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2 Pharmanex Scientific “Dream Team”
Dr Richard Weindruch, LifeGen Technologies Prof. C. Djerassi, Stanford U. Prof. L. Packer, UC Berkeley Prof Tomas Prolla, LifeGen Technologies Pharmanex Inst. Of Sports Nutrition Beijing Clinical Center Provo Research Institute (scanner lab) Shanghai R&D Center Huzhou Mfr. Plant R&D centers Dr. Bryan Fuller, Arizona U. Prof. L. Mitscher, Kansas U. Prof. K. Nakanishi, Columbia U.

3 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Selection Sourcing Structure Standardisation Safety Substantiation

4 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Selection To locate the botanicals with the most effective health-promoting properties, Pharmanex employs teams of experts from the United States and Asia. Only botanicals that pass extensive Pharmanex tests for authenticity, usefulness, and safety are considered.

5 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Sourcing Sources of botanicals may be domestic or international and may include Pharmanex cultivation areas in China and Chile. Pharmanex chooses a supplier based on the quality and concentration level of the active ingredient(s) present in samples from that source.

6 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Structure Using state-of-the-art analytical techniques and working in collaboration with respected universities and laboratories in both China and the United States, Pharmanex conducts structural analyses of the natural compounds present in the selected botanical

7 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Standardisation Each capsule of a Pharmanex® product contains the same amount of each active ingredient.

8 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Safety Pharmaceutical-grade tests for the presence of microbes, toxins, and heavy metals are carried out for all products.

9 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Substantiation Pharmanex only makes product claims that have been substantiated through documented preclinical and clinical studies. The attention to detail, strict scientific testing, and commitment to quality ensures that every Pharmanex® product is absolutely safe and effective.

10 The Pharmanex 6S Process
Selection Sourcing Structure Standardisation Safety Substantiation

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