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Albania 1New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo.

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1 Albania 1New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo

2 The most commercial berry is strawberries in Albania. Imports of strawberries are 40 – 60 tons year. Imports come mainly from Greece and Italy. Imports mostly during January - May. During August – November imports are rare and sporadic. Imports mainly through mixed truck loads (larger and medium wholesalers) or small vans (smaller wholesalers). 2

3 There is export potential to Albania. During December – June, there can be exported several tons/month, with highest potential in April. FOB prices should not exceed 1.5 EUR/kg during January – May 2011. After June, prices increase (2 – 3 Eur/kg FOB) but volumes are low (few hundred Kg per month). Required 0.5 Kg plastic boxes, labeled. We should target current strawberries importers. Kosovo exporters can also sell directly to Albanian vendors and secondary wholesalers. 3

4 Target customers – Albania Larger and medium size wholesalers (a list of potential buyers is provided). 4


6 Market Assessment B&H strawberry production satisfy 98% of domestic consumption (9,395t in 2010) Import primarily from Turkey, Italy and Spain, and in period March – May in 2010, import was 204t Export of fresh strawberries to Croatia while frozen raspberries are exported to EU Presence of other berries on the fresh market is not significant but have steady growth from year to year, mostly found on green marketgreen market 6

7 Market Entry Strategy Potential for export of strawberries is limited only in of season period March-May. Clery and Marmolada are most popular varieties Target, importers in B&H Packaging in 250-500 gr plastic trays with lids, label on each tray,10 boxes in one cardboard boxplastic trays Price vary during the season from 1.50 /kg in March to 0,80/kg in May FOB Kosovo 7

8 Target Customers Frutis, Sarajevo DA 4 Trade, Sarajevo Medion, Gradacac AES Trans, Gradacac Voce Tranzit, Gradacac AgroFructus, Capljina Dzananovic, Zenica 8

9 Market Entry Opportunities Bulgaria 9New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo

10 Bulgaria – Market Assessment Bulgaria produces raspberries 3.500 (t) for export as frozen;raspberries Strawberries production is 5,250(t); imports 1.550 (t) at value of 2 mio. from Greece (97%); during January – June; highest prices in April; Wholesale average price for 2010 – 1.48/kg; for 2011 1.82/kg; There are specialized distributors for strawberries; Transport costs for 20t refrigerated trucks to Kosovo 800-1.000 ; Third country duty 11.2% from Aug – Dec 2011 10

11 Bulgaria – Market Entry Strategy There is no possibility to enter in market with raspberries; Possible exports early strawberries - new varieties with longer shelf life; Possible exports during second part of the April; Target the distributors of supermarket chains (Fantastiko, Piccadilly, and Billa); Packed in special containers from 250gr to 500gr FoB Kosovo price 0.5/kg – competing with Greeks 11

12 C ROATIA 12

13 Market Entry Opportunities Berry – Fresh strawberries 13New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo

14 Market Assessment Croatia strawberry production is advanced with modern production technology. Imports serve 28% (1,077t) of total consumption. Company Fragaria is regional leader in introduction of new varieties and new growing technology Imports primarily from Spain, Italy and Turkey in period March – May in 2010, peak in April Export to EU countries present but small quantity Presence of other berries on the fresh market is not significant but have steady growth from year to year, local production dominant. 14

15 Market Entry Strategy Potential for export of strawberries March-May, Clery and Moon (mesecarka) variety Target: importers in Croatia and Fragaria for long term cooperation Potential for mixed berry export for fresh market (raspberries, blackberries, high bush blueberries)mixed berry Packaging in 250-500 gr plastic trays with lids, label on each tray, 10 boxes in one cardboard boxplastic trays Price of strawberries vary during the season from 1.98/kg in March to 1.26/1.27/kg in April/May (FOB Zagreb) 15

16 Target Customers 1.Fragaria, Zagreb – interested to transfer know how and to secure market 2.Con-Sors, Zagreb 3.Stjema, Zagreb 4.TMR Pasko, Zagreb 5.Gomolava, Zagreb 6.Setovia Voce, Zagreb 16


18 Market Assessment Montenegro strawberries import for 2010 was 114 mt. Most imports come from Serbia (87 %) mainly through Red Commerce (22%), and the remaining import comes from Italy and Greece(13%). High season of imports is May – July mainly from Serbia, FOB price 0.3- 0.5 (99mt for 2 months). EU imports peak months March- April (13mt) with FOB price 1, FOB price for Dec – Feb 2- 3/kg, importing only 100kg/monthly. Largest Importers are in Podgorica,. 18

19 Market Entry Strategy Despite low imports there is an opportunity if Kosovo is able to produce early than Serbia, from April until June. Enter market through current large importers (Red Commerce the main one for strawberries), supplies of few mt per week May- June not exceeding FOB price of 0.3/kg, packing 300- 500gr plastic bag (confirm if wooden box is used, or 250 gr carton box. Alternative channels with small vans or secondary wholesalers at Podgorica wholesale. 19

20 Target Customers 1.Red Commerce (40-50 mt/year, 50% of the market ) 2.Mont Valery, Podgorica 3.Pop Fruit, Podgorica 4.Whole sale market in Podgorica 20

21 Market Entry Opportunities Macedonia 21New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo

22 Market Entry Opportunities Berries 22New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo

23 Macedonia – Market Assessment Macedonia produces 3,800(t) of strawberries; imports 109 (t) – mainly off season - 50% from Greece; Imports during months January – April; Wholesale strawberries May – July for 2010 – 0.60/Kg; for 2011 0.82; Transport costs of 20t refrigerated truck to Kosovo 500. 23

24 Macedonia – Market Entry Strategy Macedonia is a small market, small possibilities for penetration in market; earlier production than in Kosovo; Test exports of new strawberries varieties by the Kosovo importers. 24

25 SERBIA 25

26 Market Entry Opportunities Berries 26New Opportunities for Agriculture - Kosovo

27 Serbia – Market Assessment Serbia produces around 35,577(t) of strawberries; imports 905(t) of strawberries; Exports 1,460(t) Imports Turkey 64% Greece 32%; Peak month for imports are May; Wholesale strawberries 19 April – May 10 th 1.5 - 4; 19 April – 10 th May 1.5; 17 May – 31 August 0.8 ; 27

28 Serbia – Market Entry Strategy Strawberries, produced in greenhouse, Raspberries and Black berries processed; sold to cold stores; Strawberries, packed in custom made plastic containers from 250 to 500grams; Strawberries late April beginning of May; 28


30 Market Assessment Strawberries dominate the berry market (95% of imports). Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and loganberries together account for about 5% of total berry imports. Slovenia imports about 1,600 tons strawberry per year (47% of total consumption). Most imports come from Italy (50-60%), followed by Spain, Greece and Austria. Domestic production starts in May The highest imports occur in April-May (500-550 mt/month), but March and June (200-250mt/month) are strong months as well. The price FOB Ljubljana is about 2.9 EUR (March), 2 EUR (April) and 2.4 EUR (May-June). Imports are channeled through retail chains & 5-10 major importers in Ljubljana. 30

31 Market Entry Strategy Distance / borders may be the major problem for successful strawberry exports from Kosovo. Comorosa is a leading imported variety, while Clery is the most popular variety produced domestically. Packaging is done in 500grams PVC containers, 10 containers per box. Target major wholesalers in Ljubljana area Import duties for strawberries are related to Aug- Dec only, but throughout the whole year for raspberries (8.8%) and blackberries, mulberries and loganberries (9.6%) 31

32 Target Customers 1.Geaprodukt, Ljubljana; 2.DG69, Vrhnika; 3.Bulc, Ljubljana; 4.Bokat, Ljubljana; 5.Frutis, Ljubljana; 6.Dallas, Ljubljana; 7.AL.KO Trade, Ljubljana 32

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