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1 AMR Agency Growth Webinar Series

2 Next months webinar: Glenn Towle, Momentum Agency Advisors Agency Operations: Think Leadership, Not Overhead March 5 th at 11 am eastern

3 This months webinar: Stephen Woessner: Predictive ROI Method – how to deliver measurable ROI-focused outcomes to clients

4 Stephen Woessner Digital marketing expert, bestselling author, and president of Predictive ROI Helps AMR agencies apply a patent-pending digital marketing system –Result outcomes: eliminate digital commoditization and generate higher agency profit through premium fees

5 Stephen Woessner: Best Selling Author

6 Stephen Woessner: Cited Expert

7 Todays Agenda The Top 4 Money Draining Mistakes and Money Making Opportunities most agencies / clients miss –I will teach you how to use all 4 and make serious money Q&A throughout

8 Result Outcomes Agencies who apply my patent-pending Predictive ROI Method have sold engagements to their clients for $5,000 to $20,000 in monthly retainers. Some recent feedback: –Thanks, Stephen for your direction. We got the deal! An $8,500 month retainer for 12-months. Anything else we can get (mailers, traditional media, PR, website development) will all be on top. I wouldn't have mustered the confidence without you. The results we've had with others on our own also played big part. Thanks again for being there for me. -- agency owner, AMR network –Matt used your ideas and the client thought he was an absolute genius! Thank you…thank you…thank you! I am so happy about this. -- agency owner, AMR network

9 Money Draining Mistakes #1 Establish Baselines and S.M.A.R.T. Predictives

10 S = specific M = measurable A = attainable R = relevant T = time sensitive

11 #1 Establish Baselines and S.M.A.R.T. Predictives What are your clients goals for increasing website visitors (uniques) in 2013? –From: X to (y) increase What are your clients goals for leads, customers, and revenue for 2013? –From: X to (y) increase –The answer is not... We just need MORE

12 Money Draining Mistakes #2 SEO Done Poorly

13 Predictive Keywords Selection –Formula variables: GDE = Google Daily Estimate CTR = Google Click-through-Rate SCR = Your Sites Conversion Rate ACV = Your Average Conversion Value $MRP = Monthly Revenue Prediction

14 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Create a FREE account

15 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Represents GDE

16 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Represents CTR

17 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Conversion Rate (CR) Web-based leads = XX ÷ Unique site visitors = X,XXX X.X% The industry standard of 2% to 4% should be one of your goals (

18 #4 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Formula: (GDE x CTR) x (SCR) x (ACV) x (30 days) = $MRP Keyword: water softeners (1,094 x.4213) x (.02) x ($1,000) x (30) = $MRP 1,094 daily searches x.4213 click-through-rate = 460.90 daily site visits 460.90 site visits x.02 conversion into leads = 9.21 leads per day 9.21 leads per day x.50% order closure rate = 4.6 orders per day 4.6 orders per day x 30 days = 138 orders per month 138 orders per month x $1,000 per order $138,000 in new monthly revenue from a single content page

19 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Toyota Dealer Serving North Canton, OH | Cain Toyota

20 Write custom pages titles for each optimized page Use the two keywords and separate with, or | #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Google uses your Page Title as the link to your site in its search results!

21 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Use the same keywords and format as your Page Title

22 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Use keywords at least twice in description and keep to 23 words or less

23 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Quick recap: –Example of an Optimized Page Title: Leasing versus buying a car | Buying a new car in Madison –Example of an Optimized Keywords: –Example of an Optimized META Description field:

24 #2 SEO Done Poorly, cont. Your SEO Action Plan: Apply steps 3 through 15 of my SEO book Result outcome... Top 10 rankings in Google for keywords that matter to your clients … in 30-days or less!

25 Money Draining Mistakes #3 Lack of Distinction

26 Create distinction in 2 simple steps Step 1: schedule a mastermind session with each client and lead them through this exercise: –We do X __________ (products and services) –For Y _____________ (customer profile) –So they can Z ____________ (result outcome)

27 #3 Lack of Distinction, cont. Step 2: feature the XYZ message on: –The left side of your clients Home Page –And... above the fold

28 Money Draining Mistakes #4 High Bounce Rate

29 30% Should Be Your Goal

30 #4 High Bounce Rate, cont. Step 1: be distinctive (X, Y, and Z) with your clients message Step 2: eliminate visual clutter Step 3: create clear calls-to-action

31 Question: what is the most valuable asset to any client? Apply the Money Making Opportunities

32 #1 Build Their List Apply the Money Making Opportunities

33 #1 Build Their List

34 #1 Build Their List, cont. 6 to 13%... of the visitors to your websites will give you their email address if your value exchange (free PDF, video series, exclusive audio insights, etc.) is truly valuable enough. Every day.

35 #1 Build Their List, cont.

36 Step 1: create free / screaming cool value exchange for the visitors to you client sites that share expertise and... X, Y, and Z –Top 10 Secrets to...? –Or, Exclusive Insights video series, etc. Step 2: feature throughout the site for maximum distribution

37 #2 Nurture Relationships and Increase Sales Apply the Money Making Opportunities

38 #2 Nurture Relationships and Increase Sales Create well-prepared prospects, leads, and sales for your clients!

39 Value Exchange PDF Featured on Landing Page Email Acquisition via Landing Page PDF Send Exclusive Insights Optin Email to Full List 3% of Your List Opt-ins For Your Content Value-based Email #1 No Sales Message Value-based Email #3 No Sales Message Value-based Email #2 No Sales Message Exclusive Invitation to Your Webinar Seed and Open Loops within Each Email 6 - 13% of visitors Deliver Webinar with Sales Message at Close Or, Registrations for Workshop(s) New Member Intake

40 Awesome Tool!

41 #3 Multiply Conversion Rate 200% to 400% Apply the Money Making Opportunities

42 #3 Multiply Conversion Rate 200% to 400%

43 Account Service Advanced Training February 18 & 19 th Las Vegas Wow – I thought my account supervisor Kelly was good before I sent her to your workshop but now shes unstoppable. She just sold a client a new initiative worth about $50K in AGI to us. She says shes just invoking her inner Drew! ~ Bailey Jasper, agency owner


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