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Cloud Communications Cool Use Cases.

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1 Cloud Communications Cool Use Cases

2 Frank Geck Helping companies/people develop use cases for commercial applications From Tropo Incorporated providing Telephony API’s in the Cloud (like Twilio, like Plivo, like etc, etc etc.) Was employee 31 at Nuance Communications

3 Cloud Communications Business as Usual systems Faster time to market
Next generation systems (conferencing, medical paging) Didn’t have budget systems (marketing number) Micro Solutions (small touch points) Faster time to market Higher value applications Fraction of the cost Cloud mentality Common Programming Skills

4 Marketing Program Tracking A didn’t have budget solution
for years, asked about this by marketing departments. Never delivered. Now with cloud services - where you can use web services api’s to get resources, you can get a phone number, transfer to existing IVR or call center, get a total of # of calls for a period of time. 10 minutes to configure. Start-ups attacking this market. May be existing players... ADVERTISEMENT get mortgage from Super Bank Call hey... I need a mortgage... I’ll call...

5 Lead Management A Next Generation Solution...
Customer enters information on website database opportunity queue IVR Recording Billing Conferencing

6 Lead Management Next Generation Solution
with location services

7 Store Locator A Business as Usual Solution Women and Infant Children Clinics in Texas
Traditional User Interface “What’s your area code/zip code/city?” Only a handful of clinics in the Country of Texas (I’m originally from Wisconsin) Needs location services Traditional UI - for store locators - like Starbucks - too much density or too little density. Don’t want user to keep guessing... San Antonio? Don’t want to send them to the wrong one - sort algorithm puts a 2 hour away before a 1 hour away.

8 Store Locator Women and Infant Children Clinics in Texas
Can I use your location? Using a cloud service, first, the UI isn’t complicated so all the VoiceXML overhead not needed. Second, using standard API tools - like Ruby or Javascript. Very fast. Few state interactions. Pulling in third party services part of architecture. Don’t need to get IT to re-do firewalls... etc. Overall cost to setup, a fraction - it’s operational. Costs not specialized - ps is lower. And the UI has more functionality. And, using mash ups - your overall infrastructure is less. Your closest clinic by zip code is...

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