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Body parts Humans vs. animals.

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1 Body parts Humans vs. animals


3 Humans vs. Animals Humans and animals have things in common
They both have: 2 eyes a nose a mouth 2 ears hair etc.

4 Humans vs. Animals Animals have feelings (just like us – the humans)
Animals can smile and feel happy

5 However, there are many differences

6 Humans vs. Animals

7 Animals body parts

8 Birds are different A bird doesn’t have a mouth. A bird has a beak /bik/ . A bird doesn’t have hands. A bird has wings /wɪŋs/. A bird doesn’t have hair. A bird has feathers /ˈfɛðərs/.

9 Tigers are different A tiger doesn’t have teeth. A tiger has fangs /fæŋs/. A tiger doesn’t have hair. A tiger has fur /fɜr/. A tiger doesn’t have feet. A tiger has paws /pɔs/.

10 Complete the missing words using 4 of the following words: hands, beak, fur, mouth, fangs, teeth, feet, paws, lion, parrot, tiger It is a “very big cat”. It has four p_w_, four big f _ _ _ s and it likes to eat meat. Its _ u _ is orange with black strips. It is a _ _ g _ _.

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