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Comunicación y Gerencia HEALING OILS OF THE BIBLE


3 HISTORY 1,031 references, 33 species
Use of oils date back more than 5,000 years; hieroglyphics, first medicine known to man First mention: Genesis 37:25 – Jacob sold to Midianite Traders of “spicery, balm, myrrh” Re-discovered, late 19th century

4 GOD’S INTELLIGENCE Direct creations of God’s word
(Genesis 1:11-12) when properly applied in a prayerful way, they possess the divine intelligence to know how to do what is beneficial and to avoid doing that which may bring harm.” “Essential” – necessary for life of plant; life force, intelligence & vibrational energy God as first Aromatherapist – Garden of Eden; can recreate environment by diffusing EO

5 Plants Given on Third Day of Creation
“The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind and trees bearing fruit within them…and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:12-13

6 OILS OF AMAZING PLANTS Regulate plant growth – like hormones
Help metabolism – like enzymes Basis immune system – stimulates immune system When injured bleeds resin – initiates wound healing

7 “God will bless the oil of a righteous person”
OILS OF AMAZING PLANTS Electromagnetic frequency 52MHz(basil) – 320MHz (rose) Negative thoughts ↓ 12 MHz Positive thoughts ↑ 10 MHz Prayer ↑ 15 MHz “God will bless the oil of a righteous person” (Deut 7:13)

8 ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity
Carrots Sandalwood (Aloes) 160 Oranges 750 Frankincense Beets Cistus ,860 Raspberries Cinnamon 10,340 Strawberries 1540 Spikenard 54,800 Blueberries Myrrh 379,800 Wolfberries Clove ,078,700*

9 Uniqueness of Biblical Oils
Phenols and phenylpropanoids **Cleanse receptor sites, calming, stress-reducing and emotionally releasing, antiseptic, detoxify our bodies, promote hormonal balance Calamus 30%; Cinnamon 25%; Cassia 8% Also found in Anise 90%, Clove 80%, Basil 70%, Oregano 70%, Thyme 48%

10 Uniqueness of Biblical Oils
Monoterpenes: Hostile to microbes and reprogram cells with correct information Frankincense 82%; Cypress 77%; Galbanum 75%; Rose of Sharon 54%; Myrtle 37%; Spikenard 36%; Hyssop 30% Also found in grapefruit 92%, Angelica 80%, Pine 60%, Juniper 54%, Spruce 50%

11 Uniqueness of Biblical Oils
Sesquiterpenes: Oxygenating, carry oxygen to cell level, enhances deep sleep, mood elevating, deprogram miswritten or garbled codes in DNA Cedarwood 98%; Sandalwood 95%; Myrrh 65%; Spikenard 46% ; Cypress 12% Also found in Vetiver 96%, Patchouli 85%, Ginger 70%, Black Pepper 47%

12 Uniqueness of Biblical Oils
Sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes Spiritually elevating by stimulating the pineal gland Oxygenating capabilities can create an environment that makes it difficult for cancer cells to survive Strong supporters of immune system Boost body’s natural defenses

13 Uniqueness of Biblical Oils
PMS – triple whammy! Phenols: First, cleanse receptor sites on surface of cells Monoterpenes: Second, deprogram bad information at subcellular level Sesquiterpenes: Third, reprogram correct information at both subcellular and intracellular levels

14 Healing Oils of the Bible versus Pharmaceutical Drugs
“Cures for most illnesses don’t exist within the medical system – but they do exist” Dr. Mendelsohn, “today’s system of health care is really sick care”: Need emergency and crisis intervention with medications – 5%: Chronic disease, common cold, etc. 95% JAMA, 2000: 250,000 deaths/year; prescription drugs are third leading cause of death in US Equals 5,000 deaths per week or jumbo jet crashing every day!

15 Healing Oils of the Bible versus Pharmaceutical Drugs
Cell and body system communication: Nervous system (electrical) Endocrine system (chemical) - hormones, peptides, neurotransmitters, steroids and other molecules to carry messages Each cell has thousands of receptor sites requiring a specific “key”. Oils are the key. Man made drugs: no life, no intelligence

16 Healing Oils of the Bible versus Pharmaceutical Drugs
Drugs and cells: designed to block receptor sites or to pass false information to trick cell into giving up symptoms “Allopath” means to oppose symptoms “No drug is capable of true healing”, in fact more than one drug creates disharmony EO: life force, intelligence, energy, NO side effects

17 Interesting Bible Story
Role of priesthood described in Leviticus 13-14; diagnosing, prescribing and administering oils. Cleansing ceremony for leprosy (degenerative disease) both for person and house Consisted of: “Anointing” – to rub in or massage, cover, smear head or body, pour over

18 Interesting Bible Story & Reflexology
Top of right ear - releasing emotions regarding mother and father; Right thumb - fears of unknown and emotional blocks to acquiring new knowledge can be released Right big toe - clearing addictions, compulsive behavior or bad habits These points correspond to matters of right brain, involving feelings and emotions

19 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit
Sandalwood Cassia Cedarwood Cypress Frankincense Galbanum Hyssop Myrrh Myrtle Onycha Cistus Spikenard

20 Three Ways to Experience the Scriptural Oils
Rub Topically on Location Diffuse into the Air Breathe During Prayer Time

21 Bible Blends *Exodus II 3 Wise Men: (courage and spiritual awakening)
Cassia Hyssop Frankincense Spikenard Galbanum Myrrh Cinnamon Calamus 3 Wise Men: (courage and spiritual awakening) Sandalwood Juniper Frankincense Myrrh Spruce

22 Ancient Medicine for Modern Times
History Teaches Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

23 OTHER BLENDS Valor: (balance electrical energies giving courage, confidence and self esteem; helps body self-correct its balance and alignment giving relief of pain) Frankincense, Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy Thieves: Cinnamon bark, Clove, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus; Weber State University testing: 99.96% kill rate against airborne bacteria Oils of Joy – Joy, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Cassia, Cedarwood Cedars of Lebanon – Cedarwood; highest in sesquiterpenes – may prevent senility Most Popular of Bible – Frankincense and Myrrh given to Mary; stretch marks, emotional well-being, inflammation, respiratory infections, powerful antioxidant, anti-tumoral, anti-viral , anti-parasitic, analgesic/anesthetic, skin infections, dry, chapped skin

Comunicación y Gerencia HEALING OILS OF THE BIBLE


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