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Updates on Canada-India Higher Education Cooperation Presentation by Claude Bibeau, Deputy Director Policy and Planning/International Scholarships International.

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1 Updates on Canada-India Higher Education Cooperation Presentation by Claude Bibeau, Deputy Director
Policy and Planning/International Scholarships International Education and Youth Division Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) Synergy, October

2 Policy and Planning/ Politique et planification
International Education and Youth Division Direction de l’Éducation internationale et de la Jeunesse Policy and Planning/ Politique et planification International Scholarships/ Bourses internationales Understanding Canada: Canadian Studies/ Comprendre le Canada : Études canadiennes Edu-Canada: International Promotion of Education in Canada/ Édu-Canada : Promotion internationale de l’éducation au Canada International Experience Canada/ Expérience internationale Canada

3 Policy and Planning DFAIT, with the support of its international networks, works closely with partners and stakeholders in the elaboration of a coordinated approach in the area of international education.

4 Partners/Stakeholders
OGDs Council of Ministers of Education, Canada Canadian Bureau for International Education Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) International Council for Canadian Studies Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) Association of Canadian Community Colleges Among others

5 Policy and Planning DFAIT helps establish mechanisms, such as bilateral instruments of cooperation, to facilitate collaboration at the international level.

6 Canada-India MOU Canada-India MOU in higher education cooperation (June 2010). As part of MOU, Joint Working Group (JWG), co-chaired by DFAIT and the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, oversees the implementation of the MOU. Canadian members of the JWG: CMEC and AUCC. Preparatory meeting of the JWG in November 2010 on margins of AUCC university presidents’ mission to India, led by Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology). Date for first official JWG meeting under discussion.

7 Canada-India Education Summit
As a follow up to Canadian university presidents’ mission to India, Carleton University hosted the Canada-India Education Summit, June 17 and 18, initiative of Carleton U and the High Commission of India as part of the “Year of India in Canada 2011”; SICI, AUCC and DFAIT also key collaborators. Indian delegation of 20 Indian Vice-Chancellors led by Dr. (Mrs.) Daggubati Purandeswari, Minister of State for Human Resource Development (Higher Education). Education Summit included roundtable discussions on key issues relating to academic cooperation and mobility, and supported Canada-India MOU in higher education cooperation. Final report of the Summit – useful re: next steps of the bilateral relation/work of the JWG.

8 “Simply put…” “Simply put, we live in a world where the engine of growth is the human mind, building products, offering services and creating whole new industries on the strength of an idea. Research and development are more critical than ever to pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge. Talented, well educated people will drive that research, create those innovations, build those collaborations.” “This changing world is our opportunity to help shape our futures, with education at the forefront to effect change. Through collaborations, Canada and India should demonstrate how to create tomorrow’s sustainable economy through innovation today. We should lead in building true research partnerships between our great universities. We should connect our businesses to lever our respective strengths for greater growth. And we should show the world our capacity to connect minds and cultures, not just markets and money.” “Globalization and Education: Connecting Minds as well as Markets”, by The Honourable Kevin Lynch, Canada-India Education Summit

9 Canada-India Innovation Summit
Hosted by Carleton University and the Canada-India Centre for Excellence in Science, Technology, Trade and Policy, in collaboration with the High Commission of India to Canada and DFAIT, June 20 and 21, 2011. Innovation Summit explored various options in innovation cooperation and was particularly useful in bringing researchers of both countries together. Attended by approximately 140 participants, including 40 speakers and panellists from Canada and India, examined the challenges which both countries share, namely issues associated with environment, health, population size, age and geographic distribution. Panellists considered S&T solutions to some of these challenges and confirmed the need for further cooperation at all levels, as well as increased funding for collaborative projects.

10 DFAIT International Scholarships
Objectives: Expose foreign students/researchers to Canada’s academic expertise and cutting edge research facilities. Promote brain circulation – structured to minimize brain drain. Foster institutional linkages and research collaborations. India is a key country in DFAIT’s Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships Program: 59 Indian Graduate Student Exchanges awarded in

11 International Scholarships Website
Lists federally funded awards (including by CIDA, IDRC, NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC and DFAIT) Searchable by country Provides support and guidelines for Canadian institutions

12 Understanding Canada: Canadian Studies Program
Over the past 35 years, the Understanding Canada: Canadian Studies Program has been instrumental in building a core of experts at foreign universities and think tanks with an in depth knowledge of Canada. Funding is available to eligible parties for conferences, collaborative research including faculty & doctoral research, curriculum development, and student mobility & exchanges. The development and consolidation of Canadian Studies in India is done in partnership with SICI. India is home to a vibrant Canadian Studies network including an association with more than 800 members and 25 Canadian Studies centres. UGC has recognized 4 centres (Delhi, Mumbai, Baroda & Kerela) as Area Studies Centres – these centres are funded by UGC.

13 Canada-India S&T Relations
Canada-India S&T Agreement signed Nov Funding of $1 million from DFAIT and matching $1 million from Govt. of India. Priority areas: biotechnology/health research/medical devices; sustainable environmental technologies and alternative energy; nanoscience/nanomedicine; information communications technologies (wireless, rural connectivity, infotainment); earth sciences and disaster management; aerospace; photonics; synchrotron science; and biopharma.

14 India & ISTPP International Science & Technology Partnerships Program (ISTPP): funding for R&D projects and partnership development activities program delivered by an arms-length organization – ISTPCanada must have industry participant(s) and commercialization plan academia and R&D Institutes participation strengthens the application application information: 4 Priority Countries: India, Israel, China & Brazil

15 Going Global Innovation
Promote and enhance Canada's international innovation efforts by supporting Canadian companies and/or researchers in pursuing international R&D collaborative opportunities through the development of partnerships. Build on targeted relationships between Canadian companies and/or researchers and key players in other countries to allow them to proceed with formal discussions to initiate collaboration(s) on future international R&D initiatives that could lead to downstream commercialization results.

16 Partners S&T Counsellors S&T Officer in DFAIT, Ottawa Regional Offices
Ivy Lerner-Frank – Canadian High Commission, New Delhi, India S&T Officer in DFAIT, Ottawa Ranjan Banerjee – Innovation, Science and Technology Division Phone: Regional Offices Provinces and Provincial Offices Abroad IRAP DFAIT Integrated Trade Model: Sector Practices, Geographic Desk Officers, Innovation, Science & Technology Division

17 Outreach (High Commission in New Delhi)
Close collaboration with DFAIT Liaison with the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) and other Indian partners Support for bilateral visits Outreach activities/education promotion Support for Canadian outreach initiatives Canadian High Commissioner Beck in Canada - summer 2011

18 Canada-India Research Center of Excellence
As part of the Government’s wider India engagement strategy, Budget 2011 announces $12 million over five years for a competition to select a Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence (CIRCE). The centre will focus on creating partnerships that bring together key individuals and organizations from Canada and India, accelerating the exchange of research results, and increasing Canada’s international visibility and reputation as a research leader. This allocation demonstrates the federal government’s commitment to strengthening bilateral academic networks, and building and reinforcing linkages.

19 Next Steps Taking stock of outcomes of Canada-India Education Summit and the Canada-India Innovation Summit, hosted by Carleton University. First meeting of the Joint Working Group in context of the Canada-India MOU in higher education cooperation. Focus India Education Working Group fall meeting. Continuing outreach and liaison with Indian Ministry Officials by Canadian High Commission in Delhi. Role of CIRCE in the overall bilateral relationship. Finalization of a Canada-India mobility study – see next slide.

20 DFAIT’s Canada-India Mobility Study
DFAIT conducts studies and analyses of issues in the area of international cooperation in higher education as they relate to DFAIT’s priorities. DFAIT working on a background document regarding mobility programs for students and researchers between Canada and India. Information collected will be used to support departmental briefings and information dissemination about Canada’s strengths and engagement with India in higher education. If you have not participated already, please contact Kimberly O’Neil, DFAIT, at at your earliest convenience and by the end of October 2011. Thank you!

21 International Education and Youth Contacts
International Education and Youth: Claire Poulin, Director: International Scholarships Policy and Planning Claude Bibeau, Deputy Director: Understanding Canada Jean Labrie, Deputy Director : International Experience Canada Dominic Gosselin, Deputy Director: Edu-Canada Lee-Anne Hermann, Deputy Director :

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