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Point-a-View. 2 Our Team Boon Pang (BP) Anthony Tran Jason Lim Saurabh Anand.

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1 Point-a-View

2 2 Our Team Boon Pang (BP) Anthony Tran Jason Lim Saurabh Anand

3 3 Early mans point of view…

4 Our team, Point-a-View, is developing a mobile application to help young Singaporeans connect with their heritage through pictures, personal stories and conversations

5 Snap it. Sign it. Share it! Share your point-a-view in 3 easy steps 1 2 3

6 Imagine you are at this location… Location from Singapore Heritage Sites database

7 Related images from the Singapore Memory Project pop up This photograph shows a general view of St Josephs Institution taken through the window from afar. It was founded in 1852. Since 1988 it moved from its original premises in Bras Basah Road to a new campus at Malcolm Road. The original site, gazetted as a national monument is now the Singapore Art Museum. Source of image and description: Database of the Singapore Memory Project

8 Take your photo of the location 1 Snap it.

9 Add your story Museums also capture occasions – celebrating my birthday with family at SAM - John, Age 7 2 Sign it.

10 Upload it to the wall Museums also capture occasions – celebrating my bday family at SAM - John, Age 7,3 Jun 2011 He proposed!!! - Wendy, 21 Aug 2010 User Stories Heritage 3 Share it. I graduated from here in 1969. Made a man out of me - Andrew Tan, Age 62

11 ConversationalPersonalPictorial StoriesConnect Community Memory

12 Connect young Singaporeans with their heritage Leave messages for future generations Chronological wall of SGs cultural landscape Learn from seniors stories


14 14 Partner with…

15 15 Future Plans Audio, video, social integration including comments Geo-fencing for auto alert of sites Include other locations, building, neighborhoods…

16 Team Lead: Boon Pang Contact No.: 9012 4319 Email: Data Sets / Technology Used: - Singapore Memory Project - Heritage Sites Credits & Contacts

17 Point-a-View Team Members: Boon Pang Jason Lim Anthony Tran Saurabh Anand

18 Describe your product/service in 3–5 bullet points Target Market – Who are they? Differentiation – How is your product/ service different from competitors? Impact Intro

19 Location based mobile app Mainly for young Singaporeans To connect them with Singapores heritage and culture Conversations between generations Through pictures and personal stories Intro

20 Young Singaporeans, especially Gen Y Target Market

21 Heritage of Singapore Conversational Personal Pictures and stories Community engagement Community memory Differentiation

22 Connect young Singaporeans with their heritage (that can be easily forgotten) Learn from the stories and experiences of older generations Leave their messages for future generations Becomes a record of the chronological change in Singapores cultural landscape Impact

23 Revenue Model Go-to-market strategy Future plans & what you need to get there Business Model Remember: Keep presentation crisp and to the point (max 2-3 slides)! Use bullet points for the slides (not whole sentences)!

24 HEART! Revenue Model

25 Launch in schools and communities Align with the Singapore Memory Project Partner with National Heritage Board, Singapore Heritage Society Go to market Strategy

26 Audio, video and social network integration Separate app for senior citizens to add their stories Geo-fencing for automatic alert of heritage sites in the vicinity Include other locations, monuments, buildings and neighborhoods Future Plans

27 Show your prototype Tell the story with your demo Allocate time for technical hiccups Demo

28 - Sample Divider Slide -

29 - End -

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