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09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand, RN, PhD Day 4, October 13, 2011, Session 19 Reporting: 09/14/2011.

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1 09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand, RN, PhD Day 4, October 13, 2011, Session 19 Reporting: 09/14/2011

2 Overview Reporting: 1)How the Thai QL has evolved its internal and external reporting as it has grown dramatically over the past 3 years? 2)How reporting stakeholders (internal and external) has changed during this period of growth? 3)How data collection needs have changed during this same period? From: Thailand Quitline Center To: Thailand National Quitline Jintana Yunibhand 2

3 Thailand National Quitline Thailand National Quitline Initiated by Thai Wellbeing Foundation under the Tri-parties Commitment : 1. Ministry of Public Health, 2. National Health Security Office, and 3. Thai Health Promotion Foundation 11/14/2013 Jintana Yunibhand 3

4 09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand 4 Thailand Smoking rate: Current smoking rate Regular smoking rate Occasional smoking rate Numbers of Current Smokers: 1981 = millions; 2009 = millions

5 09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand 5 Thailand Smoking rate: Male adolescents age 15 and over Female adolescents age 15 and over Numbers of Male Current Smokers: 1981 = m.; 2009 = m. Numbers of Female Current Smokers: 1981 = 9.53 m.; 2009 = 5.45 m.

6 09/14/2011 Thailand National Quitline : 1993: ASH Thailand Quitline (provide reactive service with 2 lines, 2 counselors) September 2009: Funded available by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to the Thai Wellbeing Foundation for the development of Thailand Quitline Project from February 2011: Achieving the status as Thailand National Quitline 11/14/2013 Jintana Yunibhand 6

7 09/14/2011 Thailand National Quitline: As its become a key component of the National Tobacco Control Program, soon, will be funded by the National Health Security Fund Main purpose: to provide a countrywide accessible telephone service for tobacco cessation, to promote healthy lives for Thais and control the countrys tobacco consumption 11/14/2013 Jintana Yunibhand 7

8 09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand 8 Thailand National Quitline 1.Provide proactive and reactive telephone and internet counseling services 2.Sharing information and knowledge development, nationally and internationally on the topic of quitline 3.Train quit counselors, and volunteers for quitline services 4.Networking among GOs and NGOs regarding smoking cessation activities (complimentary/extension of the health care delivery system) and coordinating activities for Thailand smoke-free society Goal: High effectiveness then high reach (Impacts and Accessibility) Specific Objectives:

9 09/14/2011 Looking back Paper recorded database system Jintana Yunibhand 9 Sept Jan Sept Aug Oct Operation period Full scale operation Proj. Funded Establishing the organization -Service model -Space location -telephone lines -protocols -Personnel -Data base system installation Mar 2009 Callback services and follow-up calls Mar 2009 Callback services and follow-up calls Jan 2010 Quitline Number on cigarette pack Jan 2010 Quitline Number on cigarette pack 24 Feb 2011 Become the National Quitline 24 Feb 2011 Become the National Quitline Dec 2009 Start Internet services Dec 2009 Start Internet services Promotion + Creating Demand

10 09/14/2011 Framework: Counseling Stage of changes, Evidences, Experiences- No Medication 1600 Quitline--Curative Factors –Motivation/Intention after explore Pro & Con of Quitting and set Quit-date –Self-efficacy/confidence to action of quitting smoking –Maintenance of Quitting with supports (1600 Quitline and self/family/social support) 11/14/2013 Intention (Readiness to Quit) Confidence to Quit Quit with help/supports Jintana Yunibhand 10 Jintana Yunihand

11 09/14/ /14/ items Quality Monitoring System : (Scale used in training and monitoring Ask & Assess Advise & Assist Agree to all services Telephone service behaviors Telephone counseling behaviors

12 09/14/2011 Quitline Promotion and Creating Demand Public education campaign + Increase tobacco tax + Smoke-free law Mass media campaigns by Thai Health Promotion Office Quitline number on Cigarette Pack Networking with Thai Health Professionals Alliance for Tobacco-Free Society-Referral Grassroots promotion Jintana Yunibhand 12

13 09/14/2011 Callers pay 3 baht/call using land-line from anywhere in the Kingdom of Thailand Will be a free number, in Nov 2011 Hour of operation : Monday to Friday 730 am-800 pm Calls will be tape recorded for callback services on weekend, holidays and after hours 13 Jintana Yunibhand

14 09/14/2011

15 Thailand Quitline: Organization Changes Jintana Yunibhand 15 Sept-Dec08Jan-Aug09Sep09-Aug10Sept10-Sept11 Phone lines ** No.-Quit* Counselors No.- Supporting staff 2598 *Health professionals, Nurses, clinical psychologists or Medical social workers (Full-time + Part-time) **TOTAL = 32 (Training and Screening = 8 lines)

16 09/14/2011 Log-in password protected Active, Inactive lines

17 09/14/2011 Reports by agents Inbound calls summary Outbound calls summary

18 09/14/2011 Data base 1 st page Summary

19 09/14/2011 Data entry for follow up Follow up summary

20 09/14/2011 FAX or WWW (U-Refer) system ADVISE ASK ASSESS ARRANGE ASSIST Cessation Clinics -Individual counseling -Group counseling - Medication -Individual counseling -Group counseling - Medication Hospitals Health professional clinics PHC Schools Industries Others Reactive and proactive Counseling Networks Quitline 20Jintana Yunibhand REFER

21 09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand 21 Reporting: Thailand Quitline experiences

22 09/14/2011 Why reporting? Purposes To gain public credibility: Quitline as a part of National Tobacco Cessation System and national tobacco control efforts To achieve the status: Thailand National Quitline To ensure continuation of fund Stakeholders TNQ +TWF Advisory boards Public Health professionals and policy makers at all level of health care delivery system National Tobacco Control Board Thai health promotion office MoPH National Health Security Off. Jintana Yunibhand22

23 09/14/2011 Reporting time-line: Jintana Yunibhand 23 Internal Stakeholders: - Quit counselors and supporting staff: Monthly External Stakeholders: -The Thai Wellbeing Executive Board: every 4 months -The TNQ Advisory Board: every 4 months -The Thai Health Promotion Foundation: every 3 months -Public: When applicable Partners: -Thai Health Professionals Alliance for Tobacco-Free Society: Monthly -Working groups in National Tobacco Control Board and Other GOs + NGOs tobacco related groups : As often as applicable

24 09/14/2011 Jintana Yunibhand 24 Data Collection and Analysis

25 09/14/2011 MDS (Paper recorded and Data base system Researches by external researchers Jintana Yunibhand 25 Data Sources: Types of Reporting: -Working reports -Budget reports -Annual reports -Project reports -Books/Case studies about Quitlines -Others as requested

26 09/14/2011 Focus and Indicators Focus: Quality and Accessibility Indicators: Calls volume, Callers demographic data Impact:- -Quit attempts (7 day point prevalence), -QR 6 month follow up (30 day point prevalence) -CQR 6 month (Continuous abstinence for 6 mo.) -Working protocols, curricular, evidences, and etc. Jintana Yunibhand26

27 09/14/2011 TNQ: Call volume 1600 Services Proxy & interest individuals Smokers Brief intervention Giving Information Quit Counseling Protocol-based Brief intervention Protocol-based No Quit Date Set Quit Date Agree for -Free packages -Follow-up calls No interest in Future services Proactive calls/callback services for Relapse prevention Protocol-based Unable to callback Inbound calls Reactive services 1600 Quitline Callers Outbound calls Proactive services Callback service (Internet clients & U-Refer) Proactive phone support, after QD #1 : 1-7 days # 2: 14 days # 3: 1 month # 4: 3 months # 5: 6 months # 6: 12 months 27 Jintana Yunibhand

28 09/14/2011 Completed + Outgoing Calls yearly, Monthly January 2009 – September 2011 Jintana Yunihand 28

29 09/14/2011 Month CompletedOutgoingServices Delivery Oct-Dec 10 Average/Mo 4, , , Jan-Mar 11 Average/Mo 5, , , Apr-Jun 11 Average/Mo 5, , , Jul-Sep 11 Average/Mo Callers: Call-in clients, call-out services & total services delivery in 3 month time and average/month (Oct10-Sep11)

30 09/14/2011 Number of calls Jan 2009 – Sept

31 09/14/2011 Number of calls Jan 2009 – Sept 2011

32 09/14/2011 Service delivery Jan Sept

33 09/14/ /14/2013 Jintana Yunihand 33 Callers at times of the day

34 09/14/2011 Numbers and percentage of calls made by smokers or proxy Month ProxySmokers Total No% % Oct-Dec 102, , Average/Mo ,4443, Jan-Mar 111, , Average/Mo ,7123, Apr-Jun 111, , Average/Mo ,7203, Jul-Aug , Average/Mo ,4792, Jan 2010 Quitline Number On packs Jan 2010 Quitline Number On packs

35 09/14/2011 Quitline callers (percentage) by age group 15 yrs yrs yrs yrs yrs 60 yrs+ Oct-Dec Jan-Mar Apr-June July-Aug 1600 Service provided (Protocol) to Smokers (%) Smokers received -counseling as in protocol -set quit date

36 09/14/ Quitline promotion

37 09/14/2011 According to current action plan and future action plan Achievements, constraints and challenges

38 09/14/2011 U-Refer = 646 cases U-Quit = 73 cases Live Chat = 11 cases Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly report www. visits

39 09/14/2011 Impacts/Outcomes of ITT (Mar-Aug2011) (From Independent research team) Quit attempts (7 day point prevalence), QR 6 month follow up (30 day point prevalence) CQR 6 month (Continuous abstinence for 6 mo.) satisfaction Working protocols, curricular, evidences, and etc Jintana Yunibhand39

40 09/14/2011 Call Screening) Quitline Quality Monitoring) Module Learning for quit counselor Model/Protocol for specific populations Model/Protocol for integrated to PHC setting TNQ Challenges

41 09/14/2011

42 09/14/2011 Thank You Jintana Yunibhand42

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