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Pressure! I only write when Im inspired. Fortunately, Im inspired at 9 oclock every morning. -- William Faulkner.

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1 Pressure! I only write when Im inspired. Fortunately, Im inspired at 9 oclock every morning. -- William Faulkner

2 Who am I? And more importantly, what business do I have teaching anyone anything?

3 Types of Pressure Go ahead, sound off

4 If you cant beat it, work around it

5 Writing prompts, exercises, freewriting Get the juices flowing, your fingers used to the feel of the keys, into the writing mindset -- whatever you want to call it. Nothing you want to do less than the task at hand, so you may as well procrastinate and warm up at the same time.

6 Exercise: Seven Minutes in Heaven (or Hell) Write for seven minutes, incorporating a common proverb, adage or phrase (e.g. between a rock and a hard place, good fences make good neighbors, the whole nine yards, etc.), that you change in some way. To make it extra heavenly (or hellish), use seven of the following words.

7 Dont worry about creating a story--write whatever comes to mind. No one will ever see it but you… except in seven minutes when I make you share with with a room of stangers cliff blackberry needle cloud voice mother whir lick course hedge mug blank snap blanket

8 Set Parameters How many words to write at each sitting What those words will be about.

9 Go poll yourself… ask: Why am I writing whatever it is Im writing? What do I hope to get out of it? Am I?

10 Every time you sit down to write, youre playing the same game as [insert name here]

11 Work on more than one project at once

12 When stuck, do something comepletely unrelated to writing, preferably as mindless as possible (no TV, though; yes, YouTube on your laptop counts as TV)

13 Break a very large project into many smaller projects Make lists Generate questions you know you will need to answer at some point Individual exchanges Individual plot points Character sketches

14 Have a plan

15 Keep moving forward

16 Start in the middle of things, end in the middle of things

17 Ultimate question: Does your reader want to keep reading? If yes, you pass. If not, well, you can an incomplete.

18 Exercise: The waiting is the hardest part… Turn one of the most tedious scenarios into something interesting. We are in an airport terminal, awaiting the arrival of a jet. Assembled are: a limousine driver, twin six-year-old boys, a doctor, an old woman in a wheelchair, a cab driver, a local politician, a soldier, some type of high school sports team or club, someone trying not to be recognized, a housewife, an animal in one of those animal carriers. Start writing a story involving at least two of the above characters. You have seven minutes.

19 Basic Elements of Fiction Character (and tension between characters) Plot - shape of the story (beginning, middle, end = introduction, rising action, denouement) Setting/Place - description using all five senses gives context; TAKES UP SPACE. Theme - (e.g. love conquers all; careful what you wish for; money cant buy happiness)

20 Random Advice in no particular order

21 Break it up Change tense, POV, location, time Dialogue Introduce a letter, diary passage, email, text exchange, even a honey do list Drop one story line, pick up another Conjunctions between ideas should be but, therefore, meanwhile as opposed to and, and, and

22 Be able to summarize your story in 1-3 sentences. Write a tagline, like the one you see when you hit info on your TV remote

23 Dont seek validation of your writing from spouse, sig other, and/or parents

24 Show, dont tell (except graphic sex scenes)

25 A good verb is worth 20 adjectives

26 Read

27 Ass to chair.

28 Books about writing (with prompts) Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott On Writing: A memoir of the Craft by Stephen King Telling Stories by Joyce Carol Oates Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician by Kenney Werner

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