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Emailing For Dollars How To Write Emails The Brings In Clients And Closings!!

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1 Emailing For Dollars How To Write Emails The Brings In Clients And Closings!!

2 Who Am I And What Qualifies Me…

3 What You Will Learn Today How To Create A Killer Email Promotion Creating A Great Outline To Make It Easy Getting In Their Mind To Persuade Them To Act Make It Look Pretty Before Clicking Send Whatever Else I Come Up With

4 What To Do First Get The Right Mindset Its NOT a light switch Skill That Is Developed No Overnight Success Stories Like Driving A Car Riding A Bike

5 Heres A Simple Trick When you receive a killer email promotion from somebody else, copy it in your own handwriting.

6 Use An Email Address That Has Your URL

7 Write Down Your Intention What Do You Want To Accomplish With The Email You Are Sending Out? Do you want to meet with 20 real estate agents within 2 weeks Do you want 4 applications

8 Ask The 5 Golden Questions Who are you? What do you want? (realtor to ask for free report so I can build my list) Why should I care? (would you like to see how I get hundreds of qualified buyers)(are you tired of struggling?) Whats in it for me? (you get a free report on how to get hundreds of leads with a zero dollar marketing budget) What do I do now? (put your info in right over there and Ill rush this free report to you)

9 Create Subject lines That Get Opened! The Only Function Of The Subject Line Is To Get Your Email Opened

10 More On Subject Lines Dont give too much info in subject line

11 Example of bad subject line: First Name, here is the information on the $8,000 tax credit plan Example of good subject line: Here is the insider information that you need Samples

12 Secrets About Personalization Do not personalize emails just because you heard it has better pull rates Dont use the first name just because you know how Bad Example: First name, the insider secrets that you need to know

13 Secrets About Personalization Good Example: Hey First name, check out these secrets that you need to know.

14 More On Subject Lines Write Blind subject lines. Example: Heres some insider info that will really help out.

15 Example of NOT Blind This example is not blind and gives the secret away: Heres the information about the $8,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers

16 Subject Line Benefit Oriented Whiff of the pie, not the whole pie

17 Example Subject Line How To Get $8,000 From The Government

18 Ask A Question In Your Subject Line Example: Did you make this same mistake last time you bought a house?

19 Now That They Have Opened Your Email, How Do You Keep Them Interested?

20 Talk To Your Reader Like He Is A Buddy

21 Dont Yell At Your Friends

22 Another Mistake Talking too loud (writing with all capitals and using a ton of exclamation points) Example: Hey first name, ITS TIME TO REFI NOW. I CAN GET YOU THE BEST RATE!!!!!!!

23 Dont Go Right Into The Pitch

24 Dont Act Like You Are Talking To A Crowd

25 Fatal Mistakes In The Email Body

26 Mistake Not understanding that your reader only cares about whats in it for him

27 Example of Too Much Info Gee, first name, Its me, Carl. I am so tired from pulling an all nighter last night locking in all the new clients that are wanting to refinance. I was going to take the family to dinner, but knew how important this was for all of my clients.

28 Other No Nos Dont talk about what is going on in my personal life How many hours I work All the vacations that I am taking The fancy car I drive, etc…

29 Make Your Body Easy To Read Remember that most people will scan your message before they read them If it large paragraphs, it will look to hard and they wont read it Use 50 character lines of text Use Arial # 12 Font

30 The Key is The Call To Action Call to action is: What is the exact action I want my client to do.. Call me Email me Forward my message to their friends

31 Why Now???? You have to give them a reason to take action right now, or they will simply delay and forget. How do you get them to act now?


33 Scarcity Time based Quantity based

34 Fire Sales You are going to pay $500 of closing costs for the next 3 days, then $300 next 3 days, then $100 next 3 days.

35 Notes On PSs Other than the headline, this is the most read part of an email They increase results Makes your message more interesting to read Comes across as more personal

36 Different Kinds Of PSs Testimonial PS (social proof) Example: You dont have to take my word for it, listen to what Sue and Bob Linker said about how they enjoy their new house….. Bonus PS Example: --update: I just got off the phone with the real estate agent, they are going to throw in a 1 year home warrantee..

37 More on PSs The Oops, I forgot something PS Example: I forgot to mention, the title company has agreed to pay an additional $200 of your closing costs if you take action by Tuesday.

38 Most Common Email Mistakes Overuse of personalization Making your email to formal (should sound conversational) Making your email about too many things Not giving people a specific reason to act Talking about yourself too much

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