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חוברת פיצ'ים. Nail kit You see, sometimes we get to have a little bit reggaes and lines; everyone gets them.. There's a small thing I want you to introduce.

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1 חוברת פיצ'ים

2 Nail kit You see, sometimes we get to have a little bit reggaes and lines; everyone gets them.. There's a small thing I want you to introduce you to, that you can also get online; it's called a professional medical buffer There are three simple steps: The first side is diamond dust – it will take off the reggaes, the lines and the stains, it will leave your nails smooth and healthy. The second side is cotton – the cotton will stimulate your nail to grow thicker so they wont break easily. The third side is the magical part; silk – you will see the result in a second, you are going to be amazed. Ready to be amazed?!- isnt that amazing???? And this is your own natural shine, try to scratch it, try to take it off, you cant – why? Because it's your own natural shine – isnt this amazing? How long you think this shine is going to last ? (a day, two days, a week, a little bit more- a month!!!)- Even if you wash your hands ten thousand times this month, it wont come off. The kit comes with another bit of magic, a cuticle treatment. You put one drop of this gel on the dry skin around your nail and you rub it in. It will make your skin flexible, moist and healthy so that it wont crack and you wont be tempted to bite it; moreover from now on your skin will grow healthy around your nail so you wont need to spend so much money on manicures and pedicures.No more manicure and pedicure!!!!!!!! The kit costs 49.95$, its comes in two different scents; passion fruit or milk & honey, which one would you prefer? If you buy two you get one for free!! Would you like to get only one for yourself or would you rather buy 2 and get one free?…

3 Salt & bb touch here.. This is something small you can also get online. All I want you to do is to rub your hands together really hard here above the bowl. What we trying now is a mineral treatment from the Dead Sea in Israel. As I'm sure you know, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth; which is why the largest amount of minerals anywhere are concentrated there. These minerals are unique and extremely intensive; they are going to exfoliate and remove all the dead skin, while leaving your skin soft and healthy. The first generation of this product was used for medical purposes; for psoriasis, fungus, eczema, bacteria and other kinds of skin problems. It started to be very much in demand as a cosmetic line when women after pregnancy realized that it removes their stretch marks and athletes and diabetics love it because it increases their blood circulation and relaxes their pain. Essentially its going to leave your skin extremely soft Wash the minerals … To complete the treatment we would like to put some vitamins on your skin, this a shea butter, it contains a large amount of vitamins so it will protect your skin from getting oxygenized and becoming dry again. Now you tell me how soft it is ??!!!!??!?!? Even if you wash your hand a thousand times a day it wont get dry again. Is that amazing ???!!!??! Do this all over your body once a week. Its runs for $49.95 and 49.95. Which scent do you like better ? Take one set and get another mineral treatment for free

4 Peel & moisturizer You have very sensitive skin – how do you exfoliate?! This is a special peeling gel... This very special formula is based on Dead Sea minerals. It will penetrate into your dead skin and will make it all melt away. Once a week that's what you want to do.... Now take a cotton ball and clean all the left over. This is not dirt; this is your dead skin. With this way you can peel off only the first layers of your dead skin without damaging your life tissues. When you are home wash it off with warm water and add a little bit of our moisturizer that will help keep your skin flexible Look at the difference

5 Eye serum & eye cream Would you believe me if I told you that I have something that will take the lines away right here right now?!!?!?!!? This is the eye serum. It is not cheap- it runs for 169. This Serum – is a special liquid that stimulates your skin to produce Cologne and Alestin naturally. The Cologne and the Alestin will feel the lines from the inside and will stretch your skin. Thats what I'm going to do right now- I'm going to add a little bit of eye serum from Premier Laboratories under one of your eyes Then I will give you a mirror and you will see the difference. Now let's add a little bit eye cream. The eye cream will close the pores and will make the final stretch. You should do this treatment every morning as a base for make-up and every night after cleaning your face with our milk cleanser. After one week you will see that the lines around the eye will be diminished as well as the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Isnt that a –mazing!!!!

6 Mask miracle noir This is a "mask miracle" The smartest mask in the world! The mud from the Dead Sea is rich in minerals and metals. Metals are very small molecules so they sink into your skin through the epidermis. This mask is based on serum. Serum is a very expensive liquid that nourishes your skin with minerals and vitamins. It's going to stimulate your skin to produce cologne and alestin which will fill the lines and pump them out. We also have pure serum….. However- -imagine that we have a bunch of metal nails that barley touch each other And I take a…… magnet! And I touch one of them with it. What's going to happen? The nails are going to stick together Remember the metals under your skin?! I will barley touch your skin with the magnet and all the small molecules are going to stick together under your skin and the magnet will pull them out- butttttt- Now when they are bonded it's like if it becomes a bigger molecule so they can't go out from the epidermis membrane any more. So they must find their way out through your pores!!!! And in that way the mask open the pores and pushes everything that has blocked them out. Black heads, dirt, extra oils etc… they all stay in the napkin. The liquid that is left behind is the serum. So we would like to rub it in. We dont want to wash it!! The water will wash the minerals (diffusion- hypotonic liquid) I just cleanse the surface with our milk cleanser that contains the same minerals. Once or twice a week.

7 Biox set Biox set 3 simple steps 1. -thermal beauty experience- 189 2. biox anti aging serum-189 3. biox anti aging complex-189 -If I tell you that I have something that can remove deep lines right here, right now, would you believe me? 1. First we would like to massage our skin with the mineral bar and hot water. Then, after mixing the volcanic minerals I spread a thick layer of the mask on my face. This thermal mask is going to open your pores and deep clean your skin. It is very important to do it on wet skin because the mask gives your skin the ability to break water into oxygen witch is necessary for the next step. Pat it out with wet cotton ball. 2. Serum- a- eye serum- will stimulate your skin to produce cologne and alestin naturally. And these will feel the lines from the inside. The eye serum will reduce puffiness and darkness around your eyes. b- Face serum Under my eyes the skin is very delicate and it is positioned above a bone. On the rest of my face the skin is on muscles. Thats why professionals use different serums. Biox anti aging serum also takes advantage of the muscles under my skin. By firming the muscles the skin will be stretched as well. After add the serum it is recommended not to make any emotional movements –for example When I smile lines are formed and I push the cologne and alestin out before they got connections to the sub cutanuse –the fat layer of my skin.) 3- I rub the anti aging complex all over my face. It will close the pores and will make the final stretch on the epidermis. Do 3 treatments during the first week. After that just once a week in order to maintain the results.

8 Pearl white Pearl white – Would you like to get rid of these spots?! Actually there is a very simple fast solution. After 3 weeks the spots will be gone… The reason that that we get it is that our skin produce different amount of melanin. This might happen due to exposure to the sun or hormonal changes like pregnancy or age. So first you wash the spots with hot water then you rub the mineral bar on it for 2 minutes. Then you add a little bit of the cream. This cream contains pearls powder that will balance the amount of melanin in your skin. Moisture complex Use this daily to moisturize – This is basic skin care - something that everyone must do. Wash your face with hot water, leave your skin wet. Massage your face with the blue mineral bar for 2 minute. The blue mineral bar will open up your pores and will nourish your skin with Dead Sea minerals. Splash your face with hot water, pat dry and apply the moisture complex all over your face. The moisture complex will maintain the perfect moist balance on your skin. It will also protect your skin from UVA and UVB tanks (rays?) with the SPF 17 that it contains. Moreover it has a lot of anti- ageing colitis cause of ingredients like the liposome complex for example.

9 Professional peeling mask - How do you exfoliate? Do you go to a spa every once in a while? Very important before all the other treatments you need to exfoliate. You must take off all the dead skin in order to regenerate your skin. You don't want to waste those expensive products on dead layers of skin. This, you can do with our professional peeling mask. Put your hand forward, touch here- feel your skin before. After you wash your face with hot water, spread on a thin layer of this white mask. Let it dry for 10 minute then rub it away, Splash it with warm water then add small dot of the skin balancer. It is made from aloe vera roots – this will keep your skin with the exact moisture and flexibility that it needs Basically- let's say that your skin is a computer – so the white deletes everything and the green reprograms your skin. It costs for $169 for a one year supply. Milk and toner- This is the first level of skin care. Every woman must use milk and toner for daily use, morning and night. First apply our milk cleanser to the face and the neck. Then remove it using a cotton ball. It will deeply cleanse your skin from makeup and dirt while leaving your skin moisturized. Now saturate a cotton ball with skin toner and clean your face with it. Our antiseptic toner will refine pores and maintain your skin's natural balance without drying or flaking.

10 Mask for problematic skin This is the best way to get rid of acne symptoms, scars, allergy reactions and any kind of skin that has broken out. When you use most acne medicines like "pro-active" for example you may get rid of the pimples but you might find dark stains that appear on your face. (This is mostly caused by the reaction of the product to the UVB and UVA) Moreover, you dont reduce scars. Our solution is all natural – It contains: Dead Sea minerals that will regenerate the skin Sulfur that will speed up texture renewal And special antibiotic enzymes that will activate the skin inner defense mechanisms. Use the mask daily on a very clean face after opening pores with hot water and our luxury facial cleanser (micro grains) Leave it on for 30 minutes and take it off with warm water. After 1-4 weeks the skin will be healthy. -> During the treatment avoid drinking alcohol or using colons on your face

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