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Midland Islamic Council Saturday January 21st 2012

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1 Midland Islamic Council Saturday January 21st 2012
Recognition of Br. Jabir Hazziez Student Union UMKC – Missouri

2 Sponsored By

3 Program 4pm to 5pm Welcome ………………………..
Quranic Recitation …………..... Citation…………………………… Remarks………………………….. Remarks from Audience Award presentation Response………………………… Closing remarks………………… Chair, UMKC-MSA Imran Puthawala Dr. S. Eqbal Hasan Alvin Brooks Jabir Hazziez Shakil Haider

4 Midland Islamic Council
“Harnessing Collective Strengths for a Dynamic Muslim Community”

5 About Midland Islamic Council

6 Midland Islamic Council
The council is working to establish an inclusive network of consultation and support for mosques and Muslim organizations. Consultation is rooted in the central idea that people are equal in their rights and responsibilities. We hope that the non-binding consultation among Muslim non-profit organizations will help build trust and confidence in the light of the Qur'anic verse: "those who conduct their affairs by counsel" (43:38)

7 Goals & Objectives (5 years)
Promote collaboration and co-operation amongst Muslim non-profits Build consensus on issues of common interests and concerns Improve leadership, communication, and management skills Standardize best practices to optimize processes and share resources Strengthen communities through education, empowerment, and mobilization

8 Areas of Cooperation & Collaboration
Resource planning and implementation Leadership and community empowerment Mentoring of youth and emerging leaders Government and Civic Engagement Media relations Civil rights, Muslim identity & Islamophobia Social and humanitarian services

9 Civic Engagement & Collaboration
Inmates re-entry program Relationship with US attorney Relationship & work with City Government Interfaith & Outreach Relationship with homeless shelters

10 Services to Member Organizations
Networking meetings of directors and scholars Newsletter, articles, news releases, alerts Annual conferences Centralized event calendar Non-profits profiles and services listing Emergency response meetings Islamic center open house Visiting scholars and speakers

11 Services to Member Organizations
Media relations and spokespersons Socio-civic advocacy Leadership development programs Directory of mentors, scholars, and speakers Online resources of community interest A thorough study of Muslims in heartland Best Practices manuals for non-profits Strong funding base for members

12 Milestones & Achievements MIC

13 Council Development First meeting after previous efforts July. 2008
Formed committees, reviewed bylaws. Established name of coordination council Selected board to lead council till October 2009

14 Leadership Trainings Principle of Core Mediation: “How to Settle Disputes” (Nov. 2009) Civil Rights Training : “Regional Executive Council on Civil Rights” (Oct. 2009) Training for “Grant Writing, Board Training, Strategic Planning & Resource Development” (July 2008) Law Enforcement Training April, 2011 Mentoring inmates half yearly trainings

15 Harness of Strengths Advised Masjid Taqwa with fund-raising project Parking lot construction. Advises and support to Masjid Al-Mustafa Regularly Handling Islamophobia Incidents Building relationship to establish prayer facility at Kansas City International Airport. Coordinated in securing funds for retention of Masjid Omar MIC came forward immediately to Provided Council support and alternate place for Masjid Huda due to fire damage.

16 Humanitarian Relief Established relationship and coordination with President Obama’s Director of Faith Base Community Initiatives” (Aug. 2009) Attended multiple Conference/ Seminar on Disaster Preparedness. Participated in disaster relief preparedness and communication conferences. Round Table Meeting on Relief Planning with Governor of Missouri Participated in relief efforts for Joplin, MO Coordinated and participated in Habitat for Humanity house building projects. Regularly work and provide support to Ar-Razzaq Food Pantry for food distribution among the local residents near Masjid AL-Inshirah

17 Interfaith Outreach MIC is officially represented in the Kansas City “Festival of Faith Committee” since April The FOF successfully planed and arranged a visit for the President Obama’s Muslim Faith minister Eboo Patel in Nov 2009. Attended Kansas City Interfaith Luncheon and award ceremony (Nov 2009) MIC is official represented in the Johnson County branch of national organization “Interfaith Hospitality Network” (A community response for homeless families MIC board member is serving in the BOD of JoCo-IHN. MIC provides volunteers to assist the facility guests

18 Government & Media Relations
MIC Chairman was appointed Commissioner (1st Muslim) in the city of Olathe, KS. July (2009) The MIC chair is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Human relations Commission. Helped stop closure of a Deaf School in Olathe, KS Actively engaged in the “Persons with Disability Advisory Board” in Olathe since 2009 2nd Muslim Human Relation Commissioner appointed in the City of Olathe April 2009

19 Outreach - Worked with Department of Homeland Security: Interfaith & Community Relations Dept of Jefferson City (Aug. 2009) - Mentoring incarcerated Muslims at the U.S. Penitentiary (Sept 09) - Teaching Arabic/ Qur’an and Aqeedah to the incarcerated in US Penitentiary

20 MIC - Member Recognition
Muslim Student’s Association of GKC Islamic Society of Greater St. Joseph Islamic Center of Topeka Islamic Center of Lawrence 5. Masjid Omar

21 MIC - Member Recognition
6. Al-Inshirah Islamic Center 7. Islamic Center of Kansas 8. Center Islamic Center of Northland 9. Masjid Al- Mustafa 10. Masjid Al-Taqwa

22 MIC - Member Recognition
11. Universal Academy 12. Ar-Razzaq Food Pantry Crescent Peace Society 14. Shawnee Mission Islamic Education Center 15. Universal Foundation

23 Resolution to Establish Midland Islamic Council
Adopted on April 17, Inauguration day at UMKC, Kansas City MO. This resolution expressly supports the establishment of the Midland Islamic Council, an organization that coordinates activities and resources of Mosques & Muslim Organizations, per Qur’anic mandate & following the Prophetic legacy to organize, optimize and excel in all affairs WHEREAS Quran mandates Muslims to conduct affairs with mutual consultation (43:38) WHEREAS Prophet Muhammad(s) commands Muslims to ‘organize’ themselves to excel in all that they do (Reference) WHEREAS more than 25 Mosques & Muslim organizations an estimated 25,000 Muslims in Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri, Iowa & Nebraska WHEREAS the signatories duly recognize all previous attempts to organize the community and this initiative is rooted in such worthy endeavors. WHEREAS the signatories duly recognize similar Majalis and Councils in the midland regions Therefore Be It Resolved: That, today the Apr 17, 2010, we stand as a witness to God Almighty, to establish the Midland Islamic Council, comprising of Mosques & Muslim Organizations, without any preference or prejudice toward any ethnicity or school of thought. That, we pledge ourselves to conduct our affairs with mutual consultation and consensus and serve the interests and concerns of Muslims at all times. That, we pledge to reach out to everyone or any organization and build coalitions and alliances for the larger good of the society That, we are firmly committed to further the Council’s mission and strengthen it by serving Muslim communities and others. That, we firmly resolve on behalf of our organization by signing below to be the endorsers of the Midland Islamic Council (MIC):















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