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Update Student Partnership Program

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1 Update Student Partnership Program
Association of Canadian Community Colleges The National and International Voice of Canada’s Colleges and Institutes Update Student Partnership Program Dominique Van de Maele Association of Canadian Community Colleges Canada India Education Council Toronto October 6, 2011

2 Student Partnership Program
Why What and when Who How Next

3 1. Why an SPP? 1.1. who is ACCC? 1.2. context

4 1.1. Who is ACCC ? National & International voice of Canada’s 150 Public Post-Secondary institutions of Applied Learning and Applied Research: Advanced Skills for Employment Mandate: Advocacy, Sharing and Coordination: A One door entry into decentralized system Community Colleges, Univ. Colleges, Cégeps, Institutes of Technology (Polytechnics), Institutes, Universities. 1.5 million learners Multicultural & open to the world 70 employees at the Secretariat 4

5 Access in 1,000+ communities
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6 Advanced Skills for Employment
Common Values Reflects the Diversity of its Community Accessible to All who want to Learn Focused on its Learners and their Success Closely connected to Employers Applied Learning & Research Open to the world Advanced Skills for Employment

7 Indicators of success 90% graduates = job within 6 months
93% employers = satisfied with graduates 22% learners with university degrees / studies Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB): SMEs need 7 college grads for every 3 university grads in this decade; Working in twenty+ countries around the world to transfer and adapt the Canadian College Education for Employment approach.

8 Programs (1) 2 and 3 year diplomas: Applied degrees:
to train technicians, technologists, mid-level managers and service providers: level often neglected in most countries, leading to systemic unemployment and lack of productivity; Applied degrees: like University Bachelor Degrees but with an applied focus in a particular field Example among many: Bachelor of Applied Technology in Industrial Design; Bachelor of Applied Technology in Construction Science & Mgm’t; Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

9 Programs (2) Post graduate certificates and diplomas:
More specialized and focused on current industry practices leading to high employability of graduates; University degrees or college diplomas are required to be eligible in the post-graduate programs Very popular among increasing # of international university graduates who cannot find jobs because of their lack of hands-on experience Example: Large numbers of Indian students studying at Canadian colleges & institutes in these Post-Graduate offerings at Canadian colleges and institutes.

10 Programs (3) Joint college/university diplomas/degrees:
2 years college + 2 years University Smaller classes at the beginning More applied and more practical with opportunities for placements with industry while at college Often lower cost than university alone Examples: Cité Collégiale & Université d’Ottawa (Communications) Chinese students taking ESL upgrading, first two years of a joint diploma-degree at colleges then to university.

11 Applied Research and Innovation
Mostly done in response to needs of SMEs and must involve students of the college; Initially based on the Centres de transfert de technologie model in Quebec ; Involves solving challenges by innovating in production or service processes mostly; Several possibilities for joint initiatives with international partners: joint applied research; Can also attract good # of international students. Ex.: Creation of 3D Game for Ontario House at the Vancouver Olympics of Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in partnership with Toronto-Based Spatial View Inc

12 An International Partner Matchmaker
We can facilitate overseas institutions in finding appropriate Canadian college partners: several list serves (ex: VP, Deans of IT, Deans of Health, International coordinators, by sector, etc.) bringing stakeholders together (ex: Fora in Brazil, Vietnam, Canada, etc. + annual conferences) providing training and orientation (ex: hosting delegations in Canada to visit various campuses, delivering tailored training programs or workshops, etc.) leading Canadian college visits overseas participating in international education fairs assisting in developing or strengthening colleges and TVET systems overseas (ex: Education for Employment program)

13 Partnership and international student recruitment
Effective approach to international student recruitment: institutional partnerships and agreements Advantages: Less reliance on recruiting agents as partnering institutions can select students themselves International students can still apply to Canadian institutions using SPP ACCC can support matchmaking when needed Reciprocity can provide opportunities for Canadian students to study abroad Win Win Win and Win scenario

14 1. Why an SPP? 1.1. who is ACCC? 1.2. context

15 1.2. Context Many exciting programs / Applied research / partnership opportunities Increasing # students wanting to study abroad ACCC and colleges/institutes’ efforts to internationalize YET: Persisting visa issue: Low rates of acceptance of international students applying for student visas for all of our programs is a real blockage;

16 Student Partnership Program
Why What and when Who How Next

17 What is SPP? When was it implemented?
Main objectives: Increase approval rates for study permit applications destined to participating colleges Ensure program integrity and minimize migration violations Pilot ACCC - CIC India implemented in 2009 Became regular program in 2010 Was extended in 2011

18 What results were achieved?(1)
Y Y Y Received 4,421 5,657 13,299 Approved 1,503 4,243 9,176 Refused 2,918 1,414 4,123 Approval rate 34% 75% 69% Note: Y (Year) refers to CIC 2010 statistics that includes September 2010 cohort and January 2011 cohort

19 What results were achieved?(2)
2008 2009 2010 SPP Colleges 1,503 4,243 9,176 orange Other 675 746 1,322 white University 1016 1,398 1,754 green Note: SY (School Year) refers to CIC 2010 statistics that includes September 2010 cohort and January 2011 cohort

20 Student Partnership Program
Why What and when Who How Next

21 3. Who participates in SPP?
In Canada: Colleges, institutes, Cégeps, Polytechnics, and Universities members of ACCC Total 20 college/institute participants in Total 39 college/institute participants in Total 43 college/institute participants in No possibility to increase the current number of 43 for List of 43 colleges/institutes on CIC site: inde/visas/StudentPartnersProgram_ProgrammePartenairesEtudiants- Nov09.aspx?view=d ACCC is discussing with CIC about the possibility of increasing the number in

22 Student Partnership Program
Why What and when Who How Next

23 4. How does SPP work? Administered by CIC with ACCC as advisory
Open to Indian nationals only Students apply to a participating college not to SPP Students considered if they meet specific criteria (see checklist) Application submission at the discretion of each participating college Students must sign the consent declaration on the SPP checklist in order to be processed under this program

24 Medical exam ? Medical exam required for study program > 6 months; strongly recommended for < 6 months May undergo upfront examinations and visit one of the Designated Medical Practitioners

25 Student Application Checklist
Checklist available: 0(SPP)%20Checklist.pdf Application form Original Passport Family information form & student questionnaire 2 passport photographs Letter of acceptance from SPP institution in Canada IELTS test results (overall band not less than 6.0) Photocopy of most recent diploma/certificate + mark sheets Copy of receipts by SPP institution for tuition payment Copy of Educational Loan from among list of acceptable Indian Chartered Bank = at least 80% of tuition + living +travel expenses for one academic year

26 Student Partnership Program
Why What and when Who How Next

27 5. What is next? Now replicated in China
Under discussion with Vietnam and Francophone West Africa; Can be expanded to other key areas.

28 Contacts Paul Brennan, Vice-President, International Partnerships
Rudy Sabas, Manager, International Marketing, International Partnerships Dominique Van de Maele, Senior Program Officer, International Marketing,

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