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Media - How its Affecting Children Today By: Gio Liban & Cindy Nguyen WOMS5Q- Section One.

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1 Media - How its Affecting Children Today By: Gio Liban & Cindy Nguyen WOMS5Q- Section One

2 Cindy- The purpose of this photo-portfolio is just as the title implies, we wanted to capture how children are influenced by the various forms of media. Why media and children? Well besides the fact that we have been talking about the media this whole semester, our reason is pretty simple, its because we have seen the effects of media on children ourselves.

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4 And by children, were talking about ages 3-10. Children spend more than half their day, at least 10 hours, in front of the media and my sister and his cousins fall in this category. Gios cousins are always found glued to some type of electronic screen, they have become dependent on technology as if it was a necessity.

5 My sister often questions her body about why she does not look similarly to the girls on the magazines. She always asks if she looks chubby in this or that and shes only 10. Sometimes she would even starve herself even though shes hungry. She says the chubby kid always gets picked-on on TV shows and she doesnt want that to happen to her.

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7 With that said, the objective of the photo portfolio is to make apparent the effects of media and in hopes of making others aware of it. How so? Well, through frozen still time, pictures.

8 We chose this method of informing because we feel that pictures helps you the audience visualize and understand the message that were trying to convey better. And also we wanted to be original in going about this project. Instead of the usual power-points and videos, photography puts a twist in that normality.

9 Gio- Lastly, I will talk about the particular style used and why. First about the styles incorporated. In doing this project, we chose to use two in the array of methods in capturing photos: candid, or the subject is not aware that they are being taken a photo off, and studio, meaning the subject posed for the photo.

10 Why these two? Candid captures the interaction between the media and children or the effects of media on children in essence. And such is apparent in the photo with my cousins dog, Boots is his name, staring at her. This shows how media is affecting childrens responsibilities and surroundings such as ignoring the dog to play with the ipad. And the photo of my other cousin, Enzo, reaching for the iPhone shows how this dependency on media starts at a young age.

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12 As for studio, this method puts further emphasis on what were trying to convey, in this case how media is influencing children, by making our theme quite obvious. This is clear on the picture with Cindys sister being surrounded by magazines. As you can see when she is reading the magazine she has a face of discomfort and is most likely wondering why she does not look the picture on the magazines. And the various magazine sprawled on the floor represents how much it influences her. The other picture of the various mediums of media laid out on the floor shows how these medias that influence children have become everyday items.

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