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Speaker name, title Organization date With a Career in Fresh Produce.

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1 Speaker name, title Organization date With a Career in Fresh Produce

2 Optional speaker intro slide… Current position Past experience Passion for industry College career

3 Part I: The Fresh Produce Industry

4 A few stats… The economic reach and impact of the industry touches every state and every legislative district in the nation $554 billion industry The total employment impact 2.7 million jobs

5 The Produce Supply Chain: From Field to Fork YOUYOU Growers/ Shippers Wholesale Distributors Processors Retailers Foodservic e Distributor s Foodservice Operators

6 Growers/ Shippers The Produce Supply Chain: From Field to Fork

7 Wholesale Distributors

8 The Produce Supply Chain: From Field to Fork bagged salads cut fruit Processed veggies Processors

9 The Produce Supply Chain: From Field to Fork club stores supercenters national grocery chains Retailers regional grocery stores

10 restaurants hospitals hotels schools theme parks cruise ships convenient stores Foodservice Distributors The Produce Supply Chain: From Field to Fork

11 Part II: Your Career in Fresh Produce

12 Why Choose a Career in Fresh Produce? Make a positive, lasting impact on the world Ensure that people have access to nutritious, fresh and good-tasting food choices Have a career thats at the heart of health and wellness Be part of a growing, diverse and dynamic industry

13 What Types of Jobs are Available? Agriculture Science Sales Marketing New Product Development Information Technology Nutrition Research and Development Menu Development Microbiology/Food Safety Human Resources Finance/Accounting Quality Assurance Operations Management Transportation/Logistics Supply Chain Management Food Retail Management Foodservice Distribution Packaging Design Package Engineering Foodservice Operations

14 Where are the jobs? Jobs are available throughout the U.S. and abroad Top states for fresh produce and floral employment, wages and output –California –Florida –Texas –New York –Pennsylvania California alone accounts for more than 280,000 jobs The Economic Reach and Impact of the Fresh Produce and Floral Industry, January 2009

15 Whats in it for you? Advancement opportunities Competitive salary and fringe benefits Sustainability Mobility Diverse environment Community Financial Security Excitement Opportunity Satisfaction "I learn something new everyday. I enjoy the exciting, fast–paced nature of the business where I am constantly being challenged to come up with new business solutions that benefit both my company and my customer base. – Ken Nabal, VP of sales, Frontera Produce

16 Prepare for a Career in Fresh Produce Take courses in business, international business, agriculture, health and nutrition, food science, food marketing or the culinary arts Talk to produce professionals Find relevant jobs and internships Bring your passion to interviews

17 Part III: PMA FIT

18 Make industry connections… Mission: To attract, develop and retain talent for the produce industry

19 Why Is the Foundation Important to You? Provide programs to attract, educate and engage bright, talented students Promote students to leading companies in the industry Committed to developing career-long leadership opportunities

20 Become a Part of Generation Fresh Career advice ProduceJobSource job bank Internship opportunities Produce career descriptions Professional profiles Program scholarships Graduate profiles

21 Wrap up… If you… Like creating and delivering healthy, fresh goods to consumers Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude Thrive in dynamic, ever-changing environments Want to make a difference every day A career in produce is for you!

22 Contact us! The Produce Marketing Association Foundation for Industry Talent can help you get started!

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