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Drivers – The Final Frontier?!? CCG Systems Annual Conference.

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1 Drivers – The Final Frontier?!? CCG Systems Annual Conference

2 Agenda Overview Back-ass-wards Approach History Driver Behavior – Can/Should it be Modified How Success Stories Real Life Example Real Life Results Can/Will it Work for You?

3 FORMICATION Definition How You Can Use It In A Sentence

4 Polk County Facts: Population 600,000 Land Area – 2,000 Sq. Miles 17 Municipalities Geographic Center of Florida Only County in the U.S. to get 3 hurricanes in one season (2004) Home of LegoLand Florida - Opens Fall 2011!!!

5 Polk County Fleet Management 2656 Vehicles County & Two City Responsibility 12 Shop Facilities 12 Bulk Fuel Sites – 23 Tanks 8,000 Registered Fuel Site Users 14,400,000 Annual Miles ASE Blue Seal/100 Best Public Fleets last 7 years

6 Memory Lane? Remember Clean Air Act of 1992?

7 Clean Air Act - 1992 Results? Add Alt. Fuel Infrastructure? Promote Fleet Fuel Conservation? Reward Fleets for Lower Consumption? Re - Train Drivers? Promote New Technology? »NO! Excessive speed is the largest single fac

8 Steps Taken: Aerodymanics Gear Ratios Smaller Engines/Vehicles Low Rolling Resistance Tires Introduction of Bio Fuels Alternative Fuels In Vehicle Monitoring Systems Idle Control Devices APUs (alt. power units) Hybrid/Hybrid-Electric/Plug In Hybrids Electric Vehicles MyKey Simulators –All of Above are Hardware Related

9 Automotive Fleet April, 2010 Even when comprehensive vehicle selection, right sizing, fuel card data mining, and exception report programs are deployed, effective fuel management ultimately depends on one key player: THE DRIVER


11 Have We Avoided Driver Training? Presumed efficient already? Perfection in Driving Habits? Untrainable? Not our Job Easier to address hardware than people

12 Can/Should Driver Behavior be Modified?

13 Why Should You Care? Driver Training Isnt your Job Drivers Dont Work for you Drivers Wont Listen Drivers Dont Care

14 Why Should You Care? Driver Training Isnt your Job –Subject Matter Expert Drivers Dont Work for you –No Hierarchy Involved Drivers Wont Listen –Theyd be More Attentive Drivers Dont Care –Results Show They Care – A Lot

15 Examples: Novo Nordisk – Driver Training spearheaded by Fleet Mgr saved 858,787 gallons Bison Transport – Driver Training/Incentive cut 713,264 gallons Cat Driver Reward: In-House Program that rewards drivers for fuel efficiency AstraZeneca trained Eco Driving reducing emissions by 367 metric tons/yr. Poland Spring ranked drivers for Idling and posted the results on a board saving 8000 gallons/yr.

16 Polk Countys Approach? Fuel Conservation/Driver Training/Incentive Program

17 Strategy Restrict Speed – 55MPH Driver Incentive Program Conduct Eco- Driver Training

18 Implement 55 mph Speed Restriction Traffic Safety Citizens Information Employee Roll Out Self-Policing Concept Approval FHP & PCSO GPS & Employee Involvement Top Down Acceptance Decal Vehicles

19 Vehicle Decal:


21 What the Experts Say: Excessive speed is the largest single factor in reduced fuel mileage. Reduce speed to a reasonable level of say 60 mph and eliminate all non-essential stops. A general rule of thumb is that every mph increase above 50 mph reduces fuel mileage by 0.1 mpg. –Source - Kenworth

22 ECO – Driving: Available Training Resources?? Search Engines Smith System Driver Training Car Chip Green Driver Driving Skills for Life Bridgestone Tires I Drive Green App Env. Defense Fund EPA



25 Driving Skills for Life Polks Actual Historical Data What Drivers Do to Save Fuel Polks Idle Awareness Program Concept

26 Polk County Eco-Driver Training Driver Behavior Polk County Data Tailored Internally Length - 1 Hour Customer Focused Incl.Safety Emphasis Lead in to Employee Incentive Program Modify Future 250,000 Idling Hours Polk County Data Easy to Take Magnet Give-away Safety Integration Incentive Program Explained @ Conclusion

27 15 % 10 % 8 % 35% Objective: Modify Driver Behavior! MPH Spec PSI Driver

28 How Can We Encourage Employee Participation??? Provide Detail on the Issues and ask for their help Train Driving Techniques that will conserve fuel – Eco Driving Incentive Program

29 Introducing…. Employee Fuel Incentive Program

30 Employee Fuel Conservation Incentive Program Eligibility: Employees who drive the same County vehicle exclusively Participate in Eco-Driver Training Class Sign an Incentive Agreement Term – 12 Months If Fuel Efficiency Improves > 5% County will split the fuel savings 50/50 with the driver

31 Employee Agrees To: Practice Eco Driving Techniques Accurately Enter Odometer Readings at the Fuel Sites Assure their County vehicle is maintained on schedule No Preventable Crashes in 12 Months

32 County Agrees to: Accurately Track MPG Maintain your Vehicle to Factory Specifications Instruct Employees on Eco-Driving Principles Accurately Track Fuel Costs If MPG > 5% - Split Fuel Savings 50/50

33 What did the Program Cost??

34 Potential Incentive??? Annual Miles/Year = 10,000 Current MPG = 13 Ann Fuel Cost @ $3.00/gal = $2307 Improved MPG (10%) = 14.3 Employees Share = $97

35 Potential Incentive? Annual Miles/Yr.=20,000 Current Avg MPG = 10 Annual Fuel Cost @ $3/gal = $6,000 10+% Improved MPG = 11.2 Annual Fuel Cost @ $3/gal = $5,357 Employees Share: $321.50

36 Annual Fuel Consumption:. Environmentally Friendly? Total Gallons -415,000 Gallons - 14% Fuel Savings $1.200,000 -7M Lbs Carbon Did We Achieve Any RESULTS??

37 Preventable Accidents:. Accident Severity? Total Hard $ Savings $485,000 - 22% Improved Safety Results -35% Results in Safety too!!

38 Individual Results??

39 2007 F-550 6.8L Gasoline 4 X 2

40 Actual Results – One Unit: Starting MPG: 6.07 Ending MPG: 8.15 Miles/Year: 17,100 Gallons Saved: 719 Incentive Paid: $457.00

41 Other Government Potential? May 2009 – Polk County School Board adopts 55mph Restriction Florida Department of Transportation currently considering

42 Web Sites of Interest: driving-save-fuel.html driving-save-fuel.html

43 FORMICATION Definition: The feeling of having ants crawling over your skin. How You Can Use It In A Sentence: That drivers bad habits gives me the Heebee Jeebees.

44 Remember our Troops protecting our right to be here 2 nd Brigade Combat Team 101 st Airborne Division (Air Assault)


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