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Origin8 in Vietnam 8 Presentation July 15, 2008. Hotel Nikko Hanoi.

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1 Origin8 in Vietnam 8 Presentation July 15, 2008

2 Hotel Nikko Hanoi

3 Population – 83Million with annual growth rate of 2.23% Average age – 25 years old and 40% of population is under 20 yrs old. GDP – 8.7% Area – North to the south 1,650Km, East to the west 600Km Vietnam

4 Current issues and problems Environmental and sociological issues Bilateral relationships with other countries (Vietnam War finished 1976) APEC (2006) & WTO(2007) Melting Pot



7 Street Vendors

8 Issues and difficulties Staff education level in general is low Service Level in general is low Training needs (Team building) Turnover high Morals of local middle managers Staff is not Having fun

9 Local Staff

10 The Answer Origin 8

11 When we start? Joined in Jul 2007 Started Origin8 campaign in Aug 2007 Situation: Weekly Origin8 meeting Meeting was only available on management level Very less staff know about Origin8 People dont remember and dont really understand the meaning of each principle

12 Daily Chanting Good job! Review MVP Circle Activity Brand Committee meeting Status when I came Jul-07 xxxxx Present status Jul-08 ooooo Origin8 activities

13 activities in details Origin8

14 Daily chanting have been implemented last month in most hotels section. It has been conducting in Vietnamese since Vietnamese Origin8 book has been introduced 1. Daily activities Daily chanting

15 By using Good job box, there are more good jobs have been recognized. Using Origin8 board to share good Job sheets in month and update also other Orign8 information Good job review

16 Weekly Origin8 meetings: to establish different campaign in each period. Origin8 meeting enhance presentation skills and group working. 2. Weekly activities Origin8 meeting

17 There were 8 Origin8 secretaries from 8 different departments, they was assigned to be in charged and assist Head department in term of promoting Origin 8 within their own perspective department. Photo of Origin8 team

18 3. Monthly activities Birthday Party

19 Housekeeping Olympic

20 Origin8 training class To promote Origin8 efficiently, staff must first understand the significance of Origin8. Thus we runs an Origin 8 Class that is attend by staff from different hotels section.

21 MVP system Established Brand Improvement Committee to select EOQs BI selects EOQs from Good Job received. Then submit the selection to Executive Committee in order to have final decision. The executive Committee includes GM, DOS, FBD and FC

22 Employee awards and publicizes Good Job award EOQ awards: Employee of the quarter: from front of the house and back of the house Casual of the quarter Manager of the quarter

23 Origin8 painting campaign

24 To increase staff initiative, hotel had launched Origin8 painting campaign to enhance staff thinking, creative ideas and distribution.



27 Painting results

28 GM explained the assignment question Group member proposed their idea for solving assignment. Team building

29 Besides working with assignments, we also did many role plays to recognize how teams work together.


31 Origin8 is more well known in the hotel, more people get understand about 8 principle of the Origin8 More people get involved into Origin8 activities More good job are nominated and selected from among staffs. More works being done by proactively than being forced Changes

32 Guest comments

33 Action plan Follow up the structure of JHC hotels to complete 7 steps like: daily chanting, good job review, MVP system and circle activity.. Establish an effective training program middle management level such as: leadership skills, followed up customer care, and team building Rotated Origin8 secretaries in each department in order to get more people involved in Origin 8 campaigns and activities.

34 Origin8 poster should be used simple English, easy to understand and be more specific Cross training for Origin8 secretariats to exchange and share information among Nikko hotels. Recommendation

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