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The New Ginger-Sponge- Dresser! From EKP English Kitchen Products.

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1 The New Ginger-Sponge- Dresser! From EKP English Kitchen Products

2 What the product is. We took a gingerbread man cutter. Cut through a Sponge. Put stickers on it.

3 Cost. It will only cost £2.50 per Sponge. This includes a pack of water proof stickers for you to design your own sponge.

4 Target Market For people who do the washing up or clean, it can be for adults as it gets the job done and for children to help out as the stickers will excite them.

5 Our Company Our company has been around for just over an hour now. We currently have NO shops anywhere, but we have our HQ set up in an apartment in Essex as there is a major road to the south-east where our stocks can easily come in. In our company we have 5 members of staff. Paul Joe Matt R, Matt H and Dick.

6 Aims. Our aim is to provide homes and industries with Kitchen equipment. We hope that within this year we will have signed a deal with JML, Wickes and maybe Tool Station.

7 Our Jobs in the business Paul is the buyer of stock, he knows when we should stock up and when we should sell the rest first. Matt H, is our travel expert and knows the cheapest way to get our stocks cheaper, so we can sell our product at the best price. He is also our Tech guy and knows how to use technology the best he can. Joe is the deal maker or breaker, he knows a good deal when he sees one, and knows a sour one when he smells one. Richard is the Graphics guy, he makes us posters and banners and always includes every last detail needed without flooding the paper with information. Matt R is the guy that comes up with the new ideas, he is the most creative and therefore always has a new idea everyday.

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