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ViSE integration in the VL zInteractive Simulation and Visualization zIntegration of ViSE in the VL zStatus, people involved and short term goals Virtual.

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1 ViSE integration in the VL zInteractive Simulation and Visualization zIntegration of ViSE in the VL zStatus, people involved and short term goals Virtual Laboratory meeting, July 3, 2001. Robert Belleman (

2 ViSE: goals in short zGeneric visualization tools yVL visualization workstation zInteractive Simulation yHuman-in-the-loop experimentation zApplied to a test case: ySimulated Vascular Reconstruction Interactive Dynamic Exploration Environment (IDEE)

3 Integration of ViSE in VL zTwo questions: yHow is data exchanged? yIn what format is data exchanged? Scanner, Simulation, Storage, Filter,... Interaction Visualization VL … moduleVL ViSE module !

4 Integration of ViSE in VL zAgreement (Sloot, Kaandorp, Belleman, Hendrikse, Groep, Belloum): yData Exchange: xGlobus Grid FTP if available xVLAM when available yData Format: xNetwork Common Data Format (NetCDF) (internationally excepted storage format for scientific data)... ViSE Vlab module !

5 NetCDF zExample NetCDF visualization (dataset provided by Gert Eijkel):

6 VL workstation hardware zCurrently installed yComputing and graphics hardware yStereoscopic 3D (5 pair of glasses) yOn loan: tracking (one sensor) zSoon: y6 DOF Wand and head sensor tracking yWand input device (buttons, joystick) yProjection setup (67” screen) Should be operational start of next month.

7 VL workstation software zSoftware installed: yCAVElib yPerformer yGlobus zSoftware ported from sgi/Irix CAVE: yVirtual Radiology Explorer (VRE) yGeometric Probes for Virtual Environments (GEOPROVE) ySARAnav

8 Generic visualization Currently supported formats (amongst others): zvtkVisualization toolkit data zncNetCDF data zdicomDICOM medical data zacrACR/NEMA medical data zrawraw grid data z3dsAutoDesk 3DStudio binary data zbinMinor SGI format used by powerflip zbpolySide Effects Software PRISMS binary zbyuBrigham Young University CAD/FEA data zdwbCoryphaeus Software Designer's Workbench zdxfAutoDesk AutoCAD ASCII format zflt11MultiGen public domain Flight v11 format zflt14MultiGen OpenFlight v14 format zgdsMcDonnell-Douglas GDS things data zgfoMinor SGI format (radiosity output) zimMinor SGI format (OpenGL Performer example) zirtpAAI/Graphicon Interactive Real-Time PHIGS zivSGI OpenInventor / Silicon Studio Keystone zlsaLightscape Technologies radiosity (ASCII) zlsbLightscape Technologies radiosity (binary) zmUniversity of Washington mesh data zmeditMedit Productions medit modeling tool znffEric Haines' ray tracing test data format zobjWavefront Technologies data format zphdMinor SGI format (polyhedra) zpfaOpenGL Performer ASCII database format zpfbOpenGL Performer BINARY database format zpolySide Effects Software PRISMS ASCII data zptsUniversity of Washington point data zptuMinor SGI format (OpenGL Performer example) zsgfUS NAVY standard graphics format zsgoMinor SGI format zspfUS NAVY simple polygon format zspongeSierpinski sponge 3D fractal generator zstarYale University compact star chart data zstla3D Structures Stereolithography (ASCII) zstlb3D Structures Stereolithography (binary) zsvFormat of John Kichury's i3dm modeler ztriUniversity of Minnesota Geometry Center data  uncUniversity of North Carolina data

9 Generic visualization Interaction Vis tool MatricesGrid basedCommon formats VLAM Visualization “plugins” Autocad, Wavefront, 3DS, etc. NetCDF, Vtk, dicom, etc.Ascii text, matrices, etc. Plugs in to

10 LUMC Globus node zLinux node installed in “DMZ”: yGlobus installed yJust about ready to go zVL modules developed by LUMC: ySegmentation algorithms yCenterline tracing yMedical dataset conversion yMedical visualization tools zPeople involved: yReiber, vd Geest, Schaap

11 Proof of concept LeidenUvA MRI dataset Region-of-interest selection Lattice Boltzmann simulation Segmentation Flow simulation results Transfers

12 Test case zSimulated Vascular Reconstruction in a Virtual Operating Theatre yPatient specific angiography data yblood flow simulation ypre-operative planning zUsing CAVERNsoft for the moment

13 Pre-operative planning Angiow/ Fem-Fem & Fem-Pop AFB w/ E-SProx. Anast. Angiow/ Fem-Fem AFB w/ E-EProx. Anast. Preop

14 People involved zUvA: Sloot, Kaandorp, Belleman, Shulakov, Shamonin, students zLUMC: Reiber, vd Geest, Schaap

15 Associated Research zMulti-agent systems (Zhao): ySimulation monitoring yVisualization assistance yInteraction support zBlood flow simulation (Artoli): yFlexible wall geometry y3D shear stress calculations yPulsatile flow yMulti-phase flow

16 Publications and presentations zComputer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS 2001, Berlin Germany). R.G. Belleman and P.M.A. Sloot. Paper and presentation. zSilicon Graphics User’s Conference, (SGI 2000, Krakow, Poland). R.G. Belleman and P.M.A. Sloot. Paper and presentation. zProblem Solving Environments (PSE 2000, European Science Foundation, Florence, Itlay). P.M.A. Sloot. Presentation. zICT congres (September 2001, Den Haag, the Netherlands). Demonstration.


18 Vascular reconstruction zSegmentation of patient specific MRA/CTA scan yIsolates region of interest zLattice Boltzmann grid generation yDefines solid and fluid nodes, inlet and outlet conditions

19 Vascular reconstruction zVisualize simulation results yFlow field, pressure, shear stress yReal time zInteractive exploration yVR interaction to locate regions of interest zInteractive grid editing ySimulate vascular reconstruction procedure

20 Interactive exploration zQuantification in VR: GEOPROVE Geometric Probes for Virtual Environments

21 Interaction in VR X Windows in VRMS Windows in VR

22 Linux Immersive Environment Dual P-III architecture Electrohome projector nVidia GeForce graphics Polhemus/Ascension tracking Vsync doubler (top/bottom stereo)

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