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Sam Galler Daniel Choi Kirk Benson

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1 Sam Galler Daniel Choi Kirk Benson


3 Observations: 1) People need day-to-day help
2) People want to help others 3) These people can't find each other BrowniePoints connects these two groups with unmet needs. BrowniePoints is a Harvard web application that facilitates and encourages the public exchange of favors, rewarding good deeds with BrowniePoints, recognition, and other awards.

4 How It Works User A creates an account
User A submits a favor (description, location, points, deadline, contact information) User B ‘calls dibs’ on the favor and gets contact information of User A User A confirms favor completion BrowniePoints are transferred from User A to User B

5 Why It Works People appreciate recognition for their good deeds
Corporate sponsored awards for high scorers Brownie bonuses for active users Special time-sensitive promotions BrowniePoints can be used to request favors

6 Design & Interface FEATURES: Register user accounts Submit favors
Respond to favors Confirm favor completion and transfer of BrowniePoints Track past activity View top performers Mobile application

7 Goals 1) Active user base at Harvard
Number of favors requested Percentage of favors completed Number of active users 2) Replication in other communities Colleges/Schools Companies Neighborhoods

8 Mission:   To effect positive change in individuals and their relationships with others by bringing communities closer together.

9 Questions? 

10 Our Timeline

11 Our Budget

12 Exemplary Favors Help moving furniture
Borrowing items (calculators, chargers, etc.) Picking up supplies at CVS, Staples, etc. Tutoring help Walking people home Returning library books Turning in problem sets and papers Doing/folding laundry Wake-up calls

13 Why not make it a Facebook app?
Pros: - Broadcasts usage very easily Network already available Cons: - Not conducive to a local, small community idea - Hard to differentiate between applications Facebook apps have a bad reputation (privacy)

14 Competitors House Lists Smaller audience No recognition or reward
Inconsistent Naysayers Craigslist Too large an audience - Not perceived as safe - Focused on taking rather than giving Not well-suited for favors

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