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1 Eating Out, Traveling and Socializing with the Nutrition Spectrum – Reversal Program.

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1 1 Eating Out, Traveling and Socializing with the Nutrition Spectrum – Reversal Program

2 Eating, Traveling and Socializing Plan strategies for restaurant dining. Plan strategies for traveling. Plan strategies for socializing. Identify challenges or barriers to success. 2

3 Why Do We Dine Out? No shopping, preparation, cooking or clean-up Relaxation and fewer distractions (TV, newspaper, etc.) No decisions to make for others (i.e. Whats for dinner?) Enjoyment of companionship, conversation and connection Variety of food selections 3

4 The American Way I have to eat my moneys worth! Ive earned a treat. I dont have time to cook – Im too busy. Its cheaper to eat out. I dont worry about my diet when I eat out. 4

5 5

6 Restaurant Dining the Ornish Way Getting easier due to consumer demand for healthy selections. Changes your focus from food and drink to socialization and connection. May require planning and calling ahead until you establish a routine. Requires two basic request modifications: vegetarian and oil/fat-free 6

7 A Few Basics Choose restaurants that offer low-fat and vegetarian healthy food selections: –Baked potato (without oil rub) –Salad (take fat-free dressing or use vinegar) –Salad bar (be selective) –Steamed vegetables (with no added fat) –Pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce (no added oil) –Whole-wheat pasta with garlic (no added oil) –Whole-wheat bread 7

8 Restaurant Dining 1-0-1 Choose restaurants that will cater to your special requests; boycott those that wont –You may wish to call ahead and speak with the chef –Give your Ornish Dear Chef card to the waiter and send a card to the chef upon arrival. Dine at off-peak times Look in advance at the restaurants Web site 8

9 When You Order Look at the menu carefully Ask questions: –How is the menu item prepared? –What comes with it? –What are the side options – baked potato, rice, vegetables, fruit salads, sliced fruit, etc.? Look at the à la carte section 9

10 Youre the Customer State your preferences Make suggestions –Can I substitute sliced fresh fruit for the French fries? Ask the server to repeat your order Be in control of your table 10

11 Menu-free Dining Order menu-free and create your own meal from a few basics. –Avoid the temptation or frustration of looking at the menu. –Focus on what you CAN eat, instead of what you CANNOT. Apply the Nutrition Spectrum Reversal Program. 11

12 Inspect It Before Eating It Evaluate your meal when it arrives. –Oil is easy to spot – its shiny and it leaves droplets on your plate. –If you havent specified oil-free, it most likely has oil. You can ask for a replacement. Take survival supplies to restaurants: –Ornish-friendly salad dressings, margarines, caffeine- free coffee and teas, etc. 12

13 The Customer Is Usually Right You are paying the bill, and as a customer, you should receive what you want. –Most restaurant staff want to please you to get your repeat business. Use a relaxed, polite and cheerful tone when asking questions and placing your order. Use phrases such as: –Would it be possible to… –It is important to me not to have… –Would the chef/cook be willing to… –This looks wonderful, but I cant eat it because… 13

14 A Few Other Tips Frequent restaurants where you are successful in eating the Nutrition Spectrum Reversal Program. Avoid restaurants that tempt you to stray. Ask for support (and understanding) from your dinner companions. Dont skip breakfast and lunch to indulge at dinner. 14

15 More Tips Fill up take-out containers with extra food prior to beginning your meal. Consider going out for lunch instead of dinner – lunch portions are usually smaller. Save money and share the main meal and order an extra salad or side. Tip well for good service. 15

16 Most Importantly… Dont leave home without your ORNISH ATTITUDE! 16

17 17 Where do you want to go for dinner?

18 On the Road Take food with youdont rely on chance. FOR BREAKFAST: –dry cereal, dry milk, instant oats, dried or fresh fruit, bagels, homemade muffins, etc. FOR LUNCH OR DINNER: –whole-wheat crackers, dehydrated soup mix, canned or fresh fruit, baby carrots or assorted cut vegetables, sandwiches with fat-free cheese and soy deli meat, bean dip, etc. FOR SNACKS OR EXTRAS: –soy nuts, soy milk, yogurt, water, juice, milk, brown rice cakes, fat-free bagel chips, etc. 18

19 On the Nutrition Spectrum Reversal Program If taking a long flight that provides meal options, call ahead to the airline to inquire if non-dairy, vegetarian meals are available to order/purchase. Check the airports online directory for restaurants that may prepare a healthy meal option to take on the plane. Pack Ornish-friendly foods in small plastic bags and take them with you on the plane. (Note: Check the current rules and regulations regarding security and the transportation of food.) Travel snack ideas include: fat-free pretzels, Ornish trail mix, instant oatmeal packets, dry-roasted soy nuts, dehydrated soups, etc. Read a good book, enjoy the in-flight movie, take a nap, work on your laptop or relax and anticipate your destination. 19

20 In the Hotel Ask for a hotel room with a refrigerator or kitchen suite. (Look for one with a fitness center, too.) Reaffirm requests at check-in. Shop for food items upon arrival. Call ahead and speak to the restaurant manager or chef. Ask for meals with: fruit, vegetables, salad, whole- wheat bread, cereal, beans, egg substitute, egg whites, yogurt, skim milk, etc. 20

21 At Social Events and Special Occasions Focus on socialization or the reason for the occasion Apply all the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease elements: 21 Love & Support Spectrum Stress Management Spectrum Nutrition Spectrum Fitness Spectrum

22 At the Party or Event Offer to bring a dish, and take an Ornish-friendly recipe: –Raw vegetables and a fat-free dip or baked chips and salsa –Skewered fruit kabobs and fat-free yogurt dip –Whole-wheat pita bread and homemade hummus –Mixed green salad with assorted fat-free dressings –Vegetarian burgers, hotdogs or dessert Eat before you go and enjoy the occasion without food. If youre hosting a dinner party at home, make all or most of the food Ornish-friendly. 22

23 Communicate Your Needs When others invite you for dinner: –Tell them, Im on a low-fat, vegetarian nutrition program. Ill bring a dish and some bread to share and Ill be fine. –Or, I eat everything except oils, fats, meat, fish, avocados, seeds or nuts. –Or say, Just make what you normally would. I can eat the veggies, fruits, grains or breads, just so long as they dont have oil or butter on them. Return the favor when dining at their house. 23

24 Dealing with Feelings Worry that others will reject you Fear that you are different Anger that you deprive yourself while others indulge Resentment that you cannot join in eating the same foods that others eat 24

25 More Feelings Concern that others are eating in a risky way Guilt that you brought this on yourself and are being punished Pride that you are taking care of your health Distress at others for not taking care of their health 25

26 Change Your Perception Perception: Others wont like me unless I eat like them. –Reality: Others like me for me and not because of what I do or dont eat. Perception: I cant entertain, because I cant eat like other people. –Reality: I can entertain and have foods that everyone likes. 26

27 Change Your Misconceptions Perception: My new way of eating will be a burden if others invite me to a meal at their home. –Reality: Cooking healthier is a gift to them; they may continue to eat healthier after this. Perception: I look ridiculous ordering my special food requests at restaurants. –Reality: I look like someone who cares about myself when I order heart-healthy meals. 27

28 You Can Do It! Reaffirm your intentions and health goals. Dont apologize for taking care of your health. Focus on what you choose to include, rather than what you choose to exclude. Share ideas with others to avoid boredom. Socialize with others of similar interest. Ask, look, listen and trust yourself. 28

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