Richmond Fit4Kids

4 History of Fit4Kids Started in 2010 by the Sports Backers with support from The Robins Foundation Conducted comprehensive needs assessment to determine community needs Two years of research, fundraising, and collaboration led to September 2012 program launch In July 2012, launched the Greater Richmond Coalition for Healthy Children

5 The Greater Richmond Coalition for Healthy Children Funded by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth Broad-based steering committee Bon Secours, Childrens Hospital of Richmond at VCU, MARTINS Supermarket, Richmond City Health District, COACH, Henrico Child Health Coalition, Slow Food RVA, Fit4Kids Implementing programs from the Institute of Medicines list of Promising Practices for the Prevention and Reduction of Childhood Obesity

6 The Problem of Childhood Obesity The cause of childhood obesity hasnt changed – too many calories and not enough exercise But, the environment has changed: Decreased emphasis on physical education Limited access to healthy food, increased access to high-energy-dense foods (sugar sweetened beverages) Food marketing Lack of access to physical activity and safe/appealing places to play

7 The Genesis of Healthy Ideas Lanes Desired to impact childrens health through environmental changes Partnered with the Richmond City Health District Similar projects in Indiana and West Virginia Research demonstrated a need for this project

8 Studies have shown that strategies aimed at changing the grocery store environment, affect what shoppers purchase. 60% of purchase decisions in the supermarket are unplanned or spur of the moment. In a recent national survey of shoppers, about 66% said they were actively looking for ways to improve their health and wellness by making healthy choices when shopping. But of those shoppers, only half agreed that their supermarket helped them find the healthy options. Harnessing the Power of Supermarkets to Help Reverse Childhood Obesity (The Food Trust & RWJF)

9 Partnership with MARTINS A natural partner, because they were already engaged in the ad hoc group that eventually became The Greater Richmond Coalition for Healthy Children An In-Store Nutritionist on staff serving the Richmond area 23 stores throughout the Richmond area

10 Lee Taylor-Penn Project Coordinator Richmond City Health District The mission of the Richmond City Health District is to promote healthy living, protect the environment, prevent disease and prepare the community for disasters.

11 2012 AprMayJunJulAugSepOct Final Grant Report Due 10/15/2012 Grant Ends 9/30/2012 Kick-Off Event 8/16/2012 Martin's Agrees to Pilot Project 5/30/2012 Initial Meeting with Valerie 5/10/2012 Hired Project Coordinator at RCHD 4/11/2012 Received Grant 4/2/2012 Surveyed Store Management 9/24/2012 - 9/28/2012 Surveyed Customers 9/17/2012 - 9/29/2012 Planned Kick Off Event 7/16/2012 - 8/15/2012 Researched Similar Projects 4/11/2012 - 5/10/2012

12 Researched Best Practices Contacted the CDC Worked with West Virginia through Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant Provided best practices Shared road blocks Contacted Project Coordinator in WV Change the Future WV project Shared project materials Step-by-step process

13 Valerie Waters, RD In Store Nutritionist Martins Supermarket

14 Martins Agreement We jumped at the opportunity to be the pioneer store on this project! 292,000 is a conservative estimate of people who will be reached in one year. This is 100 people a day passing through 2 healthy check out aisles in 8 grocery stores. Eight stores were selected, 2 check out lanes in each store were converted to Healthy Ideas Check Out Lanes 4 stores located in the City of Richmond 1 store that has a high percentage of customers from the City of Richmond 3 stores where Martins Nutritionist is located

15 Martins Team Progress Project began in May 2012 Martins project manager was selected in addition to Health District project manager Martins Team of category managers Produce, General Management, Magazines, Marketing/PR, Nutritionist Corporate store visits to view potential aisles/racks Weekly conference calls, including Health District project manager

16 Martins Team Action Plan Established guidelines for product selection Established approved product list and set the planograms Communicated with store management throughout the process Installed signage Reset aisles with Healthy Ideas products Currently evaluating pilot expansion

17 Product Selection Snack foods met the following nutrition standards (per package): No more than 220 calories No more than 35% total calories from fat, excluding nut based products Less than 10% total calories from saturated fat No more than.5 grams trans fat No more than 35% of calories from sugar, excluding fruit No more than 240 milligrams of sodium Contains no artificial sweeteners in all food products Accepted: sugar free gum and mints.

18 Product Selection What is on the shelf? Snacks: Several different nutrition bars, including KIND bars, Odwalla, and Clif Jr. bars Baked Lays chips, Special K Pop Chips, Pistachios Fresh apples, bananas and freeze fried fruit packages Fig Newtons cookies, 100% fruit snacks Beverages: Water, Vitamin Water Zero, SoBe 0 Calorie, Propel 100% juice, V8 juice Magazines: Health/Fitness, Healthy Cooking, Wellness, Womens and Mens Health, Gardening, Homes, Richmond magazines

19 Kick-Off Event Invited local community leaders, team mascots, and politicians Sent press release to TV Stations, newspaper and other publications Offered samples of 3 products offered in the lane Received press from CBS6, Richmond Times Dispatch, RVANews & four online grocer publications





24 Evaluation Measures Output Customers overall satisfaction with the aisles Increase in purchase of healthy items at the checkout Store managers satisfaction with the new checkout aisles and commitment to the project Outcome Measures Attitude and behavior changes related to healthy checkout aisles Attitude of store managers toward project

25 Customer Feedback Administered 100 customer surveys in each of the 8 Martins stores Of the 26% of customers that were familiar with the Healthy Ideas lane… 14% used the lane Every chance I get 45% used the lane Occasionally 22% used the lane Rarely 17% Never use the lane The most popular food items: Apples, Bananas, Flavored Water 32% of customers reported that the addition of the lane affected their choice to shop at Martins

26 I wish these were used when my children were little. Customer Having more aisles would be more beneficial. Customer

27 I find the display of junk food near check-out lanes to be a very negative aspect of shopping. It is hard enough without that temptation. Customer

28 Store Management Feedback Surveyed 1 store employee from each store 7 store managers 1 lead check-out coach Initial reaction to the project? 3 of the 8 felt Skeptical 5 of the 8 felt Excited 50% believed that the sales from the Healthy Ideas lane had increased the overall check-out lane sales

29 Good options for the front end check-outgreat focus for the community to have a healthy choice. People who seek candies and soft drinks have many options, but not so for the healthier choice in this selected location. –Store Manager

30 I like the idea…particularly that it affords parents with children an alternative. –Store Manager Product is selling (That is the best response). –Store Manager

31 Healthy Checkout Aisles Success! Successes Offer healthier snack options when checking out Give back to our customers who desire health & wellness programs Expose customers to healthier choices throughout the store Receive positive feedback in the stores from customers and store management Opportunities Traditional check out aisle vendors slow to understand program Communication and coordination In stock position Affect on sales hard to quantify Short duration ~ 4 months

32 The Future of Martins Healthy Ideas Checkout Lanes Martins would like to expand this project to all 23 stores in the Richmond area Assess surveys, store management feedback and sales figures Determine the most effective way to market and engage customers at each store

33 Questions?

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