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General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers Part 67 Visit: quizzes/general-awareness/gk-quiz-part-67/

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1 General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers Part 67 Visit: quizzes/general-awareness/gk-quiz-part-67/ quizzes/general-awareness/gk-quiz-part-67/

2 1.) Who decided the dispute regarding of Presidents? a)The Supreme Court b)The Election Commission c)The Parliament d)Both Supreme court and High Answer: a) The Supreme Court

3 2.) An apparatus used for locating submerged objects is known as – a)Rader b)Soner c)Quasar d)Pulsar Answer: b) Soner

4 3.) Near which one of the following cities, the Palitana Temples are situated? a)Bhav Nagar b)Mount Abu c)Mearke d)Ujjain Answer: a) Bhav Nagar

5 4.) Main cause for agitations for separate states in India is- a)Regionalism b)Growing regional imbalances c)Peoples political consciousness d)Social inqualities Answer: b) Growing regional imbalances

6 5.) Law of Use and disuse was proposed by- a)Hugo De Vries b)Lederberg c)Lamarck d)Darwin Answer: c) Lamarck

7 6.) Which revenue earned by Union government is not distributed among State Governments? a)Excise duty b)Income Tax c)Customs duty d)None of these Answer: c) Customs duty

8 7.) The substance that cause the worst air pollution is- a)Smoke b)Sulphur dioxide c)Carbon dioxide d)Carbon monoxide Answer: a) Smoke

9 8.) Two bodies of the same mass are thrown with equal speed from the top of a tower simultaneously. One body (x) us thrown vertically downwards. The other (y) is thrown horizontally- a)Both reaches ground simultaneously b)Both reaches ground with same kinetic energy c)X reaches ground with greater kinetic with energy d)Y reaches ground with greater kinetic energy Answer: a) Both reaches ground simultaneously

10 9.) The rocket which gives us information about Mars is- a)Cassinie b)Discovery c)Insat 4 d)Altas 4 Answer: d) Altas 4

11 10.) JDBC stands for- a)Java Data Base Conductivity b)Java Developer Connectivity c)Java Database connectivity d)Java Developing connectivity Answer: c) Java Database connectivity

12 11.) Choose the correct one from among the following a)Siksha – astrology b)Nirukta – meter c)Jyotisha – phonetics d)Vyakarana – grammar Answer: d) Vyakarana – grammar

13 12.) The famous book A Better India, A better world has been written by- a)Rajiv sikri b)Azim Prem ji c)N.R. Narayana Murthy d)Praveen Mahapatra Answer: c) N.R. Narayana Murthy

14 13.) The worlds fastest growing water plant is- a)Water Chestnut b)Amazon water lily c)Water hyacinth d)Utricularia Answer: c) Water hyacinth

15 14.) The International agreement to reduce green-house gases between is known as- a)Agenda 21 b)Rule of 70 c)Rio Protocol d)Kyoto Protocol Answer: d) Kyoto Protocol

16 15.) Which of the following has recently produced the first cloned camel? a)U.S.A b)Dubai c)Iran d)Syria Answer: b) Dubai

17 16.) The Newzealanders are also known as- a)Sams b)Kiwis c)Arabs d)Orientals Answer: b) Kiwis

18 17.) Find the odd out one out- a)EXIM Bank-Financial assistance to exporters and importers b)IDBI-Financial assistance to large industries c)SIDBI – Financial assistance d)FCI – Financial assistance to food-grains merchants Answer: d) FCI – Financial assistance to food-grains merchants

19 18.) Who is the first Law Officer of the Government of India? a)The Chief Justice of India b)Law Secretary c)Union Law Minister d)Attorney – General of India Answer: d) Attorney – General of India

20 19.) Milk of magnesia is a suspension of- a)Magnesium sulphate b)Magnesium carbonate c)Magnesium hydroxide d)Magnesium chloride Answer: c) Magnesium hydroxide

21 20.) If all the plant of the world dies, all the animals would also die due to shortage of- a)Shelter b)Cold air c)Food d)Oxygen Answer: d) Oxygen

22 21.) A person opens his mouth on hearing a thunder in order to- a)Overcome Fear b)Equalise pressure of air on both sides of the drum c)Receive more sound d)Allow air to come out of the mouth Answer: b) qualise pressure of air on both sides of the drum

23 22.) EI Nino effect is closely associated with- a)Gulf current b)Humboldt current c)Euatorial counter current d)Canaries current Answer: c) Euatorial counter current

24 23.) If a bacterium cell divides in every 20 minutes, how many bacteria will be formed in two hours? a)4 b)16 c)8 d)64 Answer: d) 64

25 24.) The stats of Jhansi was made a part of the British empire in India though the- a)Doctrine of Lapse b)Policy of Subsidiary alliance c)War against Rani Lakshmi Bai d)None of these Answer: a) Doctrine of Lapse

26 25.) Pila globosa is used as biofilter in cleaning pollution of water by- a)Algal blooms b)Mercury c)Arsenic d)Cadmium Answer: a) Algal blooms

27 Hope it was helpful for you. Thank You!

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