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Dream Building A Success Seminar

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1 Dream Building A Success Seminar

2 The Psychology of Achievement Why are some people more successful than others? –Make more money –Have more friends –Enjoy better health –Derive greater satisfaction from life than others

3 What is Success Peace of mind –Freedom from Fear –Freedom from anger –Freedom from Guilt High level of health and Energy Loving Relationships with other people Financial Freedom – Enough so we dont worry about money. Worthy goals and ideals Feeling of personal fulfillment

4 High Performer Every person who is successful and high performing is a habitual goal setter Any individual who becomes a systematic habitual goal setter, will immediately become a high performing individual With goals we have direction and purpose and so we focus and then achieve Realistic goals can be set with 7 questions

5 Let us dream and set goals Q1 –What are 5 things that you value most in life

6 Dream unlimited Q2 –In 30 seconds write the 3 most important goals right now in your life

7 Keep dreaming Q3 –What would you do if you won 1 crore rupees tomorrow

8 Dream a beautiful dream Q4 –What would you do and how would you spend your time if you were to live 6 months and die on the 180 th day.

9 It is a pleasure to dream Q6 What activities, circumstances give you the greatest feeling of importance When do you feel great about yourself

10 If wishes were horses Q7 –Imagine that you receive 1 wish from a genie - -- what would it be? (Remember what 1 great thing would you dream to get if you knew you cant fail?)

11 Prescription for Success Desire Belief I can Stretch goals to come out of Comfort zone Determine the benefits of goal achievement Where are u now & where you want to go Set deadlines Identify obstacles u have to overcome Identify the knowledge you need Identify the people, groups and organisations you need cooperation from

12 Plan to succeed Law of sawing and reaping Law of compensation --- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction What do we do for them so they will do for us Make a plan Review and re-plan Work with determination and do not give up.

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