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Fort Hill Cemetery Auburn, NY.

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1 Fort Hill Cemetery Auburn, NY

2 History 1851: Fort Hill Cemetery was incorporated.
Official Name: “Trustees of the Fort Hill Cemetery Association of Auburn.” Eight Founders of Fort Hill Cemetery: William C. Beardsley George Hatch Thomas Y. How Michael S. Myers Hugo B. Rathbun Josiah N. Starin George Underwood John L. Watrous Currently there are 83 acres of land for the cemetery.

3 Bradley Chapel Jane Loomis Bradley funded this gift in the memory of her late husband, Silas L Bradley. Julius A. Schweinfurth, was the architect for this project. Created in the style of Gothic architecture, the building of this chapel was completed in 1893.

4 Logan’s Monument Located in the Fort Allegan section of Fort Hill Cemetery. John Logan was a Cayuga Native American. Logan’s statement was a protest against his co-leader, Shawnee Cornstalk, for selling Native American land to Lord Dunmore. This statement was later published by Thomas Jefferson. His statement became known as “Logan’s Lament.”

5 Notable People The resting places of many local, state, and national historical icons resting place is located at Fort Hill Cemetery. Listed below are only a few of those icons: Emory Upton, General & Civil War Commander Harriet Ross Tubman Davis, “Conductor” on the Underground Railroad Sylvester Willard, Physician & Philanthropist Theodore W. Case, Scientist & Inventor of Soundfilm Thomas Mott Osborne, Prison Reformer William C. Beardsley, one of eight founders for the Fort Hill Cemetery William H. Seward, Secretary of State for Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson

6 The Seward Family William H. Seward is most remembered as Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State. Buried next to Mr. Seward is his wife, Frances Adeline Miller Seward Their three sons and two daughters are buried on this plot. Other family members at the plot include their daughters-in-law, and grandchildren

7 Harriet Ross Tubman Davis
Born Araminta Ross (1819 or 1820) in Dorchester County, Maryland. Harriet was born into slavery, and sought freedom for herself and others. She risked her life multiple times as a “Conductor” on the Underground Railroad. Her grave stone is simple with a memorial statement on the opposite side of the stone.

8 Can you find these unique stones at Fort Hill Cemetery?

9 Descramble ~ Place the listed events in chronological order:
Activity Descramble ~ Place the listed events in chronological order: American Revolution Kansas-Nebraska Act Assassination of President Lincoln Industrial Revolution Civil War Louisiana Purchase Custer’s Last Stand Monroe Doctrine Dawes Act Reconstruction Emancipation Proclamation Seven Years War Homestead Act U.S. purchases Alaska

10 Check your answers… Seven Years War (1756-1763)
American Revolution (1776) Louisiana Purchase (1803) Monroe Doctrine (1823) Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) Civil War ( ) Homestead Act (1862) Emancipation Proclamation (1863) Assassination of President Lincoln (1865) Reconstruction ( ) U.S. purchases Alaska (1867) Industrial Revolution ( ) Custer’s Last Stand (1876) Dawes Act (1887)

11 Sources Larson, K. C. (2004). Bound For The Promised Land. New York: Ballatine Books.

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