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1 Manifesting the Upside of Down Noetic Approaches for Citizen Activists to help transform the Perfect Storm of disruptive surprises heading our way Houston.

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1 1 Manifesting the Upside of Down Noetic Approaches for Citizen Activists to help transform the Perfect Storm of disruptive surprises heading our way Houston Community of the Institute of Noetic Sciences October 3, 2010 Oliver Markley, PhD

2 2 About The Upside of Down

3 3 Visioning the Upside of Down

4 4 About Manifesting Bringing about Mobilizing Attracting Co-Creating

5 5 Integrative (Integral) Activism + (2007) (2001)

6 6 Presentation Outline Main concepts (above) Historical context of research about the future Type II Wild Cards and Mild Cards Current context: Tipping points toward collapse and reformation Promising noetic and other approaches Cornucopia causality, imaginal visioning / manifestation, and integrative (integral) activism Experiential demonstrations

7 Historical Context Looking at the Future From the Past 7

8 8 Early SRI Futures Research Source: Harman, Markley & Rhyne, SRI (1973)

9 9 Year 2000 Projections Source: Harman, Markley & Rhyne, SRI (1973)

10 10 Wild Card A possible event that has a low probability but would have a huge impact if it occurred

11 11 Type II Wild Card A wild card that has a high probability (to a knowledgeable) but low credibility (to most others)

12 12 Disruptive Overshooting of Carrying Capacity? Source: O. Markley, The Future of SpaceShip Earth (1995)

13 13 The Ecological Challenge of Humankind When one species attains a position of dominance over all the other species in the ecology of its planet, if it is both egocentrically greedy, and has a powerful set of technologies through which to amplify the expression of that greed, then unless that dominant species can find a way to limit or to transform itself and its greed- based systems into something more wholesome, it will foul its planetary nest as surely as the night follows the day... perhaps even to its own extinction. Source: The Fourth Wave: A Normative Forecast for the Future of Spaceship Earth, by O.W. Markley, posted online at

14 14 Research on Type II Wild Cards First major conclusion: If present trends continue... A Tipping Point Toward Civilizational Collapse (2008)

15 15 Five Tectonic Stressors Toward Catastrophe (2006) Population stress: overall increase and the difference in rate of increase between rich and poor countries Energy stress: increasing scarcity and cost of conventional oil Environmental stress from mounting damage to land, sea and air Climate stress as the atmosphere responds to global heating Economic stress from the widening gap between rich and poor people within countries and between countries

16 16 Envisioning the First to Hit: Financial (2006) After the banking crisis in 2008, a BBC documentary lays it bare:

17 17 Showing of a four minute set of video clips from The Love of Money, a three-hour BBC documentary series about the sub-prime meltdown goes here

18 Current Context Looking at the Future From the Present 18

19 19 More Bubbles Currently Threatening Global Financial Meltdown ~ 1-3 Years Real estate bubble Stock market bubble Discretionary spending bubble Dollar bubble Government debt bubble Why would there be a dollar bubble before a govt debt bubble? Multi-bubble economy cannot be easily reflated. Virtuous upward cycle of past few decades replaced by vicious downward spiral resulting from co-lined bubbles: (2010)

20 20 The Issues Behind the Issues The old American cultural dynamic: ambition, thrift, self-sacrifice, communitarian problem solving The new one: more interest in entertainment and credit-based consumption than in realistically addressing emerging problems that obviously threaten the sustainability of our way of life (Bread and Circuses) Corporate and financial systems driven to maximize short-term profit for investors Government systems increasingly driven by special- interest lobbying, especially by The Street Mass media that filters and shapes the news to suit corporate owners Critical mass of systemic problems not being addressed. (2009) An audio recording and text transcript of an interview are posted at

21 21 The Upside of Down Prophecy Source: O. Markley, A New Intelligence Methodology for Anticipating Disruptive Surprises (2010)

22 22 An Ü ber Upside of Down Prophecy (2008)

23 23 Type II Mild Card A Type II wild card that would be less disruptive and more benign, at least in the long run

24 24 A Critical Mass of Mild Cards (2007)

25 25 Showing of all or part of Paul Hawkens six min. 2006 Blessed Unrest Bioneers speech onYouTube goes here

26 26 Riane Eislers Caring Economics Campaign Free one hour Webinar training October 5, 2010 (2007)

27 27 Pachamama Alliance Awaken the Dreamer / Change the Dream Symposia Houston contact: Donna Mosher 281-681-8166 m (2010)

28 Illustrative Writings re: Sustainable Resilience (2009) (2010)

29 29 Research to Identify Integral Mild Cards Integrate Higher Self and shadow side realities Transcend focus on well-being of individual persons or reference-groups Develop creative resiliance Be appropriate (non-sectarian, affordable, scalable, attractive, demonstrable) Some criteria for noetic approaches:

30 30 Some Promising Noetic Best Practices Riane Eislers Partnership Education and Caring Economics initiatives Awaken the Dreamer/Change the Dream Symposia of the Pachamama Alliance IONS Worldview Literacy Program Hopefully, my own audible software programs for imaginal visioning, manifestation and integral activism

31 31 Integrative (Integral) Activism Billiard Ball ~ Cornucopia Causality (~)

32 32 Sub-quantum Akashic / Imaginal Field (esoteric arts & integral science) Holy Spirit (Christian) Schechinah (Jewish) Alayavijnana (Nondual Buddhism) Alternative Names for the Source of Cornucopic Inspiration

33 33

34 34 Imaginal Visioning and Manifestation Billiard Ball CausalityCornucopia Causality Imagination / Imaginary Intuition / Imaginal VisualizingVisioning ExpressiveReceptive Active Volition / Willfull / YangPassive Volition / Willing / Yin

35 35 A Cornucopic Meditation Experience

36 36 Experiencing Imaginal Time Travel Preprint posted online: m

37 37 What are the future implications of...

38 38 Other Key Sources

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