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By Peter Radizeski Culture: What Gives Your Company the best chance of Success?

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1 by Peter Radizeski Culture: What Gives Your Company the best chance of Success?

2 Branding. Culture. Leadership. Morale. Cloud Transformation. Hiring. Projects I am Currently Working on:



5 How many of you have ever said: Its Our People?

6 As JetBlue CEO Dave Berger has explained, a companys culture might be the only trade secret that cant be copied or commoditized.

7 What is CULTURE?

8 The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an organization or group. What is Culture?



11 In simple terms, it is all about 'how we do things around here - the DNA

12 Vision Mission

13 To help guide us in this mission we have our core values that act as our compass, driving the way we do business and engage with our guests, our employees and our partners. Passion - We are truly passionate about great food, great drink and great company. Creativity - It is this passion that drives our creativity and innovation Quality - When it comes to quality assurance, we set the standard. Value - It's more than just the total price of the meal. It's the whole experience. Vision/Mission

14 It is easy to write platitudes in your Vision statement. Hard to write a manifesto of culture, like Acumen or Hubspot or Netflix or Zappos (hey, even the TSA has one)one

15 Starts, demands, thrives and requires. Four words that are not in the vocabulary of most organizations.


17 If you're going to permit loopholes, wiggle room and deniability, don't even bother.


19 Culture Matters

20 A positive and impactful work culture can raise productivity, employee morale, and retention rates. Im not talking about fuzzy, feel-good stuff here hiring for fit has a real, quantifiable ROI. Why Bother?

21 According to a 2010 Hewitt Associates study of more than 900 organizations globally, companies with high levels of engagement among their employees outperformed the total stock market index, posting shareholder returns 19% higher than the average in 2009 (by contrast, companies with low employee engagement reported a shareholder return 44 per cent lower than the average). Why Bother?


23 "Ideas are worth little to nothing without: People to execute; Culture to select the right people; and Vision to attract the best stakeholders."


25 Ive been telling my clients for years now, if youre going to have a following, a com­ mu­nity, a tribe, it cant just be about you and your lovely pro­duct. Its got to be about something higher than, and beyond… your­self. Hugh MacLeod



28 Bad Culture Inhibits Innovation Happy Employees Deliver Great Customer Care Environment of Ideas You dont have to worry about it. Why Worry About it?

29 Thats Great… But How?


31 CEO sets the rhythm


33 Where we heading? Why are we doing this? Purpose.




37 Capabilities: What We Do Why We Do it: Noble Purpose How We Deliver It Who We Do it for 4 Buckets of Passion

38 People ProcessProduct

39 People ProcessProduct SAMESAME

40 People ProcessProduct



43 A Players want to work at A+ companies Best Places to Work winners Want the best chance for Success Want to work for more than the business. Something bigger A PLAYERS

44 On-Boarding

45 Productive (non-dependent) Engaged/Happy Count on Teammates Opp for Growth Are Your Employees

46 4 Factors of Taking Job SalaryBenefitsCommuteCulture

47 Idea of office is changing both when and where Are You Paying for Time or Value? ACA effects on Healthcare So benefits wont be sticky Compensation


49 Motivate & Inspire employees Employee engagement Encourage a learning environment Community & Industry Involvement Encourage a personal growth environment

50 Employee Dinners (bonding)

51 Certs, Awards Recognition, Achievement


53 Tell Stories about WINS Charity activities Customer Stories Praise Recognition If you embrace stories, SM for the win Internal Communications

54 Communications Transparency Authenticity Alignment Build Relationships Story Telling

55 Surveymonkey Mass blast vmail Email Video Conference Vimeo Skype video Web conference Feedback Loop

56 Growth = Complexity

57 Help to handle growth Add order to chaos Processes can stifle creativity (netflix) Processes = systems for repeatability Processes

58 Manage by Walking Around



61 You can be somewhat a Jerk But you better be an awesome worker! Dont spend all your attention on the knuckleheads! Attention to Team Members




65 Salespeople should not be outside because you dont know how to manage them. (KPIs cuz activity = outcome) HINT:

66 The presentation deck started out as an internal document years ago (it doubles as the company handbook). As a company who values transparency (and inbound marketing), they decided to share it with the community as a manifesto. culture-code-creating-a-company-we-love culture-code-creating-a-company-we-love

67 values-twilio-techweek-2012 values-twilio-techweek-2012 building-a-customerfocused-culture building-a-customerfocused-culture bogusky-employee-handbook bogusky-employee-handbook Resources I used:

68 Peter Radizeski is a consultant specializing in sales training and strategy for telecom companies. His books are available on and Amazon. 813-963-5884 Twitter @radinfo

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