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John Aderibigbe Managing Consultant, DU&T Consulting 2348033746076

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1 John Aderibigbe Managing Consultant, DU&T Consulting 2348033746076

2 Without a doubt learning new skills and developing the right attitudes is vital. Unlearning is equally important. What needs to be unlearned here? And is it really unlearning or just the replacement of an untrue or outdated skill with a newer and more relevant one? So what needs to be unlearned? Is it an attitude? A philosophy? A belief? It doesn't matter what you call it, if it is getting in the way of your success it is time to let it go, unlearn it, and embrace a better and more effective approach or technique.

3 They are comfortable for you. You don't have to spend time learning new stuff. You can't admit that your approach, technique or attitude isn't working any longer. You don't like change. You are just stubborn or stupid. You are afraid that if you try a new belief or tactic that it might not work. You don't even know that it isn't working, is no longer true or that there is a better way. Are you holding on to any out dated attitudes, techniques or beliefs? Are they getting in the way of your success? What are your excuses for holding on to this stuff?

4 HIT HARD… That Is change…

5 History-based mindset: People whose actions are dominated by a history-based mindset believe most everything that is important, pleasurable, or meaningful in their lives has already occurred. Their goal is to return to their past. They spend a lot of time reflecting on "the good old days," looking backwards, because its easier to reminisce about where theyve been than to figure out where theyre going. They are reluctant to accept new ideas or opportunities, and they have trouble sticking with anything challenging; hence, they hardly ever progress. Present-based mindset: you may be dominated by your present-based mindsetyou arent obsessed about going back in time, but you arent nearly focused enough on the future. You have tremendous potential to improve, rapidly! You just need a push in the right directionyou need to decide to look forward instead of focusing so much on the here and now. Future-based mindset: People whose daily actions are governed by a future-based mindset are continually growing and taking on new and bigger challenges. They are always creating, modifying, and improving their future vision. What has happened to these people in the past is not to be ignored or denied, but those experiences are used to develop skills that help them get where they want to go.

6 Knowledge Hardworking Attitude is 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5= 100%

7 Persistent Honest Frugal Focus Risk-taking Humble Persuasive Confident Optimistic Hardworking

8 What would you want to accomplish within the next one year if nothing were out of reach? List your strenght and weakness towards achieving your goals. What skills would need to learn or unlearn What attitude would you need to learn and unlearn

9 SkillsAttitude GoalLearnUnlearnLearnUnlearn Automobile Business Vocational and Entrepreneur ship Skills White Collar Skills Humble Clean Procrastinati on White collar pride

10 The person who is willing to unlearn things faster will learn things faster than a person who is less willing to unlearn. Unlearning plays an equal and important role in the learning process. You may have already acquired some knowledge in some areas and you feel you are expert on the subject. May be a latest theory or findings can prove that whatever you learnt on the subject or part of your knowledge about the subject is wrong. Learner's attitude also determines how faster he can acquire new understandings. If the learner is less enthusiastic in a particular subject, he will be slow learner or in the worst case he will not understand a single thing he is learning.

11 To grow in life, we need to identify that change is inevitable and therefore we need to unlearn most of our hard believes. Thank you for listening

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