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3 3 BRIEFING Tehsil Municipal Administration Bahawalpur Sadar come into existence on 17th October 2005 and had started working physical from 01st July Before this TMA Sadar was the part of Tehsil Municipal Administration Bahawalpur City (mother TMA). It is surrounded by TMA Bahawalpur City and TMA Khairpur Tamewali in the east, TMA Ahmedpur East in the west, River Satluj in the north and TMA Yazman in the south. Total area of under this TMA is 195,312 sq. Acres and population is 357,051(approx). Except for Samasatta and Khanqah Sharif majority of the population is scattered. This TMA consists of 15 Union Councils having no recreational park in the jurisdiction which is being maintained by this TMA. However Tehsil Municipal Administration Bahawalpur Sadar is trying its best to make the environment friendly for the public through plantation.

4 4 ABSTRACT BUDGET FOR THE YEAR DETAILS OF INCOME AND EXPENDITURE INCOME FINANCIAL POSITION Revenue Income Opening Balance Capital Income Income Opening Balance with saving Total Total EXPENDITURE Expenditure Salary Closing Balance Contingencies Liabilities, Liabilities Development Works, Development Work ADP New Projects M&R Development Fund to Pension Fund (NHQ Samasata) C.C.B0 Total

5 5 STATEMENT INCOME AND EXPENDITURE UPTO March 31, 2013 INCOME BUDGETACTUAL Revenue Income2,62,59,5602,35,92,641 Capital Income7,46,48,0003,47,83,000 Total 10,09,07,5605,83,75,641 EXPENDITURE Current Expenditure8,30,45,6662,99,06,095 Development11,28,43,5118,37,34,592 Total19,58,89,17711,36,40,687

6 6 STATUS OF RECOVERY OF MAJOR INCOME HEADS OF TMA BAHAWALPUR SADAR. INCOME Sr. No.Name of income headBudgetedActual up to Remarks 1 Tax on Transfer of Immoveable Property ( Departmental Recovery) 1,75,00,000/- 1,57,69,185/- 2 Rent of Shops ( Departmental Recovery) 40,000/-31,837/- 3 Cattle/Bakkar Mandies ( Contract) 17,42,000/-15,34,824/- With 2% & 10% earnest & security respectively (Contracts) 4 Building Plan/Conversion Fee ( Departmental Recovery) 30,00,000/-37,94,264/- Income is above as target due to installation/ construction of new petrol pumps 5 Parking Fee ( Departmental Recovery) 2,30,000/-1,72190/-, 6 Sewerage Tax ( Departmental Recovery) 60,000/-33,300 Recovery was not effected due to revision of schedule/gazette notification

7 7 EXPENDITURES INCURRED ON THE POL REPAIR OF VEHICLES AND OTHER MACHINERIES FOR THE YEARS 2009 TO OF TMA BAHAWALPUR SADAR EXPENDITURE Sr. No. Name of Expenditure Head Actual Actual Actual Budgeted Actual upto POL10,08,21015,37,78427,83,722 40,95,00028,43,106 2Repair of Transport/Machinery & Equipments 3,91,3153,44,5054,41,69Repair Jeep (TMO) 1,00,000/- Repair Jeep (TOP) 2,00,000/- Repair Jeep (I&S) 1,50,000/- All kind of Machinery 5,00,000/- Tractor+Disposal 1,50,000/- TOTAL 11,00,000/- 1,97,854/-

8 8 MONITORING OF VARIOUS HEADS MONTH WISE EXPENDITUES BY TMA BAHAWALPUR SADAR SR. #Name of Head Revised Budget Provision Total Expenditure July To March 1POL & CNG charges of vehicles31,10,00028,43,106 2Purchase of machinery/ Vehicles/ Street lights17,00,000- 3Repair of machinery / Vehicles11,00,0002,10,574 4Expenditures on Sports Festivals/ Jashan-e- Baharan20,00,0004,77,840 5Expenditures on Celebration of national day/ Ramzan Bazar5,00,0003,39,400 6 Expenditure on ongoing schemes Municipal Services, ADP, M&R ,37,34,592

9 9 DETAIL OF RECOVERY AGAINST THE BUDGETED ALLOCATION ON ACCOUNT OF RENT OF SHOPS WITH ARREARS AND OTHER PROPERTIES RENT OF SHOPS WITH ARREARS SITUATED AT NON (HQ) SAMASATA YearNo. of Shops Open Plot Vacant Shops On Rent Rent Per Month Budgeted Allocation Recovery upto /-30000/-50945/- with arrears /-30000/-32786/ /-40000/-38750/ /-40000/ /- Note:- The advertisement for auction of remaining vacant shops on rent has been made for four times in this year but no bid have been received so for.

10 10 OTHER PROPERTIES AGRICULTURE LAND SAMASATTA ON LEASE (10 KANAL) YearBudget allocationRecovery Auction was held but no bid was received during the financial year Rs.35,500/ Rs. 35,500/-Rs.29,000/- Lease period of 09 months ( to ) 100% amount has been recovered

11 11 RECOVERY OF UNDER HEAD CATTLE MARKET YEARBUDGET ALLOCATIONRECOVERY Rs /- (Contract) Rs /- (Contract) Rs /- (Contract) Rs /- (Contract) Rs /- (Contract) GENERAL BUS STANDS Note:- Tehsil Municipal Administration Bahawalpur Sadar has no general bus stand in its jurisdiction.

12 12 RECOVERY AGAINST SEWERAGE CHARGES PopulationNo. of Houses No. of ConnectionRatesBudgeted Recovery upto HouseholdCommercialHousehold Ann ual Commercial Annual Khanqahsharif Ice Factory Rs. 6000/- Hamam+Motorcycle Rs. 375/- School+Sweet shops. Rs. 450/- Rs. 30,000/ Samasatta Rs. 30,000/ Recovery against water supply This TMA is not supplying permanent facilities of water supply. Note:- New Survey is in process, Schedule of Taxes has been revised on Previous rates of house hold Rs. 50/- P.A and Commercial Rs. 300/- P.A Ice Factory Rs. 4000/- Hamama+Motorcycle Rs.250/-, School+Sweet shops Rs.450/-

13 13 MEASURES TAKEN FOR PLANTATIONS AND RENOVATIONS OF PARKS. The tree plantation week have been attended properly by this TMA in the last season plants have been put in to earth for growth during the preceding seasons. Specially along Airport Road, in and out side of the TMA, office, Samasata (NHQ) office and disposal works at Khanqahsharif. Dead plants were also substituted by new plants. Proper care and watering is being carried on, on regular basis.

14 14 MEASURES ADOPTED FOR REMOVAL OF ENCROACHMENTS. There is no permanent encroachment on the TMA land. There are two thick populated areas Samasata and Khanqah Shareef, where temporary encroachment creeps on the roads etc. The practice for removal of temporary encroachments is exercised on weekly/fortnightly basis through sanitation staff and on public complaint as and when received. It is not possible for TMA to depute independent staff for this purpose due to shortage of staff. Tehsil Officer (Regulation0 being In-Charge/Authority deals with the matter and takes necessary steps for removal of encroachment with the help of staff and machinery of CO Unit. The staff and machinery are also made available to the Revenue Officers to assist them for removal of encroachments on the Government land.

15 15 DETAIL OF ON-GOING SCHEMES OF TMA BAHAWALPUR SADAR Sr No Particulars No of Schemes Approved Cost in MillionExpenditure Schemes Completed 1 CCB Schemes 53 No,s No,s 2 General Schemes 07 No,s No,s Total 60 No,s No,s Progress %age= 97.65% DETAIL OF NEW SCHEMES OF TMA BAHAWALPUR SADAR Sr No Particulars No of Schemes Approved Cost in Million Expenditure Schemes Completed Remarks 1 MNA,s / MPA,s 28 No,s No,s 20 No,s Schemes completed and remaining in process 2 General Schemes 12 No,s No,s 09 No,s Schemes completed remaining Schemes in process Total40 No,s No,s Note: Tenders are called on & work order issued on Progress %age = 78.93%

16 16 DETAIL OF SAVINGS / NEW SCHEMES OF TMA BAHAWALPUR SADAR Sr No Particulars No of Schemes Approved Cost in Million Expenditure Schemes Completed Remarks 1MPA,s19 No,s No,s Scheme completed remaining in process 2 General/ New Schemes 02 No // Total22 No,s Note:Tenders are called on Progress %age= 8.32%

17 17 BUILDING CONTROL Petrol PumpCNGTOWERSControlled shed 34 (16 Nos petrol pumps established before 2006 and 18 Nos after 2006) 0131 ( 19 Nos towers established before 2006 and 12 Nos after ( schedule fee regarding controlled shed/ poultry form is approved/published from Govt. dated (09)Nos control shed fee has been received by this TMA and remaining (02) Nos are under process. DETAIL OF TOWERS MobilinkU- foneWaridTelenorZongTotal

18 18 RECOVERY POSITION OF BUILDING FEE Detail Target Achieved INDUSTRIES/PETROLPUMP/CNG/LPG ETC Sugar Mills Flour Mills Oil MillsIce Factories Cotton Factories Petrol pump/CNG/LPG Controlled shed TOWERS

19 19 HOUSING SCHEMES 06 NOS They are under process and unapproved due to the missing documents and deficiency of standard plan under Punjab housing schemes and land sub division rules 2010 LATEST POSITION 01 Syedana Umar Town Musafir Khana. 02 Model village Chak No. 12/BC 03 AL- RAHEEM Garden Chak No 12/BC Owner ship documents & Site plan of three numbers Housing schemes have been forwarded to the Add. District Collector Officer (Revenue) Bahawalpur for verification. The Schemes will be forwarded to the Tehsil Council for approval as the ownership documents received from scrutiny committee. 4Khyiban Afzal housing Scheme Chak No 12/BC The case is in the office of worthy Secretary LG &CD Department Lahore for special permission for approval. The comments have been sent to the said office vide this office No 4101 dated The case will be forwarded to the Scrutiny committee after decision of the Secretary LG&CD Department Lahore. 05 Canal Garden housing scheme Chak No 12/B The owner ship dispute is under trial in civil court and stay from High court Bahawal pur Bench Bahawalpur. The case will be forwarded to the Scrutiny committee after decision of the Court 06- Behria city housing scheme The owner assured in meeting for submitting complete file with in month.

20 20 ACTION TAKEN BY TMA 1.TMA has issued the notices to owner to meet criteria given under rules 2005/ Stopped the Dev. Works from site. 3. Awareness to the public has also been given through cable & National Newspaper that the people should not purchase the plot in this illegal/ unapproved Housing Scheme. 4. Stopped the mutation/ Registration. 5. Iron Board was also fixed in front of this illegal/ unapproved Housing Scheme for awareness. 6-Issued the notices to owners and property dealers again. 7- Pasted the poster about illegal housing scheme at site and also on the shutter of shops and front of property dealers shops. 8- Removed the access road from the site

21 21 THANKS


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